Hdd enclosure 3.5 inch

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Plug-n-Play to your desktop or laptop computer to easily store, transfer and access all your digital music, photo, video, multimedia and personal data files with data transfer rate up to 480 mbps (USB 2.0) or 3 Gbps (eSATA).
Receive exclusive offers and promotions and be the first to know about new Aluratek products. The Rugged is one of our most popular hard disks, and it's the best way to protect your data. Automatic Backup - Easy setup and automatic worry-free backup for both PC and Mac computers. Password Protection - With LaCie Private-Public software built-in, it's easy to make sure that your files are secure and protected, no matter where you go.

Secure Online Storage - 10GB of Wuala Online Storage included for one year to securely store and share your data online. 77% Energy Savings - Automatic Eco mode lowers the power consumption by up to 77%2 when not in use. 1 Transfer rates vary from one computer to another and may vary slightly from one drive to another. Sign up today for our weekly newsletter that contains the latest product news and exclusive promotions for our customers.
We've made it easy for you to create a password-protected area on your drive where you can securely store all of your confidential information. Additionally, you can use the LaCie Mac USB 3.0 Driver to improve data transfer speed on your Mac (up to a 30% performance increase compared to FireWire 800).

It helps you carry your files with confidence, no matter where the road takes you, thanks to its shock-absorbing sleeve, aluminum anti-scratch casing, internal rubber bumpers, and a 1000G shock-resistant hard drive. AES 256-bit encryption technology is one of the most robust on the market today, and makes the Rugged Triple more secure than ever. Whether your goal is super speed or complete compatibility, the Rugged Triple has everything you need.

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