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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have a holistic understanding of health, understanding the importance of both physical and emotional wellness. It is very common for a patient who is coming in for a specific concern like a skin condition or back pain also finds that their long time anxiety disorder or insomnia was greatly improved. In diagnosis and treatment, Chinese medicine links specific emotions with specific functions in the body. Contemporary research is beginning to show how acupuncture works in the brain to affect both physical and mental health.
This remarkable study showed that acupuncture may calm the parts of the brain associated with the limbic system, therefore resulting in a calming effect on the person’s state of being. It is without a doubt that there are few practitioners that can claim the same achievements in popularity, business, and athleticism. Ming Chinese Tea is different because it is 100% natural and it activates mechanisms in our body that allow us to be healthier and more relaxed individuals while we loose weight in a healthy natural way. Chinese Tea was created in the Far East to help purify and free the body of toxins and impurities. Drink and enjoy the benefits provided by the ancient oriental formula of Dr Ming's Chinese Tea. Alban has provided me, ranging from acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and acupressure techniques, have helped me immeasurably in dealing with anxiety, vitiligo, and with boosting my immune system in general. Whether you are coming in for issues such as back and shoulder pain, migraines, or asthma, you may also find improvement in your mental state as well. Using an fMRI scanner, a scan that tracks blood flow within the brain, scientists have shown that acupuncture affects a part of the brain called the limbic system.

It is possible that acupuncture’s cumulative long-term capacity to improve health and well-being may have something to do with this ability to calm the limbic system.
Jung is very familiar with an active lifestyle and competitive sports.  As a member of the varsity swim team at SFU, she attended numerous national swim meets including Olympic Trials and helped SFU win 4 national titles while completing her degree.
Jung’s treatment approach incorporates ART®, Graston, traditional chiropractic  adjustments, addressing muscular imbalances and prescribing stretches and exercises to help people return to the activities that they love. Jung has worked with athletes of all ages and abilities including traveling and working with BC Soccer provincial teams and treating at Ironman Canada numerous times.  She has presented to local swim teams, running clubs and dance studios to identify and optimize the athletes performance and function. Sarah Jung is teaching part time at Vancouver College of Massage where she teaches Anatomy and Physiology in the Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) program. Jung playing a lot volleyball (both indoor and beach), swimming, running, hiking, doing yoga, or attempting to learn the game of golf!
A versatile external formula, Tiger Balm provides effective relief for most symptoms of bodily aches and pains including headaches, rheumatism, arthritic pains, and muscle strains and sprains. This delicious and unique combination of green tea & natural herbs was originally used by monks and their apprentices to aid them in their relaxation exercises by reducing anxiety and eliminating toxins from the body.
A new weight loss and calorie burning system that reduces your appetite and helps to eliminate the compulsion to eat obsessively. Perhaps most important of all, these improvements have afforded me with the confidence that these issues can be dealt with successfully. A few of Chinese medicine’s good “side effects” include better sleep, less anxiety and depression, and help in stress management. Jung is a certified Active Release Techniques (ART®) provider and is also certified in Graston Technique.

Tiger Balm with its unique formulation of herbal ingredients, derived from ancient Chinese sources, has been proven effective for nearly one hundred years and today used by millions of people in more than 100 countries. Ming's Slimming Tea, Factory price, 24hours burn fat lose about 15kg in 1 month chinese herbal teas, compared to all the new "weight loss supplements" full of chemicals and synthetic compounds, is the perfect, healthy way to lose weight, fat reducing. Dr.Ming's Chinese Tea will help you achieve the body you've always wanted faster than ever.
A Chinese medicine physician’s goal is to treat the root of the problem, not just the branch.
It is also involved with memory and behaviors such as addictions as well as hormonal regulation. Tiger Balm is not an ancient Chinese concoction but a modern effacious formula that has worked for millions of people who use it.Tiger Balm is a most versatile pain relieving ointment. These herbs have been carefully harvested by hand and selected to give you the best results.
That’s why regular physical activity, stretching, yoga, and tai chi, makes us feel better emotionally and physically. It is an external preparation for the relief of bodily aches and pains of muscle and joints due to simple backache, arthritis, strains and sprains.

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