Delaware corporation law 141(e)

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Bethlehem was a hub of industry and trade during the industrial revolution, and now it's home to a museum dedicated to those roots.The National Museum of Industrial History opened its doors Tuesday morning. To start, one must examine the Certificate of Incorporation (Delaware) or Articles of Incorporation (California) to determine the maximum number of shares that may be issued.
Next, the shareholder must provide, or agree to provide, the specified consideration to the corporation. If the corporation provides paper share certificates, then one must be prepared for the new shareholder. Finally, depending on applicable state law, it may be necessary to provide notice of share issuance to the state.
In summary, it is not difficult to issue corporate shares – if you know what you are doing.
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Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about General News! For example, California does not permit shares to be issued in exchange for future services, but Delaware does. If the consideration is money, it needs to be received by the corporation for deposit into the corporation’s bank account.
A corporate officer (typically the secretary) enters the new share holding into the stock transfer ledger. Please see, for example, Section 25102 (f) – Securities Law Compliance if You Incorporate in California.
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