Headache medicine that doesn't upset stomach zantac

A A A  At 46, after some 20 years of practice, he says hea€™s happy with his career choice.
Osmun is also a writer, and he has contributed several hilarious pieces to STITCHES magazine. A A A  Although he doesna€™t like to admit it, Osmun is regarded as a darn good doctor, a darn good teacher, and someone who really wants to help his patients. A A A  As we get back into his old Ford to return to the clinic, I think about the upset residents.

In 1999 he won the a€?Excellence in Clinical Teaching Awarda€? from the Professional Association of Interns and Residents of Ontario (PAIRO). In the eyes of the residents he teaches at Southwest Middlesex Health Centre near London, Ontario, this is cause for alarm. For instance, a patient with a stress headache might expect a CAT scan, but they must be told why they dona€™t need one. If you dona€™t actually say a€?this is not cancer,a€™ they think youa€™re holding back on them.

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