From traditional ayurvedic medicine to modern medicine

This oral Ayurveda tablet has no side effects, it can be administered by anybody, like an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) and also reduces the usage of and dependency on ASVs.
Severe shortage of Anti Snake Venom, high cost of the ASV’s and delays in reaching the hospital often leads to the death of the snake bite victim. Turmeric has been used as a spice in Indian recipes and as medicine in Ayurvedic for thousands of years. In this video, Ayurvedic teacher Vaidya Mishra talks about the best practical ways to use turmeric.
Not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Through hands-on experience, relentless research and a burning desire for truth, Anya has become a well respected leader and an educator in her field. As an alternative treatment ginger has been used to treat various health conditions like stomach aches, nausea, diarrhea, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and joint pain.
The study was funded by the McCormick Science Institute (MSI), an independent organization that supports research into the health effects of culinary herbs and spices. The most interesting part of the study is the effectiveness of ginger even after heat treatment as, generally; nutrients get destroyed after boiling or cooking. Birthstones are precious stones or gems that are given as gifts symbolizing a particular month. Traditional birthstones are usually based on a Gregorian calendar and are society-based among English speaking communities. The modern birthstones, a list which was used by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912, hoping standardized the assigned birthstone for each month. Mystical birthstones, on the other hand, are those which were used for almost a thousand years, originated in Tibet..
Lastly, the ayurvedic birthstones list came from ancient times, and was used in Indian philosophy and medicine, dating back in 1500BC.. If one would check out these classifications of birthstones, one would notice slight differences in the assignment per year. Birthstones like ruby, topaz, turquoise, jasper and likes can be found recorded in ancient books such that of the bible, wherein in the book of Revelation stated the complete list of these precious stones comprising the foundation of the New Jerusalem.. Birthstones have gained fame in the fifteenth century where people in Poland would wear them according to what month it is. It is also believed that to have the full effect of these birthstones, one should own an entire set and to wear them in rotation each month.. Whether it is true that they can provide powers to the wearer or not, it is a fact that these precious stones are beautiful and one cannot refuse to wear these gems.. It is a variety of quartz; Amethyst is the birthstone for those people who are born in the month of February. However, with good foot care, by wearing proper footwear and by keeping the blood sugar level under control, the risk of developing foot ulcers can be diminished. The role of footwear in the diabetic foot ulcer treatment process should not be overlooked. Although most cases of diabetic foot ulcers can be cured with antibiotics, in a small number of cases surgery is carried out to remove the pressure from the foot ulcer site. In traditional Chinese medicine, Radix Rehmanniae and Radix Astragali are widely recommended for treating foot ulcers.

According to an Italian study, regular intake of French maritime pine bark extract can rapidly heal foot ulcers in diabetics.
In a study, researchers at the University of Wisconsin Medical School in Eau Claire found that applying honey on the ulcer helps to cure the wound. In diabetics, reduction in nitric oxide production slows down the wound repairing mechanism.
According to this latest news report, A 40-year-old woman from rural Malharpeth in Satara, suffered the bite of an extremely venomous Krait while working in a farm. The LA Healthy Living website is an extension of her passion for living healthy in mind, body and spirit in an unhealthy world.
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It was an important plant in the traditional Indian system of Ayurvedic medicine and now one of the most widely used herbs worldwide.
Recently a new study conducted in University of Georgia reported that ginger consumption reduces muscle pain caused by exercise. It is also termed as a “birthday stone”, but then the birthday stone has a different way of assigning precious gems.. These precious stones are classified as traditional, modern, mystical, ayurvedic and zodiac birthstones.. Also, the said calendar has a matching poem, from an anonymous poet, for each month with a designated birthstone.. An updated list was made in 2002 which added tanzanite as a birthstone for the month of December.. The Traditional and Modern would almost have the same list except for the months of March, June, July, August and September.
It is said that these stones can give positive vibes and power to the wearer and are strongest when one wears it during the assigned month of the gem stone.. It was believed by Ancient Greeks that an Amethyst gem can protect the wearer from intoxication. Diamonds are made up of crystallized carbon, and are the hardest mineral there is with a measurement of 10 in Mohs scale.
It is made up of Calcium which is produced by mollusks when they are induced by an irritant such as parasites.
Opal symbolizes faithfulness and confidence, while the pink tourmaline stimulates the creative thinking of the wearer..
Citrine symbolizes hope and strength, while the yellow topaz induces the wearer to give and accept love..
The blue topaz symbolizes calmness and the turquoise protects the bearer from evil and illness. Poor blood circulation combined with numbness in the feet owing to diabetic neuropathy significantly slows down the wound repair process, complicating the foot injury, which might even lead to amputation. Despite regular care, if an ulcer develops in the feet, it can be cured with proper treatment. Physicians usually refer patients with foot ulcers to specialists who design shoes to relieve pressure from the site of the injury. Surgeries help to correct certain deformities on the foot such as bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs and flat feet.

Laboratory studies have revealed that herbal preparations containing these herbs can heal foot ulcers even in people with uncontrolled diabetes that do not respond to insulin treatment. The active components in the pine bark supports wound healing by improving glucose metabolism, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.In Ayurveda, herbal preparations containing antibacterial herbs such as Tinospora cordifolia, Embilica, officinalis, Rubia cordifolia, Gycyrrhiza glabra, Balasmodendron mukul and Moringa psterygosperma are used for treating diabetic foot ulcers. She was found unconscious and rushed to a medical care centre, but was given only 20 minutes to live by local medical experts. Geeta Pawar in 2005, and according to her, “It is a curative not only in cases of snakebite victims, but also works on scorpion and honeybee stings. In India ginger is added in tea and in almost every vegetable curry as a part of daily consumption.
Additional birthstones are also added on the remaining months under the modern classification. It is also known as the “martyr’s stone”, since it was thought of that the blood of Christ has spilled on these green jasper stones. The brilliance diamonds are so irresistible that even those who are born on different a different month wishes to own one.. This pink to blood-red gemstone is considered one among the four precious stones together with the diamond, the sapphire and the emerald.
If no improvement is noticeable within a day or two after using the antibiotic medication, your physician might change the drug.
Your physician might ask you to visit a podiatrist who can cure corns, calluses and ingrown toenails. Peripheral circulation in diabetics can be improved with ginseng, ginkgo, goldenseal and burdock. Since it is purely herbal, there are no recorded adverse effects caused by this tablet”. Did you know that turmeric works the same as at least 14 pharmaceutical drugs currently on the market? For the mystical and the ayurvedic classifications they have different designations for each month with the exception of the month of July which has ruby on both of the classifications.. During the olden days, a garnet gem is given as a gift to travelers in the hope of finding their way. The Aquamarine is a type of pale blue mineral of the Beryl variety, said to have the ability to heal various diseases of the heart, stomach, liver, mouth and throat. In a University of California, San Diego study, researchers found that tretinoin, a vitamin A derivative, commonly used for treating acne, can heal diabetic foot ulcer. This mineral is still used presently in manufacturing corrective glasses for poor eyesight.
Stubborn wounds are treated with intravenous antibiotic injections to accelerate the healing process. State Health Director Dr Satish Pawar, is now focusing on making the life-saving tablet available in 1,900 PHCs across Maharashtra and other state PHC’s in a month or two.
To increase the effectiveness of the medication, blood sugar level needs to be lowered with medicines and diet.

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