Healing cancer with meditation

In America, breast cancer is second only to lung cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths among women, and it is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women, and it is the leading cause of cancer death for women ages forty to fifty-five. I deeply believe that the T4 and T17 blockages are the root cause of breast cancer, but one need not panic if they find blockages at those locations – it does not mean that breast cancer is present; however, with a diagnosed case of breast cancer, the major blockages will be at T4, on the same side of the body which has the cancer.
In my practice, all women who have breast cancer or cysts have one thing in common: a blockage in the T4 and LI17 areas.
Bless your loved ones who suffer from cancer by posting your petition for yourself of anyone you know suffering from cancer here. Cancer  is unrestrained cell proliferation caused by damage to genes regulating cell division cycle.
Carcinomas- When a malignant growth occurs in epithelial tissue covering body organs, it is called carcinomas. Sometimes highly malignant tumors may arise from primary embryonic tissues in children like tumors in cerebellum, kidney and eye. Cancer disease mostly occurs to male of growing age (13-18 yrs) due to their mode of living, eating and environment. Susceptibility to cancer depends upon familial factor, smoking, chemical & environmental factors, viral factors, alcohol and dietary factors. Severe bleeding through menstrual cycle, in case of male bleeding also occurs through anus.
A common weed catharanthus roseus is source of two anti-cancer drugs are vincristin and vinblastin used in treatment of leukemia. Breast cancer might be the most feared disease by women because it is common yet its causes remain mostly unknown.

Monthly, a woman can have anyone (no need for an expert) check the area of the back lateral to T4, LI17 and BL9. Jude Prayer Circle for Healing of Cancer gives you and anyone you know an opportunity to experience the healing power of St. By adding your special intention, you join multitudes in the unified power of healing prayer to St. May our friendship remind me always of the love God offers to each of His faithful children, and the healing He provides to all those who believe in His saving grace. Cancer is a complex group of diseases that can affect many different body cells and tissues.
Cell division cycle regulated by a sophisticated group of proteins.Cancer results from mutation of genes encoding these proteins. The agents that tend to produce cancer are called carcinogens.There are many types of cancer diseases such as Stomach cancer, Colon cancer, Lungs cancer, Brain cancer, Breast cancer, cervical cancer, rectal cancer, Blood cancer, Skin cancer etc.
Exposure to UV rays, X-ray light and another radiation may cause bone cancer and skin cancer. Viruses have been associated with virus type of cancer such as human peplum virus, T-cell leukemia virus and hood skin virus.
But can we really heal cancer or are these just theories to help calm down the psychological problem? Cancer  causes major of death all over the world.In India millions of people suffer from this disease and large number of them dies annually.
Cancer is a growth disorder of cells, most pernicious diseases and gene disordre of somatic tissue.

These are malignant growths developing in such tissues which are derived from mesoderm cell. It develops from unchecked proliferation of leucocytes present in blood and their precursors in bone marrow. Cancer is also genetically passes from one generation to next generation such as blood cancer and breast cancer. In case we come across any of these signals among our family or friends and also other people, we should persuade them to see a doctor as early as possible.People now suffering cancer and facing death.
When a person is diagnosed with any type of cancer, advice begins to pour in from others, non-stop, for emotional support. If so they can ask their therapist to work on the T4 area for five to ten minutes, and also on LI17, which is located on the neck. In my healing philosophy, T4 is a Chi passageway to the breast and controls sweat glands, hair follicles, and skin problems including skin cancer, melanomas, and psoriasis.
Yet, does all this advice really help or does it just come from sympathy, without being backed any experience or knowledge. In India major form of cancer in women is cervical and breast cancer and in men is mouth, lung and throat cancer.

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