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These benefits come from the large amounts of saponins (gypenosides) that it contains which are very similar to the panaxosides found in ginseng. It has many benefits: regulating blood pressure, stomach disorders, ulcers, gallstones, diabetes, cancer, pain, inflammation, backache, insomnia, memory, coughing, chronic bronchitis and treatment of poor appetite. Jiaogulan supports healthy blood pressure levels by relaxing your coronary blood vessels and increasing the release of nitric oxide in your body. If you have issues with high cholesterol I definitely recommend starting your day with a cup of Jiaogulan tea. On the technical side what it does is naturally regulate your serum cholesterol, increasing HDL (good cholesterol), and reducing triglycerides and LDL(bad cholesterol).

In patients with high cholesterol, it has been shown to decrease your total cholesterol while at the same time increases HDL( high-density lipoprotein). Everybody’s favorite right here, Jiaogulan helps you to lose weight by strengthening digestion and regulating cholesterol levels. The Saponins contained in Jiaogulan enhance your endurance and strength by increasing the muscle tone of your heart, allowing your heart to pump more blood more efficiently.
Jiaogulan is a powerful antioxidant that protects your body against free radicals, shielding your body from harm. By maintaining healthy physiological actions, Jiaogulan also helps your body to reduce stress, regulating hormonal function in both men and women. Stop taking Jiaogulan before and after surgery or any time where a blood thinner is contraindicated.
It decreases effectiveness of medications that decrease your immune system (immunosuppressants).

A lifelong health enthusiast Nick started learning about alternative healing methods as a child from his parents who had a do it yourself attitude toward healing.
Making it a popular choice among athletes to increases your performance, endurance and strength.
When taken daily for a long period, it can increases bowel movement and cause severe nausea. Trained as a massage therapist he was introduced to eastern medicine and also learned the western perspective of anatomy and physiology leaving him with an irreversible alternative perspective on healing. Typically, obesity is caused by malnutrition, so when your body can absorb nutrition with ease you will spend less time hungry and ultimately eat fewer calories.

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