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Due to a recent change in my job, I had to get a bag in order to carry my work laptop around with me.
This is what led to the great ordeal of trying to find a good backpack that would be durable and some what understated. The pack is easy on my shoulders and back when fully loaded and during normal daily commutes, I barely even notice that it is there.
I recently took the pack on a trip to the Bahamas and it did not stand out anywhere we went. I have already recommended this bag to my co-workers who travel as it has almost become a necessity for me.

In accordance with the FTC 16 CFR, Part 255, please note that this site uses affiliate links. This versatile backpack is made for convenience and functionality, and it’s loaded with features like an easy access laptop compartment. The laptop compartment opens quickly at the security checkpoint and the laptop window makes your computer visible while scanning. The interior pocket organizer provides divider pockets for pens, pencils, cellphone, and anything else you need. There is even an elastic tab on the shoulder strap that keeps sunglasses secure and conveniently accessible.

The main pocket provides protected packing for multiple binders, gaming peripherals, and other accessories.

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