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For example, workers compensation does not provide compensation for physical pain and suffering. As part of an ongoing process, coffee tastings allow the taster to build a mental Rolodex of flavors and aromas to facilitate future comparisons.The full definition is a bit more nuanced.
Coffee TastingMost articles on the topic use the terms cupping and tasting interchangeably, giving the impression that the two are equivalent in connotation. Breaking of the crust is done by stirring 3 times, then allowing the foam to run down the back of the spoon while gently sniffing.”In other words, coffee cupping is a very standardized set of procedures used within the coffee industry. Cupping protocols are precise and consistent, designed specifically to create a level playing field for comparison.The official Specialty Coffee Association of America cupping protocols take up a full seven pages. Within those pages are extremely detailed guidelines covering the equipment, the environment (clean, well lit, quiet, comfortable temperature, no interfering aromas, minimal distractions) and the sample preparation (roasting, measuring, preparing and pouring).

You are probably at a coffee tasting.(Keeping in mind that if you are at a cupping, it is a tasting, albeit a very specific sort of one.
It is a technical process designed, in large part, to highlight flaws and consistency issues with the beans at a bulk scale.The goals of a tasting are more likely to be education and pleasure. As other authors have noted, cupping represents a clear break from the way in which most of us interact with and enjoy our coffee.
Having a seasoned professional lead you through a formal process is a lot like having a personal trainer direct you on the moves needed to build certain muscles. It also provides a quiet time (well, quiet outside of the slurping portion) and a contemplative space for sharing knowledge and experiences, which is a critical part of building a local coffee community.After attending a few, it can be a crazy amount of fun to host a formal cupping at home.
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