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This post shares the story of a mother and wife who’s at the same time renowned professor and an expert of geochemistry, Jane Plant. Jane succeeded to save her own life by changing her lifestyle habits, and following a specific dietary regimen. Her husband who’s a renowned and experienced scientist, was working in China when she was diagnosed with cancer. My Chinese colleagues and friends have sent cards, letters, and some amazing herbal suppositories, so my husband brought them to me. I remember we laughed a lot about these suppositories which were supposed to treat my breast cancer. But one day, someone from our team said “Chinese people don’t consume dairy products!” This moment was shocking and happy at the same time. I remembered my Chinese colleagues who always refused my offer for the cheese course, my friends who thought milk was only for babies, and the great number of people who just can’t tolerate milk. Chinese consider our preoccupation with dairy and milk quite strange, and I personally don’t know a single person from China to use cow or dairy products to feed their babies.
I remember on one meeting with Chinese delegation of scientists in the 1980s, they all politely refused the offered pudding with lots of ice cream the moment they learned its ingredients. I consumed lots of different dairy products before I was diagnosed with cancer, like skimmed milk, yogurt, and low-fat cheese.
However, I discovered that ovarian cancer was linked to yogurt in 1989, when hundreds of women with this type of cancer were examined by Dr.
The chemo wasn’t showing any positive results on my fifth cancerous lump which I was measuring with calipers and comparing the results.
After 6 weeks on a dairy-free diet, and meditating for an hour a day, I wasn’t able to spot my lump.

Take a look at the video below where Professor Jane Plant explains the discovery that have saved her life!
For more information such as what are the noticeable activities that are going to take place on this day , visit the official site : World Hepatitis Day 2016 . To increase  hepatitis B vaccine coverage and integration into national immunization programmes . Each year this day has specific theme .Here is the list of main focus of World Hepatitis Day of recent year and that of 2016 . Thanks to these changes she now tries to inform other women about this regimen, and to raise their awareness. I thought it must be a true miracle if they actually protect women in China from breast cancer.
On the other hand, we were all pleased with our second portion of pudding. I discovered that over 70 percent of the world’s population is lactose-intolerant, or in other words can’t digest the milk sugar. Moreover, I consumed cheap lean minced beef, which probably came from dairy cows. I consumed organic yogurts to support the ‘good’ gut bacteria and to help digestion at the time of the chemo I received for my 5th case of cancer. The lump was in the same size during my chemotherapy, and then I decided to exclude all dairy products from my diet.
I even asked my husband to help me find it, he also couldn’t find it. I went at Charing Cross Hospital in London to see my cancer specialist the next Thursday.
Today we are going to talk about World Hepatitis day and share some facts related to this infection and how to cure and prevent it.We have also shared some of the inspirational messages that you would love to spread on this World Hepatitis Day .

This year World Health Organization’s Global strategy is to eliminate the viral Hepatitis as a public health threat by the year 2030.  Let us join this campaign and spread the awareness about this deadly virus . Together with his colleagues, he found the cancer-fighting method which successfully cured his wife. Although many see this method as quite controversial, it is public and anyone can choose it to try and save their own life.
He also recorded their diets. It was because of this that I decided to give up of dairy products, including yogurt, milk, butter, and others.
I didn’t consume dairy products for 2 weeks, and I noticed the lump in my neck started to itch, then it got soften and shrank. After analyzing scientific data, we saw the fats percentage in diets. In 1980s, researchers have discovered that fat constituted only 14% of the calories in the regular Chinese diet, as oppose to the 36% in the Western diet.
Suddenly, I realized that number of everyday products like biscuits, cakes, soy, commercial soups, sunflower and olive oil margarine, include the same form of dairy produce. However, I my diet before the cancer was rich in fibers and poor in fats. What’s more, as a scientist, I know that fat intake in adults doesn’t increase the risk of breast cancer.

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