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In TCM essence is called “Jin” and is a combination of the character glyphs for “rice” and “green.” Essence is a fluid-like vital substance, the most basic and important of the vital substances to the body. By broad definition, essence is a compilation of all vital substances in the human body, including the narrow definition of blood and qi and body fluids. Both types of essence outlined below are stored in the Kidneys, even though the Spleen is the root (or source) of Post-Heaven Essence. This might look familiar from lesson on Kidney and Bladder because Essence is a subject very closely linked to Kidney. This includes the brain, bone marrow, and spinal marrow. The brain is actually called the Sea of Marrow. Actually, the Chinese traditional way to supplement what you lack is to eat whatever it is that’s weak. In this same manner, if you need to tonify Qi and Blood, critter bits (animal based herbs) are always more effective than plants, which is a bummer for your vegetarian patients.
This is true for children who are born with poor essence and for adults who have depleted their pool of Essence. The theory of the five elements or five phases comes from the Chinese observation of the natural world.
As you will see in the following sections, though these are ancient ideas, there is a beautiful application of it in medicine that still works in incredibly effective ways for diagnosis and treatment of the body.
What seasons, climates, directions, organs, tissues, and more are associated with each element.
Shiatsu is a Japanese treatment that uses the same energy points than acupuncture, using finger pressure instead of using needles.

Shiatsu combines a smooth movement of the ki energy with the physical benefits of a deep tissue massage.
Although this therapy comes from an ancient Eastern medicine, it is considered that shiatsu was created by Japanese Tokujiro Namikoshi (1905-2000) , who standardized shiatsu treatment in the early twentieth century and created the first shiatsu school of the world to teach future shiatsu masters.
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You start acquiring from the first breath you inhale at your birth and continue to acquire it from your food, water, air, and Qi or Prana building exercises, such as yoga or qigong. Some herbal professors will tell you to just keep it a secret from them and add the ingredients into the formula anyway, that’s probably a bad plan.
This section also contains what you need to know about the characteristics of the elements, their correspondences, what organs in TCM are associated with each, and how they inter-relate. In addition, shiatsu combines western knowledge of anatomy and the physiological and philosophical foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physiology. These all-purpose boots are made with soft neoprene lining which is perforated for extra ventilation and air flow to help keep joints and tendons cool. They are secured with strong Velcro fastening which makes it quick and easy to achieve optimal fit around the leg and fetlock without over-tightening.  These carefully designed boots save time and effort whilst providing superior protection and maintain wellbeing.

Essence also can transform into Kidney yin while the Kidney qi can transform into Kidney yang. Alzheimer’s, senility, and dementia are all examples of depletion of the Kidney essence which in turn leads to depletion of marrow and brain function. Not only is it disrespectful to your patient’s beliefs, but your reputation will crater if they find out. The 3D mesh outer layer with shock-absorbent padding offers effective protection against brushing knocking and abrasions.  These multipurpose boots are suitable for front and hind legs and are easy to use with the adjustable triple Velcro closures.
This is kind of like having a trust fund, but working for a salary anyway so that you don’t spend the trust fund. All of this stuff is searchable online now, so the likelihood you’ll get busted is high.
Prenatal essence is stronger if your parents were in good health and in a good state of mind when you were conceived. Patients need to be informed and they need to know that the vegetarian option will work, but will work more slowly.

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