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Take drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee, strong tea, and cola beverages in a very limited quantities. Patients undergoing chemotherapy must take steps of not letting any infection enter their body as their immune system becomes weak.
Some types of chemotherapeutic drugs are gonadotoxic (harmful to testes and ovaries) and may cause infertility.
Smoking caused nearly 14 million major medical conditions, including those that people didn’t know about or failed to disclose, according to a recent federal government report. The CDC designates smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, killing more than 400,000 people annually — nearly one in five Americans. While smoking has decreased among American adults by nearly 20 percent, its health effects haven’t discouraged the activity among teenagers. That’s why public health officials, lawmakers, and public figures have gone to great lengths to spread awareness about tobacco’s health effects and curb the advertising of products to young people. While the odds seem stacked against anti-tobacco advocates, their efforts have not been in vain: an estimated 80 million lives have been saved since the Surgeon General’s 1964 report that first outlined smoking’s cancer risks. This list will detail ten unfortunate individuals who have suffered from severe disfigurements. Rudy Santos, a 69 year old from the Philippines, suffers from the ultra rare condition known as Craniopagus parasiticus or parasitic twin.
Rudy became a national celebrity whilst traveling with a freak show during the 1970s and ’80s. Strangely, Rudy vanished in the late ’80s and ended up living in extreme poverty for over ten years. Minh Anh is a Vietnamese orphan who was born with a mystery skin disorder which causes his skin to flake and form scales. When Minh was young, he met Brenda, aged 79 from the UK and she travels to Vietnam annually to see him. Read about this classic case in the words of the doctor who had a first-hand look at the Elephant Man.
Didier Montalvo, from rural Colombia developed congenital melanocytic nevus, which causes moles to grow all over the body at an incredibly fast rate.
Apparently, Didier was conceived on an eclipse and the locals believed his mole was the work of the devil.
Mandy Sellars, from Lancashire, UK, was diagnosed with proteus syndrome—the same medical condition as Joseph Merrick. Doctors decided to amputate one of Mandy’s legs after she contracted deep vein thrombosis and MRSA. Petero Byakatonda is a boy from a small, rural town in Uganda who suffers from crouzon syndrome.
Petero’s neighbors tormented and shunned him for his appearance and he locked himself away in his room, hardly ever leaving the house. Jose Mestre from Lisbon, Portugal, developed a huge facial deformity which started growing on his lips when he was fourteen.
In 2010, Jose travelled to Chicago to undergo four operations to remove his tumor and restore his facial features.
Dede Koswara is an Indonesian man who, for most of his life, has endured the extremely rare fungal infection, Epidermodysplasia verruciformis. In 2008, Dede received treatment in the USA to remove six kilograms of warts from his body. Fetus in fetu is an extremely rare developmental abnormality that occurs in one out of every 500,000 births.
In 2003, Alamjan’s school doctor noticed the swollen abdomen and sent him to the hospital. Plaque psoriasis is characterized by inflamed skin structure that is reddish and scaly on the skin. The exact cause of this disease is not known, but it is believed to be caused due to hereditary and environmental factors.
The white blood cells contain T lymphocyte which is responsible for fighting and destroying foreign particles on the body. For people with long-term psoriasis, they are likely to develop inflammatory bowel problems, blood pressure, diabetics and even heart disease. Your physician will easily diagnose the disease on physical examination of the affected skin. For mild form of plaque psoriasis you need not have to visit the clinic since it can be treated effectively by over the counter medications.
Creams or ointments that contain salicylic acid or coal tar are used for treating mild forms of sunburns and psoriasis.
Any type of topical creams should be applied only after gently removing the scales or silvery patches on the skin.
The main purpose of treatment is to stop the production of T cells that induces to form several new skin cells and to remove the scaly patches from the skin. Creams that contain corticosteroids are effective in reducing inflammation and hence prescribed for controlling mild to moderate type of psoriasis. Calcipotriene cream contains vitamin D analogues for slowing down the growth of new skin cells. Topical retinoid like Tazorac Avage is given for controlling skin damage which would reduce DNA activity of skin cells but it is sensitive to sunlight. Sometimes, a combination of UV therapy and coal tar therapy is given which is called Goeckerman therapy. Retinoid, corticosteroid, methotrexate are given orally or through intravenous injection for severe form of psoriasis. In addition, cyclosporine is given by doctors for weakening the immune system that destroys healthy skin cells. It is difficult to prevent plaque psoriasis but people who are prone to this disease should not expose the skin to factors like sunlight or traumatic condition which would trigger psoriasis. They can also take ginger products to fight nausea like gingered tea, chewing raw ginger etc.

Bone marrow helps in blood clot by producing platelets which stop the bleeding by clotting the blood. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. The latest figures surpass those the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) collected 10 years ago by more than 2 million. Census Bureau data with national survey data related to smoking and disease prevalence between 2006 and 2012. Experts say that smoking increases one’s risk of developing coronary heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer, and host of other ailments that slowly debilitate the cardiovascular system. According to data collected by the CDC, nine of out 10 smokers said they picked up the habit before the age of 18.
In recent decades, Big Tobacco has increased its efforts to appeal to its youngest customers.
E-cigarette among youth has tripled between 2011 and 2013, despite its well-documented health risks that bear a striking similarity to that of cigarettes and other tobacco products. According to data compiled by the American Lung Association, African-American youth see 350 more tobacco advertisements annually than the overall average. A few of these people, with the help of modern medicine, have been able to live a more normal life.
His condition is thought to have been caused by Agent Orange—the defoliate chemical used by the USA during the Vietnam War.
Born in 1836, the Englishman became a celebrity in London and also gained fame around the world. As a result of this disease, a mole grew so large that it covered Didier’s entire back. Proteus syndrome is extremely rare and it’s thought to affect only 120 people worldwide. After the operation, the remaining section of leg kept growing and became too heavy for her prosthetic. The tumor mass was removed completely in the first operation and the next three aimed to reconstruct the face. This causes large, hard fungal growths to protrude from the skin which looks remarkably like tree bark. The reason for this condition is unclear, but many scientists believe that it occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, when one fetus is enveloped by the other.
Certain types of mutated genes are inherited by birth causing this skin condition as the child grows. But in people affected with psoriasis, these T cells affect and kills the healthy skin cells causing wound and infection on the skin, leading to plaque formation. Some doctors believe that psoriasis get triggered by stress, strep throat infection, smoking and exposure to cold weather.
Psoriasis may repeat in cycles getting better for some days and again presenting with worse symptoms. Very often plaque psoriasis may flare up for few weeks and then subside for returning with full vigor. You can use cream that contains Caldecort or Coraid for suppressing the bumps or lesions on the skin. Otherwise, the medicine will have difficulty in penetrating through the thick layer of skin. The mode of treatment can be divided basically into 3 types namely topical treatment, medications and light therapy.
It will not only reduce swelling caused by bumps but will also suppress the immune system which attacks the healthy skin cells.
The UV rays of the sun is effective in destroying new T cells but one should be careful while taking sunbath, failing which it would cause severe sunburn.
Retinoids may cause serious side effects like birth defects and hence women who are planning for pregnancy should avoid using retinoid. Their findings showed that nearly 7 million people reported nearly 11 million smoking-related ailments that year. Even if people are former smokers, they have lasting lung damage,” said Rostron, a representative of the Center for Tobacco Products at the U.S. Today, the five largest cigarette companies spend a total of more than $34 million per day advertising their products in magazines and retail stores. Despite tobacco companies’ claims that e-cigarettes serve as a safe alternative to traditional tobacco products, a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that they do in fact encourage use of cigarettes among teenagers and young adults. Some employers also offer smoking cessation programs with offerings that include counseling and referral to long-term services. Attached to Rudy’s pelvis and abdomen are an extra pair of arms and a leg, which developed when his twin was absorbed into his body during pregnancy. They concluded that they would be able to remove the parasitic twin, but Rudy decided not to have the operation. Unfortunately, after they were separated, the twin died as it used the blood supply of Manar and could not survive without her. This condition causes him to overheat and his skin can become very uncomfortable without regular baths. Brenda has helped Minh in many ways at the orphanage—she persuaded the staff not to tie him up when he is violent and she has found him a friend to take him swimming every week, which is now Minh’s favourite hobby.
He was born with proteus syndrome—a condition which causes huge lumps to develop on the skin and the bones to deform and thicken. When British surgeon Neil Bulstrode heard about Didier’s condition, he travelled to Bogota so he could operate and remove the mole.
It has caused Mandy’s legs to become extremely enlarged, weighing a total of 95 kilograms and measuring one meter in circumference. Crouzon syndrome causes malformation of the skull, which in turn pushes the eyeballs out of their sockets and the ears down, leading to problems with sight and hearing.
The doctor raised enough money for Petero to travel to Austin, Texas, for life-changing surgery.

It caused him to become blind in one eye and made it very hard for him to breathe, eat and sleep.
The operations were successful and Jose travelled back to Lisbon a few weeks after treatment. This had become extremely uncomfortable for Dede, preventing him from performing basic functions with his hands, as they were so large and heavy. Unfortunately, this surgery did not stop the fungus from growing and he had further operations in 2011. The following week, Alamjan was operated on and to the doctor’s surprise, they found a baby measuring two kilograms in weight and twenty centimeters in length. Often, some environmental factor like bacterial infection is enough to activate the mutated gene causing lowered immunity.
It lies on the uppermost layer of the skin in the form of brownish red spots which are called plaques. Mild cases of this disease require no treatment but it is definitely a nuisance whereas severe cases can cause intense itching and pain sometimes disfiguring the area affected. Psoriasis will not only affect the skin but also the nails disfiguring them like that of fungal infection. The method of treatment differs widely with the intensity of spread of psoriasis and the patienta€™s health condition. Doctors would prescribe low dosage of corticosteroid for application on face and other delicate skin areas. Anthralin is highly recommended for reducing the production of skin cells and is also effective in removing the scaly patches.
Prograf and Elidel are calcineurin inhibitor are given for treating severe forms of psoriasis and is effective in reducing plaque formation. Mild doses of UVB light is emitted on the psoriasis affected areas of the skin which would control psoriasis.
Photo-chemotherapy is a process in which psoralen is allowed to penetrate the skin before it gets exposed to Ultra Violet rays, so that the skin becomes more responsive for the treatment.
The most prevalent illnesses included chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart attack, diabetes, and a host of smoking-related cancers. And tobacco manufacturers have changed their products to include additional flavoring, sugars, and menthol that experts say mask the true flavor of the tobacco, making the activity more pleasurable for novice smokers.
It’s no surprise, therefore, that tobacco use poses a significant risk to poor Americans of color, with smoking-related ailments taking more lives than HIV, gun violence, and alcohol abuse combined.
Last month, congressional Democrats demanded that US Weekly, People, Time, Rolling Stone, and Entertainment Weekly cease its tobacco advertising. Also connected to his body are an extra pair of nipples and an undeveloped head with an ear and hair.
Less than a year later, Manar also died due to a brain infection which was caused by complications from the surgery. As her feet are so large, she has to buy specially fitted shoes which cost around $4000 dollars. In developed countries, the deformities caused by crouzon syndrome are usually treated very soon after birth but Petero did not receive this treatment as he lives hundreds of miles away from a hospital.
Alamjan Nematilaev, from Khazakstan, had a parasitic twin that developed hair, limbs, teeth, nails, genitals, a head and a basic face. The doctor who carried out the surgery said that Alamjan looked like he was in the sixth month of pregnancy. Hence individuals who are genetically susceptible to this disease if exposed to unfavorable environment or skin injury, it can cause plaque psoriasis. Eventually this will lead to the production of healthy skin cells which rapidly move to the upper layer of the skin forming patches.
It would occur anywhere on the body but commonly seen on knees, elbows, and scalp and the lower back.
Tar is available in many ointments and creams and even on shampoos and hence psoriasis on scalp can be cured using medicated shampoos. You need to repeat this process of UVB therapy for 2-3 times a week for getting positive results.
Minh used to be violent to staff members and other children at the orphanage, so they had to restrain him by tying him to his bed. The boy’s parents believed that his condition was caused by radiation from the Chernobyl disaster, but experts have dismissed this idea. But in people affected with psoriases, the immune cells produce excess of protein called tumor necrosis factor which causes rapid growth of skin cells. The new skin cells will not wait for the dead cells to wither; instead they are formed over the dead cells causing red scaly patches called plaque.
Some people recommend taking sunbath for controlling the disease but you should not overdo this method causing sunburn. However using corticosteroids for long term can produce side effects like thinning of skin. Laser therapy is also used for destroying the new T cells which is responsible for causing plaque. Do not go for cosmetic hair treatments like dying, perming, or coloring during this period. Alamjan fully recovered from the operation, but to this day, he still does not know that his twin grew inside him.
Complications occurred during the second surgery—he lost 80% of his total blood volume and his condition turned critical.

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