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Researchers found that the anti-tumour effects of CBD were caused by induction of apoptosis (programmed cell death). These observations are supported by investigations of US scientists who found out that exposure of leukaemia cells to CBD led to a reduction in cell viability and induction of apoptosis. In addition to reminding you to take your meds and tracking your steps, your smart phone may soon be able to tell you if that scent in your breath is due to the garlic from lunch or something much worse.
Founder and CEO Sam Khamis started the company in 2011 and bootstrapped his way through the first year.
Khamis said that he is starting with measuring the metabolic rate and wants to do a usability study with this focus.
Khamis said that his sensor is the new core technology that can take mobile health where everyone says it’s supposed to go. The sensor would be a detection device first, but Khamis is working toward building a full diagnostic device in the long run. Another possible application for this life science innovation is detecting biomarkers for TB. The end goal is to build an algorithm on the sensor that is smart enough to learn to smell new things.
Before starting Adamant, Khamis ran a consulting company focused on measurement and automation, test socket development, MEMS and nanomaterials synthesis.
Health was more interesting to me than the latest version of Windows, so I left for a startup tracking prescription drug news. 3Derm CEO Elizabeth Asai did say that the round would include institutional and strategic investors.
Research shows up to 90 percent of Americans fall short in getting important nutrients from food alone (Vitamins A, C, D, E).
A concussion can manifest itself a variety of ways, from a headache to impaired memory to slurred speech.
One piece that’s missing from that toolkit, according to Oklahoma entrepreneur Chase Curtiss, is a way to evaluate balance that is less subjective than assessments like the Balance Error Scoring System and more affordable than force platforms.
Inspired by research he did as a graduate student in a neuropsychology lab at Wichita State University, Curtiss founded Sway Medical in 2011.
Now the company has just secured two more key components in its path to commercialization: a strategic partner and a $750,000 Series A from angel investors and the OKAngel Sidecar Fund. The app underwent extensive clinical validation at Wichita State and a pilot study with a local school district, Curtiss said, and received its FDA clearance in September.
But for now, rather than establishing a large sales force of its own and trying to market the app independently, Curtiss said Sway’s strategy is to distribute through partners. The app is meant to be just one piece of a thorough concussion assessment to guide medical treatment and monitoring of traumatic brain injuries.  Curtiss said it’s available for download in the app store now and will be opened up for subscriptions in about two weeks. I’ll be at #HIMSS15 in Chicago this week and am preparing for the onslaught of the term “patient engagement”. It’s also multi-faceted which means a definition is not going to be forthcoming soon; so, I’m not going to try. As I go through the educational sessions and exhibits looking at patient engagement solutions, I’m going to be trying to figure out how to categorize them.
Personal vs. Institutional – is the engagement being initiated on behalf of the patient (personal) or on behalf of the institution?

Institutional vs. Enterprise – will a single institution manage the engagement on their own or will one or more institutions work together to as a group to manage it? Active vs. Passive – active means the patient supposed to be doing the engagement by taking some action or doing some interaction with a device or tool. Demography – will patient gender, age, and other demographics be taken into account to ensure the right level of engagement functionality is present? Geography – will geographic engagement based on targeted localization be available as part of the engagement? Procedures and Therapies – will the engagement tools understand whether a patient is being treated for specific conditions or that some therapies have been prescribed (medication or otherwise)?
I’ll be discussing these topics and more at the following #HIMSS15 events and would love to talk in person.
Join me at one or all of these events and let’s discuss the realities of patient engagement and what you think solution providers should focus on. Fascinated by scientific discoveries and media, Anthony found his way here at LabRoots, where he would be able to dabble in the two. In 2012, he got his first (and only so far) round of outside investment from Khosla Vetures of $2.5 million. The sensor could predict asthma attacks about 20 minutes before they happen by monitoring inflammation of the upper respiratory system. Australia has the world’s highest rate of skin cancer, and melanoma is one of the most common cancers affecting young people in that country. Now he is ready to gather data from people with asthma and skin cancer and build a database of smells. He also cofounded Nanosense, Inc where he led research and development efforts on bio-inspired carbon nanotube devices.
While at UPenn, he invented a technique allowing carbon nanotubes and graphene to be integrated into standard semiconductor fabrication process lines. I started writing and editing in the print world and joined a dotcom right before the 2000 crash. The fun of daily news and interviewing smart people brought me to MedCity News in February 2012. That’s why athletic trainers, nurses and physicians have a growing toolkit of assessment techniques for evaluating athletes who undergo a blow or jolt to the head. In a matter of two years, the company has developed and received FDA clearance for an iPhone app that doctors, nurses, athletic trainers and physical therapists would use to evaluate an athlete’s balance after a potentially dangerous hit. Both of those things will help it launch the Sway Balance iOS mobile app for medical professionals this summer. A player holds the iPhone against his chest and performs a short series of balance movements.
Although other mobile concussion screening tests haven’t applied for clearance because they aren’t necessarily considered a medical tool, Curtiss said he saw broader medical applications for the app that warranted the investment in pursuing a nod from the FDA. Detecting concussions has taken center stage for numerous mobile app, software and medical device developers over the past few years as new research has suggested that multiple traumatic brain injuries could increase risk of series long-term complications like depression, thoughts of suicide and chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
It’s both overused and ill-defined which means it’s almost meaningless as a category of technology or approaches. If it’s institutional are the patients’ goals and desires being appropriately accommodated?

Passive means they can be using wearables or their data is used in other ways to behind the scenes to ensure engagement. Will the solutions know that a patient has been recently diagnosed with some ailment or that they are managing a chronic condition? I’ll be speaking about PE at the Medecision, SAP, and iPatientCare booths because all three of these companies are doing some serious and insightful thinking about patient engagement from different angles. The MEDecision team is looking at how to engage patients from all angles but starting the focused on the payer side through tools that insurers can deploy quickly and easily. The iPatientCare team is producing interesting tools to engage patients on premise through kiosks and remotely through MU compliant EHRs and PHRs.
The SAP Healthcare team is looking at engagement solutions using HIE, analytics, big data to manage populations within and across institutions.
Anyone can publish their perspective on business and innovation in healthcare on MedCity News through MedCitizens. These creatures like to swim around in the deeper realms of the ocean and aren’t commonly spottRare Beaked Whale Wash Up in Australia an Evolutionary Throwback?
Anthony is a technology junkie that has vast experience in computer systems and automobile mechanics, as opposite as those sound.
Cannabidiol (CBD) was the most potent cannabinoid in inhibiting the growth of human breast cancer cells that had been injected under the skin of mice. The next step will be to identify the chemicals in a particular smell and then associate those chemicals with metabolic changes.
Under his technical direction, the team won $4 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Real Nose program. Learn more about these shortfalls and how they can be associated with biomarker-defined deficiencies and inadequacies that can have health consequences.  Read more here. Registration or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Using data collected from the iPhone’s motion detection technology, the app then delivers a balance score from one to 100. ImPACT markets a computer-based concussion system that’s used by teams in MLB, NHL, NFL and WWE, plus thousands of high school, colleges and clinical centers. It’s best to be passive but sometimes active is necessary so how will the solution accommodate both?
They’re going beyond the trends and high level BS and diving deep into what really causes patients to engage in their own care. Researchers stripped the skull of its flesh, to the bone, to examine the bone structure and jaws of the animal. CBD also reduced lung metastases deriving from human breast cancer cells that had been injected into the paws of the animals. The idea is that athletes are screened at the beginning of the season using the app to establish a baseline score, like they would with other concussion assessment tools.Then they can then be tested again after an incident, to show if they have probably suffered a concussion and should receive medical attention. Curtiss said Sway is also working with a partner in the physical therapy space but has not publicly announced it yet.

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