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Internal cold may also manifest with a tongue that has a slightly blue color to it as is indicated by the bottom image to the right. Explanation: This headache is likely going to be aggravated by cold weather as it is due to cold energy blocking the flow of Qi in the Liver channel which has a branch that connects to the very top of the head.
Other symptoms: retching or vomiting of saliva or mucus immediately after eating, acid regurgitation, abdominal pain, fullness in the stomach. Applicable diseases: gastritis, morning sickness, stress induced headache, Meniere's's disease. Cautions and warnings: This formula can cause vomiting (even though it is actually treating vomiting). Usage and prognosis: I've seen this formula completely remove this headache inside of one week. How to obtain your formula: You can purchase the formula mentioned in this article by simply clicking on its name.
Other locations to purchase this formula include your friendly neighborhood Chinese herb pharmacy. In some cases, the formulas that are described in these articles are available in premade capsule, tablet, or pill form. Finally, acupuncture and TCM schools tend to carry a rather extensive stock of these kinds of herbal medicines.
Tension headaches seem to be the most commonly reported cause of pain on the top of the head. Approximately 12% of the population will, at some point in their lives, experience migraine headaches. Baths – Immersion in hot water may lead to the dilation of blood vessels, which may result in vertex pain.
Hairstyles – Most often affecting women, vertex pain may be caused by pulling one’s hair back tightly, such as in a ponytail. People come in and complain of pain in their temple(s) but touch the spot just above the temple. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This pattern creates a headache along the upper side of the head, that has a focus of pain back near the crown but has a focus of intense pain in the eyeball. People complain of an intense headache that makes their eyes hurt. They will describe the headache near the top of the back of their head while gesturing to it with their hand when pressed but are mostly focused on the eye pain.
You may get temporary relief by gently massaging with a warm cloth near the back of your head, just behind your ear.
This can be tricky to pinpoint if you’re not experienced at neuromuscular assessment.
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This is fairly unique headache as there are only two muscles that refer pain to the top of the head.
The tongue associated with the syndrome that gives rise to the vertex headache indicates internal cold. Depending on how strong the individual is beneath the pathology will likely be an important part of the prognosis. This may lead one to think that a headache on the top of the head, also referred to as vertex pain, is extremely rare. Roughly 20% of migraine sufferers have reported vertex pain, along with a multitude of other symptoms.
Situational headaches do not necessarily occur consistently – for instance, a person who has experienced a vertex headache during his most recent orgasm will not necessarily experience the same pain during his next bout of sexual activity. They describe this eye pain as making their eyes hurt instead of other headaches which seem to pinpoint in the back of the  eye. If they wear a hat, they will wear it loosely or complain that it creates the headache and eye pain. This trigger point usually is activated through the pressure of a hat, a blow to the back of the head or as a satellite trigger point of the neck trigger points. When this headache is a satellite off of the neck muscle, semispinalis, it looks a lot like the headache of splenius capitis. Although headaches in this area can be caused by other problems, the most common, and fortunately most treatable reason, is trigger points in certain neck and upper back muscles.
The cold in the body either prevents the Qi energy from rising to the tongue to give it color. If you're young and strong and in otherwise good health, one week of this therapy should do the trick, especially if you've only had this headache a short time such as less than one month. They'll probably come in raw form (twigs, branches, etc.) and you'll have to take them home and cook them into a nasty tasting brew. These headaches present as a feeling of pressure with no additional symptoms, causing mild to moderate pain.
Migraine sufferers often experience nausea, extreme sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound and even smell, aggravation of symptoms with physical activity, as well as pain occurring in several locations in the head. If you notice situational headaches occurring regularly, do schedule an appointment with your doctor to rule out various underlying causes.
I saw that even very respected illustrators like Frank Netter of the Color Atlas of Human Anatomy or B.D.
I have created this headache by working with a screen that is high on the wall in front of me.
This problem is created by craning the neck forward while twisting the chin up and to one side. Without the proper client interview, it can also be easily confused for the headache of sub-occipitals.

After hours of doing so, my head will start to get itchy and tingly before the headache comes on.
You’ll know it is this one when your neuromuscular therapist gently presses into these tender nodules just behind the ear, the headache subsides, and your eyes stop hurting. Here are some herb suppliers too, they may be able to provide you some help in locating your formula: Herb Suppliers. While tension headaches may cause vertex pain, they may also affect other areas of the head.
When the trigger point is mild, people complain of a headache and run their hand up and down the back of their head on one side. I find that it is more common in people watching monitors up high while twisting to one side. For more complete info, check out the self massage page, or try the other method: Deep Stroking Massage. Vertex pain associated with tension headaches seems to be more common in children, especially boys, than in adults. As I worked, I realized that trigger points could be activated and de-activated by the nerve endings in joints. They often complain of a bigger area of pain and are surprised at how small the area is that they are actually touching. Sleeping with pressure on the back of the head and neck bothers them and disturbs sleep. It occurs most often with the headache at the back of your head. This one compares most closely to the headache in the temple but notice that it is higher and without the neck and eye tension. This is important in its treatment, knowing if it is a lack of metabolic heat or some cold energy that has gotten inside. More than that, the specific way that the joint was displaced determined which trigger points were activated in the muscles that crossed that joint. You could get it from watching TV at the sports bar but looking down at the chicken wings and drinking beer breaks up the pattern, so I don’t see many of them. The muscle has two branches - the sternal branch that runs from the skull behind the ear to the breast bone, and the clavicular branch that runs from the same place behind the ear underneath the sternal division to the collar bone.
I’ll get a little click with a light headache and then wake with a dull headache in the morning. Make sure that you are persistent in treating this muscle, even though it probably hurts like crazy.
The trigger points are located in the muscles right below the base of the skull on either side.

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