Ddo pure healing cleric build walkthrough

The Cleric spells are in affinity to Nature and Holy based damage, buffs, and supportive spells or heals.
Randomly removes one debuff from the target and reduces the target’s received damage by -X points.
Passives for right now are only on Humans since they are the only available race currently.
WIS is needed to increase both G-Healing (general healing) and P-Healing (personal healing.) This is mainly sought for the G-Healing properties. LCK is a general stat that all classes will want since this increases both M-CRIT and P-CRIT rates.
G-Healing is needed for the general healing that a Cleric will do when they are grouped with fellow adventurers. The Cleric certificates benefit them greatly by increasing WIS, increasing INT, and increasing Mana Pool. Many of these Knowledge Point builds are theorized through the talents in what would be the best those particular points will bring. Note from the OP: Since I do not have the ratio of WIS to G-Healing is, I prefer to place points into Evangelical Theory (G-healing talent) over Religious Knowledge (WIS talent). A: Since I am still trying to figure out the formula for WIS to G-Healing, there is no answer to which one is better than the other currently. A: Although Cleric is primarily sought as a healer, they do need to kill things now and then for solo play.
When defending a point, I will generally put down an Astral shield (blue is best), I will healing word when needed, and use sunburst from divinity to push melee away (Works very well if you can push them over in hotenow domination map points 1 and 3). When defending a point with others, I will use sunburst, ethier from divinity or without, depending on how many are focusing on myself. Offense slots: I am using 2 Silverys, 1 Radiant and 1 Azure in my offense slots to balance my stats. I know it aint much, but 5600 a minute to each member PLUS they are in range of that they are in range of our mitigation bonus correct? I was in a group where these dps were ALL OVER THE SCREEN getting killed before I could even look at them. Instead of spell books and memorization for the casters and tactical abilities for the melee, NWO follows the modern DnD format of having At-Will, Encounter and Daily abilities. Other than getting to choose where you’re allotting a +2 ability for some races, you do not spend any build points. The thing is, if you’re only going to let stats be within a small range of values, like your primary will always be 16-18, and your non-class stats will always be 9-11, why even have this screen?
The most appealing feature of character building was choosing the character’s appearance.
One neat aspect for RPG flavor is you can choose the home region and god of your character.
The straight dope about builds: creating a character feels like wearing a straightjacket after playing DDO. You stand in the back, maintaining health and order for your comrades in combat and if one has fallen, you can resurrect them to bring them back into the fray! Deals Holy damage to the enemy and lowers its Nature and Holy resistances by 10% for 12 seconds.

Deals Holy damage in a 20-foot target area and has a 50% to Stun all enemies for 3 seconds.
Deals Nature damage to an enemy and has a 50% chance to lower the enemy’s ACC by -X points. In time Zumi (mice) and Anuran (frog) will become available for play and I will include them later in the guide.
AGI is used for the Cast SPD it provides granted it takes a large amount of AGI to make a difference.
This is not an entirely sought after stat unless exclusively going a DPS Cleric build or going for DPS gear for solo play. Although it is not desired as much as G-Healing and Cast SPD, any little bit that is on the gear will only improve the Cleric’s ability to perform their job. There are two ranks of these 3 certificates and will be automatically upgraded to the higher rank when your class level has reached the appropriate level for it. When more levels are released, I will come back and visit these builds and analyzed what knowledge points will fill in for the newer levels. For the builds that exclusively have points in Evangelical, you can place them in Religious if you so choose.
Personally I would leave that point where it is until the level cap rises up to 60 or higher so that this Knowledge build can be flushed more for main healing.
It is a bit of a stretch for a Knowledge point build as a cleric but there is the opportunity of having such a build.
A cleric does need to level up his damage skills now and then but they can keep it a few levels behind the current level due to cost (either by gold or class points) in later levels.
When my soulforged pops, I will use my artifact (Blood crystal) and get an astral shield down as quickly as possible.
I use healing word on the others, putting an astral shield (blue) down wherever it will benefit the team as a whole. In PvP surviving and being able to hold a point for as long as possible will benefit your team more then an amazing healing DC who crumbles in 2 seconds and can’t get any of that healing off. My name is Arsenal and I’ve played a Hunter Ranger almost exclusively for close to a year now. There were five classes available to play at the time of the fourth beta: Great Weapon Fighter, Guardian Fighter, Devoted Cleric, Rogue Trickster and a Control Wizard. I spent like half an hour at this screen every time I created a character, re-rolling in a numb stupor because I couldn’t believe it.
Once you get a character past level 10, you start getting some choice in how you increase your stats, but at character creation, stat choices are extremely curtailed. We don’t get to tweak and choose in any meaningful way on this screen other than elected which stat get a +2 race-related boost.
This doesn’t grant any abilities or bonuses, but your character will have some default titles they can use as they run around the world. I can imagine that some players who find DDO appealing for its flexibility and build options will be turned off from playing NWO for that reason. You may find yourself not in many non-guilded runs as a DPS cleric because everyone will assume you are in for a healing position as a Cleric, not a DPS position. You can still dual wield maces and get the benefit from the extra, more cleric centric stats over using a shield.

Remember though, it takes a lot of AGI stacking to make a noticeable difference in casting your heals.
Using Prevention will help lower the damage the tank takes as well as remove the debuffs they may have on them. A sixth class will be added before the game goes live (I totally forget what, though – Ranger?).
As you progress in levels, you open up more abilities, until you get to where you can choose between a small set of Encounter and Daily abilities to make active on your character. This is one of the hardest things for me to accept coming from DDO, where you can have anywhere from 28 – 36 points to spend on top of your base scores however you wish. There’s an invocation ability where you pray to your god each day and get some game currency, so your chosen deity shows up there, too. At the same time, I played 4 different classes to level 10-13, and it was easy to pick up and go. Life Cure stacks are very handy too and can top off a tank, saving you mana and cast time on a Cure for burst damage.
You also get points as you level up to make these abilities more powerful so that they scale. What’s more, there are options where you can control face scaling, body scaling and body shape. Casual players, players who game more for the social aspect than anything, and players who find all of the build options in DDO too much of a good thing will find NWO something they can easily jump into for a fun time. My ingame name is Sylvanas Windrunner some of you may know me as the guild leader of Death To The Unsuspecting and my main character is a Trapper Hunter Ranger.
You can also also devise a DDO character that makes a duck in a bowtie look like a good party recruit. I’ve recently had a lot of people asking me for my build so i decided I’d make a guide for everyone! You can give your character crazy Lee Press-On nails, high heels, and extra-large feet (*wink-wink*).
At much later levels, you can elect a Paragon class, kind of the DDO equivalent of a prestige class or epic destiny in terms of more powerful abilities. Believe me, I rolled for hours in the style of Baldur’s Gate, trying to get a 1% build, and I kept seeing the same numbers.
I originally posted it over on the arc site and the formatting didn’t transfer over very well. Neverwinter basically made character building idiot-proof, and it hurts my heart a little bit in the feels-places.
A lot of the time, I’m going off of my memory when I write this, so there may be a few small errors.

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