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Rene Caisse, a nurse, used this tea for over half a century for patients suffering from terminal cancer coming to her clinic located in a small village called Bracebridge, near Toronto. In fact, she used to be paid in anything that the patients could afford – from any produce to eggs. But when it came to help from the government (Canadian Health Ministry) and pharmaceutical industry for spreading the benefits of her tea to the masses, she received only harassment and betrayal. It is worth mentioning that the tea’s name ‘Essiac’ may have been the created by spelling ‘Caisse’ backwards, it was originally made by an Ojibwa Native American medicine man from the extreme northern limits of Canada. There was an Ojibwa medicine man within the camp area who had earlier told her that her cancer could be cured. Caisse’s interest in cancer rose further because her step father and aunt were suffering from cancer at that time. Because of her continued success against cancer, her town (Bracebridge) residents allowed her in 1933 to run her clinic from the closed British Lion Hotel for just a dollar as monthly rent. According to Caisse, she never thought of providing her services in the 50-plus years of hardships that she faced for any personal gains. Caisse successfully treated hundreds of cancer patients and there are so many testimonies of the same.
A Naval Intelligence operative threatened to kill him and his family if his 2 books were not stopped from continuous publication. As our modern world knows all too well today, conventional forms of cancer treatment has its limitations.
Powerful and natural cancer treatments designed to aid the body in healing have been discovered but face opposition from public health agencies. Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse who learned of the possible healing powers of Essiac tea from one of her patient’s recovering from breast cancer. Despite the efforts of public health agencies to squash any investment into determining the safety and effectiveness of Essiac for research during clinical trials, it is perhaps the testimonials of Caisse and Dr. People who have used the herbal remedy have provided amazing testimony attributing their health improvements to Essiac tea. Caisse claimed that the herbs contained in her formulated Essiac brew had anti-cancer properties that may treat and possibly cure various types of cancer. In theory, the four primary herbs contained in Essiac better equip the body in the fight against cancer by detoxifying tissue, purifying blood and quickly eliminating toxic waste (3, 12). Conventional cancer treatments destroy an individual’s immune system which is why patients may supplement their diets with Essiac. Companies that formulate the tea have made recommendations that conventional cancer therapy should not be used in conjunction with Essiac support.
Essiac contains high levels of the following antioxidants: flavones, anthraquinones, tannins and polysaccharides (7). In fact, pharmaceutical agencies manufacture drugs derived from these antioxidant sources.  Adriamycin is chemotherapeutic drug designed to treat 13 various types of cancer and contains anthraquinones (7, 15). Attributed to burdock root for its high concentration of the antioxidant anthraquinone, Essiac may reduce cell mutations and therefore prevent tumor growth. Animal studies have shown that treatment of Essiac is associated with a decrease in the ability of tumor cells to multiply.
If clinical studies are funded and evidence supports these claims, it is possible that the conventional treatment methods could also be improved. Health agencies disapproval for funds and clinical research into the efficacy of Essiac as it relates to cancer treatment continues to delay patient’s hope for a cure. Researchers have found that Essiac tea may adversely interact with an experimental chemotherapy drug, cytochrome P450.
This dilemma begs the question, why is such a toxic drug approved for use in cancer treatment and yet an herbal extract lacks study in clinical trials? Anecdotal evidence supports that Caisse first learned of the benefits of Essiac from a patient who used it to supposedly cure her breast cancer. Researchers have also looked at the relationship between women supplementing their diets with Essiac in which they found no major health difference than those who did not (5). The vitality of an individual diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer is not expected to be one of optimism in today’s modern approach to cancer treatment.
With many reports of inconsistent findings linking Essiac to human health, the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Initiative (CBCRI) funded the Task Force on Alternative Therapies to provide a review of studies regarding the use of Essiac as a natural approach to cancer relief. The Task Force on Alternative Therapies concluded their report with the desire to see more “open-minded research” (7). Only one fact appears to remain consistent regarding Essiac’s use as cancer treatment: research involving an alternative form of cancer therapy is a potential worth investigating. Cancer treatments today can include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and immunotherapy. For a continued list of possible side effects which may result from currently approved cancer treatment drugs, visit A to Z List of Cancer Drugs compiled by the National Cancer Institute (15). Why do the public health agencies that approve of the current list of cancer treatment drugs with life threatening side effects put up so many obstacles along the road to alternative cancer treatments? Caisse explained that her efforts to perform clinical research on the effectiveness of Essiac faced challenge as a result of “nothing less than a conspiracy against finding a cure for cancer” (12).
The cancer industry is comprised of a complex network of corporations which make profit from cancer patients seeking an end to their suffering. How are you expected to manage your health goals when powerful organizations trump every move made in the quest for alternative cancer treatments? Avoid foods high in sugar which have been increasingly linked to promoting inflammation and the growth of cancer in the body.
Just as the CBCRI recommends, remain informed of all available evidence regarding the use of Essiac treatment to decide if it is the right supplement for you. Great question, glutathione precursers are nutrients such as cysteine and glutamic acid that help to form glutathione. These resources incorporate both ancient healing practices and new, cutting-edge strategies to supercharge energy and flow of life! Of all the alternative approaches for cancer, Essiac Tea has been slighted and forgotten the most over the past couple of decades, especially with several other approaches that have received more sensational press than Essiac lately.

Baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and maple syrup or blackstrap molasses are as inexpensive as it gets, but it requires a little more savvy with using it than Essiac Tea, even if you brew your own, which is the best way to use it. So Rene immediately collected the herbs and cured a select group of friends and family circa 1920. This is where Rene treated patients for over eight years, and where her treatments of the herbal tea gained medical recognition from the several reports of healed cancer patients, causing many doctors during the 1930s and ’40s to endorse what she was doing after reviewing some of those cases. She was given the use of the Bracebridge facility without any charges except, reportedly, one dollar per month.
But Nurse Caisse had an awareness of how the medical establishment could take her medicine man recipe, alter it and make it less effective, or simply charge too much, making it unavailable to many who needed it.
One year before Rene’s death, she signed over the rights to her formula to a Canadian company called Resperin Corporation Lmtd. The proper blend of organic or wild harvested non-irradiated burdock root, slippery elm bark, Turkish Rhubarb root, and Sheep Sorrel leaves with roots are part of the original formula. After bringing the herbs to a boil and letting it steep overnight, the quart or gallon made is refrigerated. Billy Best and John Tanzi  cured their cancers with a non-pharmaceutical protocol that included Essiac Tea. If you want to see some excellent testimonials, go to this page  and scroll down midway to ESSIAC TESTIMONIALS. The private corporation, that she sought help for making Essiac tea as a legal cure for cancer, betrayed her.
She came across a breast cancer survivor who had got rid of the cancer around 30 years ago.
When she asked him about the treatment, he explained the herbs to be used, how to pick them, how to culture them and prepare this tea. According to Caisse, it was the Bracebridge Town Council along with many renowned doctors and her patients who protected and helped her from being arrested by the government. Gary Glum learnt about the healing benefits of the Essiac tea and began his research to find the formula for the recipe. She had been cured thanks to the Essiac tea after being diagnosed with cervical cancer which was called incurable. He also gained a lot of information about the nurse and her work and started writing a book – Calling of an Angel. Practices involving radiation, chemotherapy, drugs, and surgery leave a patient susceptible to infection and future illness. Slightly trailing behind the number of deaths linked to heart disease, cancer is the second most leading cause of death in the United States as reported by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) (11).
Brusch promoted the use of Essiac tea as an affordable, effective and alternative cancer treatment. Perhaps now you are pondering the notion of drinking the herbal elixir yourself or will recommend it to a loved one. Caisse, along with other supporting physicians, proposed that these anti-cancer activities exhibited from Essiac treatment is a result of a synergistic effect of the contained herbal mixture. Essiac may stimulate the immune system’s response to infection by efficiency detoxifying the body and therefore providing pain relief and improved health (3, 9, 10).
Such recommendations are based off of the belief that Essiac tea cannot promote the healing of the immune system while no immune system exist to be healed (2).
Studies have shown that Essiac tea used at varying concentrations reduces the presence of free radicals by up to 84% (4). Superoxide radicals have the ability to not only create cellular damage, but also to activate other free radicals (4).
Although researchers also noted a decrease in the growth of normal cells, the herbal extract significantly prevented the proliferation of cancerous cells at a higher rate.
If a tumor decreased in size as a result of Essiac treatment, risks associated with surgery could also be reduced. Currently, only animal testing and anecdotal evidence from individuals using Essiac as a supplement can provide insight into possible health risks associated with drinking Essiac tea. Patients reporting to use Essiac while undergoing chemotherapy had high concentrations of the drug in their system. However, despite their lack of positive mood shifts and wellbeing, a significant amount of women did report experiencing health benefits. Researchers cannot attribute the lack of emotional health in arguments to dismiss potential health benefits of Essiac. The Task Force on Alternative Therapies suggests that there is weak evidence that Essiac can cause harmful side effects. Eight Doctors as early as 1926 had even urged the Department of National Health and Welfare at Ottawa, Canada to allow Caisse to continue her research on Essiac. Pharmaceutical companies produce chemicals that are known to cause cancer as well as toxic cancer treatment drugs.
No other industry or person will have your health goals more in line and every individual should have the right to understanding the treatments their body is undergoing. Complementary and alternative medicine use by patients enrolled onto phase I clinical trials. I read on a cancer site that Essiac tea is not recommended for those who do not have a gall bladder because it stimulates digestive organs and processes.
Julian Whitaker, MD and holistic practitioner wrote an article entitled “What I Would Do If I Had Cancer”, in which he asserted that if he were diagnosed with cancer he would be proactive with various alternative approaches that include Essiac Tea.
Cannabis is great, but not so accessible and certainly not so cheap unless you can grow a lot of your own plants and make your own cannabis oil.
Nurse Caisse met her as she was passing away in nursing home decades after the herbal remedy had cured her breast cancer. Soon word got out and cancer patients outside her circle of family and friends came to her.
But she was not allowed to charge patients had to be diagnosed by an MD before and after treatment.
There were many in the medical establishment who wanted Nurse Caisse’s operation shut down.

Her suspicion was warranted as these things go on with non-pharmaceutical cancer approaches all the time.
A dose of two ounces should be taken three times daily with sufficient warm water, sipped slowly away from food. Keep in mind that healing cancer involves improving one’s diet, lifestyle, and mindset.
His pet peeves are the Medical Mafia’s control over health and the food industry and government regulatory agencies’ corruption. At the time of her cancer, she was living with her husband in a far off remote part mining camp in northern Canada.
She continued cultivating the herbs and brewed the tea there and gave it in both oral and injection form. In 1977, the nurse herself made an effort to bring it in the public (it was a year before she died).
He was a well established chiropractor in California who was renowned for treating stop global athletes.
The book brought the story of Caisse to the world and also explained how to get your hands to the formula.
The publisher faced the hazards of tons of wrongful death lawsuits because Essiac tea didn’t have the FDA’s approval. Patients also battle psychological side effects that destroy their overall wellbeing and vitality. Facing the pharmaceutical and medical industries with wallets benefiting far too greatly at the profits from conventional cancer treatments, Essiac tea has not yet been approved for use as a cancer treatment drug by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) (2). The herbal remedy of Essiac Tea can now be found in health food stores but lacks FDA testing and approval (7). Do understand that with anything, synthetic or natural, there are side effects that may be associated with consuming Essiac. On the other hand, researchers propose that Essiac may benefit immune-suppressed individuals by enhancing the immune system (9). Plant-derived polysaccharides have been valued in traditional Chinese medicine for its role as a powerful antioxidant (14). These patients suffered from different cancer growths such as tumor growths on the skin’s surface including the face and lips, as well as patients with uterus, prostate, and bowel cancer. But if a cheap and holistic approach to cancer treatment was discovered to be effective and then approved, the cancer industry would have a decline in their profits. Although the biochemical pathway in which Essiac can interact with drugs is not understood, Essiac supplementation may inhibit the body’s ability to completely eliminate toxic waste. Although animal studies have shown that the treatment of Essiac slows the growth rate of cancer cells, the concentrated herb concoction has been associated to promoting the growth of breast tumors (2). In fact, AstraZeneca is a drug company which originally created National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Essiac is a non-pharmacological supplement which may provide you with health benefits along with other popular approaches such as Echinacea and green tea (8). Her treatment locations evolved until her arrival at the small Bracebridge township that provided her with the building that was once a hotel.
Some say part of her problems was her stubborn pride and refusal to divulge the tea’s formula, which she sometimes injected for severe cases. The deal included promises to keep the formula pure and keep it accessible at low cost to everyone.
It’s best to order the powdered herbs that comply with what was just written in their proper ratios and brew your own tea with actual spring water in glass bottles, such as Mountain Valley Spring Water, which is sold in many grocery and health food stores. This finder for Mountain Valley can help your search.  I am not a distributor or associate. Gary Glum found Rene’s formula after she had died and all of her documents were taken and destroyed. Glum was allowed to treat a handful of AIDS patients out of 179 who were being tested with AZT. Paul’s valiant contributions to the health movement and global paradigm shift are world renowned. Decisions you make about your family's healthcare are important and should be made in consultation with a competent medical professional.
She continued offering successful treatment to hundreds and hundreds of patients without charging money for her special tea. When she was taken to a hospital, the doctors informed her that her breasts needed to be removed. This along with his second book – Full Disclosure (revealing the original source behind AIDS – depopulation agenda and human created) threatened his existence for some time.
Charles Brusch to formulate an herbal mixture and study its effects in people and laboratories in the 1920’s (2). Then in 1995, Resperin signed the formula over to Essiac Canada International, which is currently a provider of the formula.
But I use it myself for Essiac Tea, which should be stored in dark colored bottles to protect against light. He disclosed it in the book Calling of an Angel; the Story of Rene Caisse and an Indian Herbal Medicine Named Essiac, which is out of print.
She entered into a deal and then she was sidelined, telling her that there was no longer any role for her to play. He then visited Canada where he interviewed Mary McPherson, who was a very close friend (and professional colleague) to Nurse Rene Caisse.
However, the world doesn’t know about this thing because AIDS is about to become a big profit maker.

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