Gemini sun cancer rising aquarius moon

These people have all the congeniality of Gemini, but they’re considerably more emotionally cautious and sensitive.
With a thrifty-nickel Cancer personality, these people are not quick to spend their hard-earned money, and their Gemini gets scattered just enough to misplace their loose change, so they’re usually not the types to spontaneously spring for snacks. You are self-reliant with a kind of defensive insistence on independence, and if need arise you can take care of yourself in the business world through some independent type of work, or something that requires quickness, aptitude, and a sense of people or words rather than strenuous concentrated effort. Whether male or female, this position calls for an early conquering of the restless, touchy, and romantic sensitiveness and a firm integration of purpose, after which your qualities of good-fellowship and understanding of people, coupled with your quick and facile mind, will bring you the goods of the world that are so important to you. You are clever and resourceful and take every practical precaution to ensure enjoyment, relaxation, and merriment with those you love most. This makes them more aware of how they’re being received and gives them a willingness to adjust themselves to fit the occasion. But Geminians born shortly after dawn are generous with their time and energy, and their information, too.
You are sensitive, your memory is good (for personal matters), and you give off what you feel and think volubly but more in personal ways. But you have a real need for domestic stability, and this should be in your own home rather than in that of your parents. You have a peculiarly sure conviction that your own opinions are right, and once you think you have sensed the inner core of a subject, a person, or a problem, nothing can sway you from that conviction.
You feel the world around you, people, facts, situations, with an almost too-acute sensitiveness. I was trying to think about how your 3 main signs work together to express your personality.
Until the emotional side of your nature is dominated either by intellectual training or by favorable domestic environment or both, you are likely to flounder.

It’s almost as if you had, or believed you had, a magic power of divination in which you have the utmost faith. Your indecision is made to appear tact, your quality of saying yes, which is weak in a man, becomes feminine and appealing, and because you conceal a considerable amount of purpose, like a stiletto under your feminine trailing skirts, you are pretty likely to be a success in business.
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Cautious Cancer avoids rejection like the plague, so they’re very sensitized to their environment. And with Cancer’s fondness for public places, they’re the clerks who know every aisle of merchandise like the back of their hand.
You are nervous anyway, and have to fight nerves all your life, and the success of your fight depends in large measure on your mental training. Once these matters are settled and you don’t have to think so much about personal troubles, you will be amazed at the depths of contentment you are capable of. Thus you are a hard person to fool, having a curious knack for ferreting out the other fellow’s purposes. In tandem with the Gemini ego, the inoffensiveness and unassuming demeanor of a Cancer personality creates a gentle and well-intended person. And, of course, they’ll be eager to personally escort you to the exact item you’re looking for. If you concentrate on some study or pursuit, putting your mind on it and keeping it there, you’ll find your nerves disappearing as if by magic. You would make a good detective if you could stand the detailed ground work, for you can be very subtle when the need arises, and are on to all the curves with which human beings fool one another. You express too readily, inclining to agree and tell all your plans before they are complete.

Cancer is the Mother Goose of the zodiac, so these Geminians take pleasure in catering to the needs of family and friends. But if you allow the intimate, personal side of your life and all the petty little problems to which your sensitive nature is heir to absorb your thoughts, you will find yourself becoming progressively more nervous. You can cultivate self-confidence by cultivating reserve, for in life, as in poker, you stand a better chance of winning the pot if you don’t tip your hand before the draw. In either sex this is a highly emotional position, and erratic early years, with their share of love affairs, should teach you a good deal about the way of the world. But they do need to be on guard against letting Cancer’s workaholic nature and Gemini’s lack of focus merge in such a way that they get lost in their surroundings, doing for others without noticing how they’re being affected themselves.
So as long as these folks remember to nurture themselves, they’ll stay interested, healthy, and happy in life. Geminians with Cancer rising get so busy taking care of what they perceive to be their responsibilities that they neglect their own ambitions. Nostalgic, subjective Cancer is always tempted to wander off and live in the past, especially when coupled with Gemini’s sharp mind and memory. What you have to cultivate is push, integration of purpose, and a goal, an objective, a set ambition.

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