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Prevention Magazine says, “Move over, Green Tea.” There is a new contender for King of Teas in court: Hibiscus Tea! While antifungal research is still scant, many hibiscus lovers say the tea has helped clear up their foot fungus as well. Tea tree has been the most well-studied type of tea with regard to toenail fungus treatment capabilities. Dried hibiscus leaves have been shown to have antifungal effects on Rhizoctonia solani, a type of pathogenic fungus that attacks plants. More importantly, a review published in the journal Mycobiology identified the root of the Hibiscus syriacus as a treatment for athlete’s foot fungus. If you were thinking that yeast infections could only affect women, it is high time you gave it a second thought.
Almost inevitably, cancer patients will be put on a range of different medications, and it's important that you keep a list of what you're taking, what doctor wrote it (if any), the dosage and the frequency.
Thanks Ross this is an excellent form for everyone to have when they go to the MD office, you don't know how many times I have asked what are your current meds and the answer I get is "I can't remember". Poison oak refers to a common skin irritation that is technically known as allergic contact dermatitis. According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, poison oak is seen in 7 out of 10 people.
MedlinePlus states that cleansing an hour after the plant has contacted the skin is not going to be effective. Colloidal oatmeal is derived from whole oats, which is converted into a fine powder for acting as a skin calming remedy. Alternatively, you can create a paste of cool water and oatmeal, and apply it to the skin for relief. Because poison oak triggers red rash and blisters on the skin, cold compresses can be very effective in healing.
According to the experts, three percent hydrogen peroxide can be very relieving if the rash is accompanied by itchy, moist blisters. Anti-itch creams, lotions, or oral anti-histamines are always beneficial for gaining relief from itching due to poison oak. This mix will take away any oil that has remained on your skin after coming in contact with the poison oak plant.

Iranian researchers reported that study participants who drank hibiscus tea after every meal for a month saw a 44% drop in blood pressure.
Yet, hibiscus tea has been said to possess many of the same antifungal and antibacterial properties. By crossing the plant with the Hibiscus syriacus Ggoma, they were able to achieve four times higher antifungal activity against the ringworm fungus. Irritation on the penis head, itching, rashness, redness in the area, blisters or white discharge are direct indications of yeast infections in men. You can try out various home remedies, which have been proven to be very effective in curing the infections. This goes for pain medication, chemotherapy drugs, medications to help with the side effects of chemo, over-the-counter drugs you're taking, and even herbal supplements.
Mayo Clinic states that the condition is caused by urushiol, the irritant that also leads to poison ivy rash. If the eyes have been exposed to the plant, you must use cool water to flush them in such a way that the water drains away from the face instead of penetrating into the other eye. Commercial products such as Aveeno oatmeal do have colloidal oatmeal as one of the ingredients due to which they are useful to treat skin rashes caused by poison oak, eczema, or psoriasis. You can use gauze or towel soaked in ice water to gain temporary relief as well as to avert the formation of hard crusts on the surface of the skin. Just soak yourself in a tub in which half cup of baking soda is mixed to experience quick relief from rash.In case you wish to use a paste, just mix three parts of baking soda and one part of water together and then apply it on the rash. According to experts, these products are rich in menthol and phenol, which tend to puzzle the nerve endings for triggering a cooling sensation.
You can take oral antihistamines such as Benadryl that is easy to obtain from any pharmacy store. Potato has been found to be effective in giving relief from irritation and itching that have been triggered by exposure to the plant.
However, in case of anti-itch medications, it is better that you discuss with your doctor before taking any of them. Boston researchers found a seven point blood pressure drop among hibiscus tea drinkers, which they said was enough to lower the risk of  heart attack and stroke among most patients. Researchers from Asia concluded that nonanoic acid was responsible for inhibiting spore germination and mycelial growth of pathogenic fungus.

However, men find it more difficult to realize and understand that they have been infected with the disease. In fact, yeasts thrive on moist areas, so maintaining a clean and hygienic condition is necessary to prevent yeast infections in humans.
Such a medication list should be similar to the one below, which can be seen in a larger form and printed if you click on it. Luckily, the condition can be treated with the help of various home remedies in most cases. However, avoid using hot water, as it opens the pores due to which urushiol can penetrate deeper into the skin. So, you can add a small amount of uncooked oatmeal to cool bathwater for experiencing relief from the skin-based symptoms of poison oak. In order to prevent scratching, you can apply moist bandages to the skin or rub an ice cube on the affected area to alleviate the urge to scratch. Many people have claimed that this remedy often triggers instant relief and heals the affected area. This could be because of the delayed occurrence of symptoms in men when compared to women. Candida albicans, a fungus found naturally on the skin surface, causes yeast infections when it overgrows. Nevertheless, if the symptom of respiratory distress is experienced or if eyes have been exposed to the plant, visiting the doctor is indispensable. Other options are suggested by Mayo Clinic, which entail corticosteroid creams that are over the counter medications.
This sudden overgrowth could be due to a disturbance in the body’s acid base balance.
It is recommended that you apply this paste at night and leave it overnight so that itching and irritation can be relieved effectively.

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