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The study involved 598 women under the age of 70 who were diagnosed with early-stage, nonmetastatic invasive breast cancer and received breast surgery. The researchers found that twelve months after the start of the study, 272 or about 89 percent of the women whose doctor indicated that they should get chemotherapy did go through with their chemotherapy treatments. At the beginning of the study, 598 women, about 87 percent, had said they were using some sort of alternative medicine, most commonly dietary supplements or mind-body practices.
The data showed that when women used mind-body practices and were told they should get chemotherapy, it did not seem to affect their likelihood of choosing to go ahead with chemotherapy. The study authors were not sure why the women using dietary supplements were less likely to go ahead with their recommended chemotherapy treatments.
Statistics show that having chemotherapy after breast cancer surgery can improve a woman’s chance of survival, across different ages and different breast cancer types. Adjuvant chemotherapy is used after surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, such as in the breast.
The prospective included 184,000 adults aged 50 to 70, who were enrolled in American Cancer Society Cancer Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort. While men in general did not have an increased risk of cancer, the study did find that obese men who sat for long periods of time experienced an 11 percent higher risk of cancer. The results contribute to evidence highlighting the health risks of prolonged sitting, but Basen-Engquist says the study does have a limitation.
News digest – goodbye glitzy cigarette packs, ‘sunscreen gene’, Welsh waiting woes and… a cancer-preventing walk?
Cigarette packs will never look the same again in the UK as new regulations came into force on Friday that will see plain, standardised packs hit the shelves over the coming months. Discovering a protective ‘sunscreen gene’ might sound good, but the story was misleading at best. The latest data from an immunotherapy study found that four in 10 melanoma patients were still alive three years after treatment, giving an early glimpse of how therapies that harness the immune system could give long-term benefits.
US scientists are testing a modified form of the poliovirus as a possible treatment for a type of brain tumour called glioblastoma. Wales missed its cancer treatment waiting time target for the ninth financial year in a row, with the latest figures suggesting the health system can’t cope with the growing demand of more cancer referrals.
A survey found that middle-aged men are unaware of the health risks linked to alcohol, reports the Guardian. A large US study found that HIV-infected cancer patients were less likely to be getting treatment for their disease than uninfected patients, reports Reuters. The risk of bowel cancer, womb cancer, and breast cancer after the menopause can all be reduced with physical activity, according to the evidence (not 13 types of cancer as was claimed this week). Following the recent renewed US focus on tackling cancer, spearheaded by several financial ‘moonshots’, STAT News explores the plans for collecting, combining and sharing data to help speed up research.
US scientists are attempting to ‘trap’ breast cancer cells before they are able to spread to other organs, according to this piece in The Conversation. Our scientists found that a person’s risk of developing some cancers might be affected by how they grew up, with those in the poorest housing conditions, and those whose fathers had lower status jobs, having a higher risk of developing and dying from bowel cancer. STAT News covered the race to develop drugs against a cell’s own ‘tiny garbage truck’, otherwise known as the proteasome. Scientists have tracked the spread of a type of cancer in dogs that can be transmitted through sexual contact between individual animals. A US man underwent the country’s first ever penis transplant following treatment for cancer, reports BuzzFeed. A large US study reinforced the point that many cancers could be prevented through lifestyle changes. Wired got the low-down on how the design of the new Francis Crick Institute in London aims to help scientists mingle. Being physically active is definitely a good thing, but a couple of media reports veered into misleading territory stating that preventing 13 types of cancer was simply ‘a walk in the park’, after a study suggested new links.
Text from Cancer Research UK Science blog by Cancer Research UK, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. Cancer Research UK is a registered charity in England and Wales (1089464), Scotland (SC041666) and the Isle of Man (1103). The researchers studied data from 1,391 mothers and their children from the Boston Birth Cohort study, which followed the women from their child’s birth to several years later, between 1998 and 2013. The blood showed that about ten percent of the women in the study had more than 59 nanomoles per liter of folate, which is considered an excess amount. When the researchers compared folate and B12 levels to the child’s risk of developing autism later on, they found a possible link. Folate is a B vitamin found in fruits and vegetables, but the synthetic version called folic acid is added to cereals, beads, and vitamin supplements in North America for its health benefits. Although the research seems to show a link between more folate and B12 in the blood and an increased risk of autism, others urge caution when interpreting the study results. The research suggests that women should be cautious about taking too many vitamins and supplements during pregnancy.

Currently, public health officials recommend that women who are pregnant or could possibly become pregnant should take folic acid supplements. Benefit: Protects the digestive track even when under assault in turn defending against infection and ill health. Fact: 5 billion peak-harvested 10-strain microorganisms per capsule that support comprehensive intestinal support. PERQUE Quality Program PERQUE Integrative Health (PIH) continues to lead in setting quality standards having followed Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) for over 20 years. Pro-choice forces, led by Planned Parenthood and a coalition of women’s groups including National Organization for Women and Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF), overwhelmingly defeated state constitutional Amendment 6 proposed by the Republican-controlled state legislature.
The Feminist Newswire has provided a daily feminist perspective on national, global, and campus news stories since 1995. Now a days we all aim at eating healthy food .We read lot of articles what type of food have to be taken in what specific time and also, what the vitamins and minerals present in those  food?.
What is the Good time to eat fruits?Food digestion time varies with fruit digestion, that too particularly fruits get digested in an hour. What is the Wrong time to eat fruits?Some have a habit of eating fruits after meal food, this is considered to be wrong time in the latest research because Fruits intake when combined with any other food in the stomach might ferment and spoil the food absorption process.Fruits eating Immediately Before bed is also a wrong time because Fruits will Digest very quickly so that it might lead to disturb sleep at night.
Robin gibb’s death: cancer not the culprit after all?, In early february, robin gibb told the bbc that he'd had a growth removed from his colon, which "is almost gone and i feel fantastic.
Robin gibb - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Robin hugh gibb was born on 22 december 1949 in jane crookall maternity home in douglas, isle of man, to hugh and barbara gibb (nee pass).
Celebrity diagnosis - teachable moments in medicine, Teachable moments in medicine we are a wife & husband team of physicians who have trained and taught at some of the top medical schools in the country including.
Jaws actor roy scheider died of multiple myeloma-correction, Correction: celebrity diagnosis would like to thank our readers who rightfully pointed out an error in our story. A new study has found that when women are using dietary supplements, they are less likely to get chemotherapy for their breast cancer. Of these women, 306 were informed they should get chemotherapy, based on standard guidelines. Even if doctors recommend that chemotherapy is their best option, they may still choose to turn to alternative therapies either instead of or in addition to their chemotherapy. However, the same was not true of the women with a discretionary recommendation for chemotherapy. Two was the most common number of alternative treatments these women were using, but about 38 percent of the women said they used three or more types of alternative medicine treatments at the same time. When women used more alternative therapies and chemotherapy was a discretionary recommendation, they were no more likely to choose or not choose chemotherapy.
There is no indication whether the choice of alternative therapies over medically-recommended treatment had something to do with these women’s long-term decision-making patterns. By asking patients about their use of complementary alternative therapies, doctors may get a better idea of which patients will choose chemotherapy and which will avoid their treatments. The improvement in survival odds also seems to be greatest for the women who had the worst prognosis. The chemotherapy treatments can help kill cancer cells that surgeons missed when removing the tumor. There’s been a growing body of literature over the past couple of years that too much sitting carries risk above just lack of exercise. Participants answered a questionnaire about how many hours they work, exercise, complete household activities, and sit for leisure, which is sitting to watch TV, reading, or playing with electronic gadgets. Those who sat more than six hours a day had a 10 percent greater risk of getting any cancer compared to ladies who sat for less than three hours.
The Guardian covered this, focusing on a final failed legal challenge from the tobacco industry, and we blogged about the how packs will change. US scientists baked lab-grown cells with DNA-damaging UV rays to uncover how a gene, called the UV Radiation Resistance Associated Gene, can kick the cell’s DNA repair machinery into action – or not, if the gene is missing or faulty.
This supports our own recent research, with experts suggesting that labelling on alcohol could help inform people of the risks.
The Mail Online covered what people can do to reduce their risk, but it’s important to remember Government policy also needs to help make healthier choices easier. We also highlight other relevant material, debunk myths and media scares, and provide links to other helpful resources.
However, a new study has found that too much folic acid and vitamin B12 may actually be linked with an increased risk of autism. Daniele Fallin and other researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland.
About six percent of the women had more than 600 picomoles per liter of vitamin B12 in their blood, also considered an excess amount.
When a woman had more than four times the recommended amount of folate in her blood after giving birth, her child had double the risk of being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Most of the mothers studied had taken multivitamins while pregnant, boosting their folic acid and vitamin B12 levels.

The study does not show that it is necessarily the high levels of folate and B12 increasing the autism risk or if something else is at work.
The researchers say that more research is needed to find the optimum amount of folic acid and vitamin B12 women should take to have a healthy baby. Folate is essential for cell growth and promotes neurodevelopmental growth, and previous research has linked a folate deficiency in early pregnancy with an increased risk of neurological birth defects, such as spina bifida, anencephaly, and encephalocele, as well as autism spectrum disorder.
As a nod to all the incredible initiatives running in support of Breast Cancer Awareness in October, here are chic spaces that define just how pretty things really can be in pink. FMF campus organizers and student leaders throughout the state successfully led a public education campaign to Stop Amendment 6. The other 272 women received a discretionary recommendation for chemotherapy from their doctors. Some women may be given medical options other than chemotherapy, depending on their type and stage of cancer. However, when the women used dietary supplements and were told they should get chemotherapy, they were less likely than their peers to initiate chemotherapy treatments.
The doctors can then present these patients with facts about the benefits of chemotherapy for their health. However, because chemotherapy works by killing cancer cells, it can also kill healthy cells, leading to side effects like nausea, fatigue, hair loss, and mouth sores. Only in the past few years have we seen studies address cancer specifically,” says Karen Basen-Engquist, director of the Center for Energy Balance and Cancer Prevention and Survivorship at MD Anderson Cancer Center, who was not involved in the study. Then the researchers followed the 69,260 men for about 13 years and the 77,462 women for about 16 and compared their behaviors to their health. Those sitting for more than six hours daily had a 65 percent increased risk for multiple myeloma, a 10 percent increased risk for invasive breast cancer, and a 43 percent higher risk for ovarian cancer than their peers lounging for three hours or less. Natalie Azar told TODAY Thursday that sitting for too long can impact one’s metabolism and may also increase body fat and estrogen levels, which can lead to common female cancers.
But that’s very different from  suggesting that the gene may help protect people from the sun.
The researchers released their findings May 11th in a press release before presenting their findings May 13th at the 2016 International Meeting for Autism Research in Baltimore. The study involved checking folate levels in the mother’s blood one to three days after delivering their baby.
The women in the study with the highest levels of B12 in their blood after birth had triple the risk of having a child later diagnosed with autism.
The researchers are not sure if the women with high levels in their blood took too many supplements, ate too many foods containing these vitamins, or were for some reason absorbing more folate or metabolizing it slower. As well, the study involves preliminary results that have not yet been peer-reviewed and published in a scientific journal.
Although women are urged to take in plenty of folate while pregnant, some are still not getting enough or their bodies are not absorbing it properly, putting their child’s health at risk. It could have banned health insurance from covering medical care for abortion and could have prevented a woman with cancer from getting the care she would needs to protect her health. I prefer fruits as my first choice because it is not necessary to cook and wait until it gets finish cooking. Researchers asked women if they were using any alternative therapies at the start of the study, such as vitamins and minerals, herbs and botanicals, other natural products, personal mind-body techniques, or mind-body techniques led by a practitioner.
Someone’s decision to undergo chemotherapy or not may be based on psychological factors, their belief system, their demographics, or factors related to the clinic or provider.
The chance of experiencing these side effects may have an effect on a woman’s choice to receive or avoid chemotherapy.
High levels of both folate and B12 after birth increased the risk by 17.6 times that the child would have autism. As essential as this vitamin is for health, the current research suggests that high levels of folate could be too much of a good thing, and better guidelines and monitoring of folate levels during pregnancy may be needed to give the child the best health outcome.
Check. Closets replenished with trappings for the cooler temperatures that are creeping in. Fruits juices are best energy drink packed with minerals and vitamins and absorbed by stomach very quickly and also it’s instant to have a fruit juice. The researchers created an index analyzing which and how many of these complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments the study participants used. Check. In all the day to day, sometimes we feel that we have checked off so many things, taking care of our homes and families, that we have little time to think about the importance of our personal health.

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