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A lot of people have responded with their experiences with the Parsley and Vitamin C herbal abortion method, and a lot of people are wondering if this is a legitimate and safe method for induced abortions, sooooo this post is to put all the responses, both positive and negative, in one place as reference for anyone who needs it. Anyone with a greater medical insight, or with knowledge of proper dosageing for different body sizes, potential health complications, and especially after care for ones body, would be reallllllly useful and helpful. Names removed because I’m getting a flood of hate mail, and no reason to make it easier for the dickbags to harass others. I don’t know about inserting parsley, but I have a friend who used these two combined to get rid of a pregnancy she caught pretty early on. There doesn’t seem to be any scientific evidence for the idea that vitamin C would induce abortions. As for the parsley, apparently there have been a few cases where people have used parsley to induce abortions and died. I understand that not all people who need them have access to safe and evidence-based abortion services, but please do your research about the possible risks and tell people about them if you’re going to spread things like this. The article says it’s found no scientific study confirming a correlation between Vitamin C intake and miscarriages.
One could look at hormone levels following megadoses of vitamin C, the endpoint doesn’t need to be miscarriage (which would be highly unethical in any prospective study).
Induced miscarriages have a very high likelihood of complication, especially further on down the timeline (say after 9 weeks). So if you need to do this, follow all of the precautions listed above (including not attempting past 3 weeks after your first missed period) and for the love of god PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR AFTERWARDS IF YOU POSSIBLY CAN. One other thing- Done properly, Wild Carrot or Queen Anne’s Lace, prepared and used properly at correct dosages is by all accounts safe. Just as a heads up, most any plant near the side of the road will be filled with toxic run off that can seriously mess up your body, especially at high dosages. Always be careful and safe, try to have the support and help of people close to you and someone who has experience. YHK can stop liver cells damage caused by hepatitis viruses, and can repair damaged liver cells, to help the patient to recover and protect their liver function. Since 2013, this patients has continue to use YHK as the main protection method for her hepatitis C and cirrhosis problem, and the patient’s ALT level has remain stable. The launch of direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) in recent years has made a huge impact on the treatment of hepatitis C. The liver is a multitasking organ that is responsible for more than 500 essential functions. Free download Aloe vera plant isolated on white stock photo, Aloe vera plant isolated on white.
Importantly, you may want to think about whether you’re prepared to get a clinical abortion of this method does not induce a miscarriage for you.

This is consistent with the one time I know of someone getting serious poisoning from mixing high doeses of Queen Annes Lace and Black Cohosh. There are actually a lot of cases where people have died, had multiple organ failure and other very harmful side effects when using herbs in an attempt to induce an abortion. But the effects might be downstream of the hormones.Vitamin C is very effective at reducing nitrite to NO, and that is one of its physiological activities.
If you can’t tell them the truth, just tell them that you think you had a miscarriage. It is poisonous and the level that will cause you to abort is very close to the level that will cause you to die. Parsley toxicity can happen but is comparatively rare, assuming no other complicating circumstances (low tolerance, other health problems, being much smaller than average sizing).
I can vouch for 16 successful abortions (of others, not me personally) from early to late term, without complications. Anecdotal evidence and hearsay seems to indicated that this has a high success rate, but that’s impossible to confirm as a scientific fact.
Any place where Queen Anne’s Lace is plentiful enough to grow on the side of the road will have it growing in abundance in places slightly more isolated- like a forestry or woodsy area. The most common mistake is rushing into things heedlessly and its really important to be calm and collected to avoid making dangerous mistakes, and not to try every method at once. Hepatitis C patients should focus on stopping or reducing the damage in the liver, and this focus should be the same for other chronic liver diseases e.g.
It is a process where the damaged, dying liver cells are replaced by fibrous scar tissue, causing the liver to become hard. Not only has this new option made viral clearance possible for many patients, it also has been proved to have higher success rate than traditional interferon treatment. The mortality rate is very high and the number of deaths is far greater than the sum of deaths from Malaria and HIV [1].
I actually found out just by some random chance meeting with an old women that turned into that conversation. There is some anecdotal evidence that high Vitamin C intake can induce periods to begin faster. The effects of hormones that cause menses probably do involve NO pathways and it is probably a drop in NO levels that trigger menses. Basically, in these instances, not all of the embriotic tissues is passed, which means you have a bunch of necrotic (dead) tissue hanging around in your uterus, which means a lot of infection, perhaps to a deadly level. Its pretty dangerous to just use the stuff right by the side of the road- and make sure that you are very good at spotting the difference between Queen Anne’s Lace and Hemlock. On 2013-08-28, the patients ALT level is 262, on the blood test shown on the 2013-09-23 the ALT level drop within normal range of 45.

Studies have shown that DAAs can produce a 90% sustained virologic response (SVR) rates for most HCV genotypes.
The liver cleanses or filters blood by breaking down alcohol, drugs and other chemicals, and by neutralizing and removing toxins and poisonous substances. She said to drink 8 glasses of parsley tea for two days and it should come on the 3rd and it did.
Estrogen triggers nitric oxide synthase and increases NO levels, a drop in estrogen causes a drop in NO. Also, another sign of an incomplete abortion, in addition to heavy bleeding and fever is light, but long lasting bleeding (2-3 weeks).
The only one involving Queen Anne’s Lace that went wrong that I know of was due to the person taking a full dosage of Black Cohosh at the same time. The liver also helps to provide the body with energy, and regulates the supply of body fuel. It may not be a direct effect of vitamin C, but rather a sudden change in NO levels due to a rebound effect either from stopping taking the megadoses, or from a depletion of nitrite stores. In any case, it is probably an effect of regulatory pathways being perturbed by sudden, large magnitude changes in levels of essential physiological species, changes with time constants faster than physiology can compensate for.
However, legal or not, depending on where you live it is really really fucking risky to say you induced a miscarriage, especially if they do a test and find shit still in your system (I’m speaking from living in the deep south for years. When physiology can’t compensate for things, it causes metabolic stress, which is responded to by inducing oxidative stress and low NO. While I understand there are factors that could prevent a person from having medical support or desiring to pursue it, it is crucial to prioritize your health and inducing a miscarriage is serious.
That is probably the mechanism by which stress does those things, via NO mediated pathways. As a side note, there are herbal ways that you can find to treat an incomplete abortion, but its honestly way to risky to be done by ones self unless you have someone very experienced assisting you. If there is an effect of large doses of vitamin C on pregnancy, and if the effect is mediated through NO pathways as I have suggested, and if pregnant women do try to induce abortion by taking megadoses of vitamin C and the attempt is not successful, then (a lot of ifs in there, so be sure you take this with enough salt) there could be teratogenic effects on the fetus. The neural tube closes in the 3-5 week time frame, and neural tube closure and a lot of neuronal patterning involves NO and nitric oxide synthase.

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