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Boston Cannabis Convention 2016A “must attend” for anyone interested in the fastest growing industry in America. Although many people recognize the benefits of drinking green tea, but they do not know  the characteristics of the tea. Chinese medicine theory states that unflavoured green tea, which is bitter and sweet in taste, has cooling characteristics.  As recorded in the Chinese diet therapy textbook of Food and Nutrition, green tea can clear the mind, increase alertness, improve the mood and relax your liver, reducing stress.
If you have any of the symptoms above, I suggest you to have green tea or peppermint green tea. Green tea clears food in your digestive system and reduces cholesterol.  A cup or two  of green tea is particularly recommended after a heavy, rich meal, to clear oils.
There is a famous quote “If you want to be more healthy, you need to have an empty intestine”.
Daily consumption of green tea can clear everyday chemicals from our system.  These chemicals include pollution, alcohol and some artificial food additives. During summer months, people are often thirsty, have dry skin, get headaches and are constipated. Place 1-2 teaspoons of green tea leaves in a teacup.  Do not add 100 degree boiling water, it will damage the tea leaves, reducing the health properties and the aroma of the tea. Green tea is not only used as a beverage, in Ancient history of China green tea was also used to clear the mouth, gum and teeth after meals. Ping Wang is the director and senior practitioner of Ping Ming Health with over 30 years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine teaching and practice.
Dear Rab, green tea contains high amounts of caffeine so it’s not suitable to drink frequently during pregnancy. Appointments available 7 days across our six Perth clinic locations and Melbourne CBD clinic (Mon-Sat).
Acupuncture in Melbourne: Experience our caring, professional service now on the east coast. Like us on FacebookThe Open Acupuncture ProjectHow do you decide if Chinese medicine is the right treatment for you? Supporting families for over 20 yearsWe provide quality and comprehensive Chinese medicine care trusted by generations of families in Perth and Melbourne. You can see us for a wide range of health issues, from fertility and pregnancy care to women's, men's, children's, senior's and preventative health. There’s much more to Chinese medicine than acupunctureOur clinical experience combines acupuncture, herbal medicine, meridian massage, cupping and scrubbing with diet and lifestyle advice to achieve the best results. Prevention is the best medicineDon't wait for minor health symptoms to become worse and more difficult to solve. Working together for a healthier futureOur clinic is committed to health promotion, preventative education and clinical training of Australia's next generation of Chinese medicine practitioners. The information provided on our website is not intended to diagnose or treat any health problem or disease. Protecting your privacyOur clinic complies with Australian Privacy Principles according to Australian law (Privacy Act 1988). Costochondritis Symptoms are inflammation in the cartilages of chest wall happens due to the viral infection or continuous smoke inhaled by the person. During the excessive exercise and injury extreme chest pain occurs that is also cured by the medicine. During the disease doctors suggest various pain reduction medicines and NSAIDS to reduce cough. The medicine that successful recovers pain and chest problems during the disease is cidrical.
Molluscum contagiosum is skin infection where there are eruptions on the body in small clusters.
Natural cures are very beneficial for this condition as they can speed up the healing process and ensure that there is complete recovery. Therefore, circulation of nutrients and blood in the body remains healthy and the skin is supplied with enough nourishment to heal rapidly. Apple Cider Vinegar is effective in treating molluscum contagiosum because this herb has a high acidic content which destroys harmful virus. You can mix 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of warm water and drink this daily till the skin eruptions subside. One of the most active ingredients in this herb is azadirachtin, which is best known for its antiviral properties. Aloe Vera comprises of ingredients like aloenin, polysaccharides and glycoproteins which heal the skin and smoothen it.
You can apply the gel of this herb onto your skin for destroying the virus and making your skin soft, healthy and smooth once again. You can place the blooms and leaves of this herb in either oil or hot water for a few days and then apply a compress containing the infused oil or water onto your skin for beneficial results. Calendula is also available in the form of salve or ointment and it can be used for dealing with the skin eruptions. A number of research organizations and universities are working on informing more and more women about the risks. The disturbing point is that mammograms themselves work through the process of ionization of radiation.
These factors have an effect on your endocrine system and the production and regulation of hormones. Make sure to always consult your doctor if you notice any kind of pain or ache in your breasts. According to the researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, it is not necessary that breast cancer should always appear with lumps.
If you are suffering from upper back pain with a sensation that it is originating deep in the bones, it should be taken seriously. If you suffer from unending back pain that continues to be there even after chiropractic treatment and stretching, it could mean that it is the initial stage of formation of the cancer. As a precaution to breast cancer, it is important to ensure that your body gets all the essential nutrients. According to surveys, almost three-fourth adults who are categorized as healthy are suffering from iodine deficiency. According to a study conducted in 2012, which was reported by the Indian Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism, lack of vitamin D is one of the common traits of females who suffer from breast cancer. Make sure to add all the essential nutrients in your food and never ignore the ones that help fight cancer. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a system of medicine that has been practiced for several thousand years in Asia and has gathered more acclaim in the last decade here in the West.
Though the system of TCM is logical and scientific in ita€™s own way, it is a separate system from modern Western medicine and cana€™t always be explained via Western medical logic. Qi can be described as energy, material force, electromagnetic current, matter, ether, vital force, or life force. The low back is the a€?mansion of the Kidneysa€? meaning that the low back is most closely related, but not limited to, the health of the Kidney system. Poor diet, insufficient rest coupled with too much activity or overwork (ie, busy lives, excessive sex), overuse of drugs, chronic illness, heredity weakness, an excess of the emotions fear and anxiety, and general aging as our Qi is naturally declining. The Chinese believe that a healthy, moderate amount of sex supports a good flow of Qi and too much sex (specifically ejaculation for men and childbirth for women), depletes the Qi, blood and essence of the Kidneys.
As a believer in Eastern medicine, I found this article to be an excellent explanation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sign up to receive free updates on back pain treatments, research, and doctor-reviewed spine health information.
This information is not designed to replace a physician's independent judgment about the appropriateness or risks of a procedure for a given patient.
There are many different therapies within the specialty of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for the treatment of low back pain.
What causes lichen planus is not known, but people who have hepatitis C liver infection is likely to get skin rashes.
Prolonged use of drugs that contain arsenic or strong chemicals can cause skin rash that resemble lichen planus. Your doctor may do skin biopsy by testing the sample lesion from the affected part of the body. For some the onset of tiny lesions on the skin may be sudden and for others it can be slow process.

Lesions or bumps are found largely on the forearms, inner wrists or on the lower legs and back. Lichen planus is also found on the mucous membranes inside the oral cavity affecting the thin soft mucus lining of the mouth. In case of severe infection with lesions, the patient will be given UV therapy combined with oral medicines. If the lesions are formed due to the side effect of other medications, then your doctor will give alternative drugs for controlling its growth. Lichen planus lesions will take sufficient time (even few years) to vanish and it can recur on the same person after few months. Home remedy is available in the form of cool compresses and soaking in warm water that contains oats. Many medical practitioners recognize the health benefits of drinking green tea and recommend its consumption to their patients. In my clinic, clients often ask questions about green tea, such as: what green tea is for, is it suitable for them, how to prepare it properly, how much to drink daily, when to drink it and whether green tea will aid with their health condition.
It is one of the seven ingredients considered essential for daily living, together with firewood, rice, cooking oil, salt, soya sauce and vinegar. I suggest drinking a cup of tea with breakfast or lunch, to improve memory, increase energy and balance emotions for the whole day. I also recommend drinking green tea if you are passing pungent wind, bad breath, ulcers in the mouth and constipation, these are indications of stagnant toxins or heat in the large intestine.
For this function, adding one teaspoon of Gogi berries to the tea increases its immune strengthening effects, and increases longevity.  In China, many older people drink this mix. In Chinese market, the following green teas are popular: Bi lou chun, long jing and tei guan yin .
This was shown in Ancient Chinese films and books that green tea was very popular in wealthy families, used after eating.
Ping is experienced with all general health issues, women’s health, fertility and pregnancy problems. Is green tea suitable to drink in the peagnancy or would you suggest any other tea which is non caffeine and can help cool down liver and body.
When the athletes do extra exercise and they get different injuries or any kind of traumatic injuries can also cause the disease. It has efficient affects on the patient that not only relieves the cough whereas also recovers the blockage in the cartilages.
As molluscum contagiosum is caused by a viral infection, foods which are fiber dense can really make a difference to the recovery process.
Water contains many essential minerals and nutrients which help to keep the immunity of the body high.
This happens when the Apple Cider Vinegar increases the alkaline levels of the body making it difficult for the harmful virus to survive. The regular ingestion of this concoction makes the body more alkaline and destroys the infection inducing virus.
You can extract the juice from raw onions and apply this over your skin for relief from this condition.
Raw onion can also be eaten to ensure that the body gets healthy and virus free once again.
The gel of this herb which can be extracted from its leaves is particularly effective in healing viral skin infections such as molluscum contagiosum. Aloe Vera gel extract which is available commercially can also be used as a salve for the eruptions. Regular use of this herbal remedy will eliminate the harmful pox virus and ensure that your skin is healthy once again. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It has increasingly become important to take care of your sensitive body parts, such as your breasts.
They are also busy collecting funds for further research work on finding a cure for breast cancer. Using this method, the doctor can view the lumps and also recognize if the process of angiogenesis is happening in the breast. If this process is detected, it means that your body is attempting to create a new system to deliver blood to the newly developing breast tumors. Researchers now believe that hormone imbalance is the leading risk factor in breast cancer. It could be in the form of just mild pain, changing level of discomfort or a sensation of throbbing rarely. They can also appear with other symptoms like irritation, inflammation, abnormal discharge from the nipple (outside lactation), formation of dimples, inversion of nipple, the skin becoming red or thick near the nipple.
Naoto Ueno of MD Anderson Cancer Center, many times breast cancers may just have a tiny lump. If you notice gradually developing pain and some noticeable pressure due to tissue growth, it is time you saw your doctor. Especially if your food is low on certain nutrients like iodine and vitamin D, there is enhanced risk of getting this type of cancer. Studies show that deficiency of this nutrient is one of the leading causes of development of cancerous cells, not only in the breast but in other parts too. TCM encompasses the modalities of acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxabustion, Tui Na or medical massage and often includes nutritional therapy and breathing therapy or Qi Gong. To include the successful system of TCM within our minds, we need to expand the way we think and consider both systems as valid while learning how to accept the similarities and differences within the two systems.
As well as describing that which exists in nature, Yin and Yang perfectly describes all the parts and functions of the body. Qi travels throughout our entire body in channels or meridians reaching every aspect of our body. It is without question, in low back pain, that the Kidney system be treated in Chinese medicine. Imagine a river flowing unimpeded and suddenly a tree falls across the river, we see in our imagination the water no longer flowing freely, but getting blocked by the log, pushing into the banks of the river.
An external invasion of wind, cold, dampness, or heat may invade the lower back region causing pain.
There may be an insufficiency of Qi or blood creating a sluggishness or stagnation of flow throughout the channel(s).
Guyer, MDAs a believer in Eastern medicine, I found this article to be an excellent explanation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is a chronic type of rash occurring recurrently and the affected person will get small bumps on the skin.
Lichen is the name of a plant that is found on rocks and the term “planus” means flat structure in Latin.
People who work in environment that is polluted with chemicals are at risk of getting skin rashes. Lichen planus is marked by its appearance and can be easily diagnosed by mere physical examination of the body. These lesions develop due to hyper-pigmentation of the skin and are dark brown or violet in color.
It looks like small protruding structures on the skin varying in color from red to dark brown or violet. Topical creams that contain corticosteroid can be applied to control itching and irritation of the skin.
Other types of lesions that appear on the skin after taking prolonged medicines will usually wither once you stop taking the drugs. Many doctors will give combined therapy of oral medicines with UV or photo therapy for treating this problem.
Traditional Chinese doctors treat Chinese green tea as a herb to use for certain conditions. In this article, I will share my knowledge of green tea and attempt to clarify how to drink green tea properly. During the Tang Dynasty the green tea market was already very strong and the emperor had defined many regulations for buying and selling tea.  Since the 17th century, China is the world’s ‘home town’ of tea. I suggest that if you suffer from digestive problems, drink green tea, fresh lemon green tea, or honey green tea. It was very popular in films to see the housekeeper bring the mother and father warm green tea to clean their mouth by rinsing a few times and spitting it out, the rest of the tea was then drunk to clear their body.

She especially enjoys sharing her knowledge of Chinese medicine through our popular clinic articles, seminars and clinical training of students and practitioners.
During seasonal change this problem occurs as a viral infection, bacterial infections and in rare cases fungal infections. When the temporary pain reduces the patient should visit the doctor immediately for the further treatment. In case of costochondritis the heart related Cardiovascular Disease Symptoms occurs but they do not appear in clinical tests. In this article, we will discover some of the most effective natural cures for molluscum contagiosum. Consume nourishing soups and broths made of spinach, kale, collard, lettuce and other green leafy vegetables. Drinking plenty of high fiber juices will also help you to flush out the toxins and pathogens from your body and move towards good health. You can also apply Apple Cider Vinegar directly on the skin for relief from the viral infection. Neem oil can be diluted by mixing it with some Olive oil and this oil mixture can be applied on the skin for alleviating molluscum contagiosum.
The efficacy of this natural cure will be apparent after regular applications of the paste or juice on your skin. Calendula infused hot water or oil can be very useful in alleviating molluscum contagiosum. Calendula is so well established as a cure for skin diseases that it is part of several skin care and cosmetic products. Curcumin is a substance found in this herb which makes Turmeric anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial.
Make sure to have your breasts tested for early signs of breast cancer once every 6 months. This is why you must be aware of the risks so that you are always ready to take precautionary steps. Mammogram X-ray is commonly used to detect any masses, lumps or any deformity that may be connected to malignancy.
Most females think that the cancer is present only when they find some lump that also causes pain. They can also help you achieve optimal biological balance for preventing the changes of breast cancer. Ia€™d like to provide an alternative angle of understanding low back pain through the model of Chinese medicine. Yin and Yang are in a constant state of dynamic balance, when this balance is threatened disease is possible. These channels are understood to be separate from the pathways of the nervous, vascular and lymph systems in Western medicine. The basic concept of acupuncture is to re-open the river, create a circulation so that the log lifts and normal flow is restored. If our defensive Qi or immune system is weak we become more susceptible to external invasions through the pores of our skin. There can be dark scaly patches on the skin caused by inflammation and for some adults in can occur on the genitals and even on their mouth.
This disease is marked by the presence of small patches of lesions measuring 2-4 mm in diameter and is mostly found on the legs and lower portion of the body. The lesions can cause irritation and are often chronic (takes long time to resolve) in nature. Ointments can be applied on the affected area and wrapped with bandage for getting better results. However there is no guarantee that the lesions will not recur after you have stopped the medicines. Retinoids are given for treating lichen planus but the usage is restricted on breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.
In ancient times and now, green tea is often prescribed in the Chinese herbal medicine formula. You can sweeten the tea by adding ice sugar, which also have cooling properties.  However, using sugar is not recommended if you are diabetic. We can also suggest squeezing the juice from a fresh lemon into a glass of room temperature water, drinking this 2-3 times per week is helpful to cool the liver and body. There are several forms of arthritis in the resultant the cartilages get blocked eventually due to that Costochondritis Cause happen.
The medicine relieves the issue of any kind of disease arising in the result of the problem.
Herbs such as Neem, Aloe Vera, Calendula and Turmeric are effective natural cures for this condition. Due to this, they are good for healing the skin and eliminating the molluscum contagiosum virus. Compounds found in Neem attach themselves to the virus and remove the disease causing pathogens from the body.
Consequently,  this herb is an ideal cure for skin eruptions experienced during molluscum contagiosum.Turmeric root or rhizome can be crushed and made into a paste. So this method could result in incorrect identification of the type of cancer, leading to needless treatment involving radiation and chemotherapy. It may be nothing more than the skin looking a little odd or redness, which may appear normal to the person. It can be intriguing if you think that something you are not eating could be the cause behind diseases like breast cancer. An example in nature of this dynamic balance is the rhythm of the sun (yang) and moon (yin). Loosely, when we are born we begin with a gas tank of Qi and when the tank of Qi is empty our life force is gone or in other words, we die.
There is no definite cause for its occurrence and this type of rash can be resolved by application of topical creams. People who have undergone bone marrow transplant have increased chance of getting lichen planus.
For treating painful lesions on the mouth, your dentist may prescribe lidocaine or special mouthwash.
Thus it is both a food and a natural medicine.  Green tea is very effective in the treatment of some health problems. This problem can occur among the children for carrying a bag in wrong posture on away from the slump of shoulders.
Patient should place heating pad or warm water bottle on chest and areas having pain several times a day. Cidrical is composed of herbal ingredients that are arillus myristicae, elephant creeper, nutmeg, saffron and serpentine. In a 24-hour period each is unique, change over to the other and require each other for overall balance (from the perspective of earth that is).
This tank of gas is rooted in the organ system of the Kidneys according to Chinese medicine theory and is distributed throughout our organs, glands and channels in a very systematic way.
It is known as tietze syndrome when the Costochondritis Pain occurs in the chest wall along with swelling.
The attendants and other people around the patient should not use same utensils for eating and drinking. The healing power of Turmeric will soothe the skin and kill the virus causing the eruptions. Yin and Yang each have an individual expression in the body and yet requires the other to exist, for example Yin represents stillness, form and blood whereas, Yang represents activity, function and Qi.
Because of this intricate channel system within our body when we refer to an organ such as the Kidneys, that includes much more than the organ alone according to anatomy. Each organ system has representations of Yin and Yang, hormone balance as well as specific Qi and blood functions which plays a vital role in connecting, via the channels, with other organ systems and the entire body to render the body a holistic system. After the first use prominent changes can be seen and the recovery becomes possible as the medicine is taken properly by following the prescribed dose and timing.
In other words, it isna€™t possible, within TCM, to deem an organ or body part as an isolated problem without considering the whole body system.

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