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This symbol of the water carrier holds quite a bit of significance to some people as it references "the age of Aquarius".
The second astrological star sign is Taurus, which is ruled by the planet Venus and called The Bull.
The third zodiac sign is Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury and its symbol is a pair of twins.
Each zodiac sign has meanings and characteristics that are displayed by any person born under that sign. For people who don't necessarily like crab style horoscope tattoos, they can also choose the pearl as another symbol of the Cancer sign.
Virgo's are typically modest, intelligent and reliable, paying attention to the details while being practical.
As their scales would suggest, Libra people are usually balanced, diplomatic, easy going and moralistic.
They are all generally optimistic, joyful, and somewhat intellectual and love their freedom.
Scorpio is thought to be the most intense and powerful character among the other symbols of the zodiac. It is in their nature and they will not waste a single chance in helping other individuals. People born under this zodiac symbol are generally sensitive, imaginative, compassionate and unselfish they are often intuitive and sympathetic.
People born under the zodiac symbol of Aquarius are typically friendly, original, and have an intellectual perspective while being humane, honest and loyal.
It's the first part of the spring equinox and was originally the first symbol in the zodiac. Taurus people can be very warm hearted, patient and stubbornly persevering (as in "bull headed"). Shamans believed that if you were born under a certain set of stars then you would be affected by how that particular constellation moves and how it is affected by all other things in the universe.
Cancer individuals are usually loving, intuitive, emotional, imaginative as well as protective and sympathetic.
They are pleasing and seeking love.Virgo mindsets are notorious for being instinctively quarrelsome. Virgo's can be very charming, however if they lean more toward their bad side, they can be worry warts, harsh and overly perfectionist. They are laid back and uncomplicated beings.Libras are known for their social life, meeting strangers and making friends.

Scorpio people often have strong emotions, strong will, excitement, passion and typically have magnetic personalities.
Pisces' duality lies in their tendency to be extremely idealistic, vague and secretive and too easily led.
However, they can also have opposite characteristics like being perverse, unemotional and detached. People with this zodiac symbol are usually adventurous, pioneering, dynamic and enthusiastic. They are extremely stubborn but cool under pressure.The hardworking nature ensures that Taurus people reshape their destiny by shedding their sweat and blood. However, they can also be very jealous, possessive, easily resentful, greedy, indulgent and inflexible. They are always on the go constantly and love to talk up a storm.Aside from their great intellectual capacity, people with this zodiac sign are known for being talkative as well. They're typically adaptable, communicative, eloquent and rather intellectual while having a certain amount of youthful liveliness. They are often generous, loving, creative, enthusiastic, broad minded and faithful and are natural born leaders. It’s been shown time and time again that zodiac constellations contribute to the personality traits of persons born under them.
However, Cancers can be moody, complex and have the inability to let go of anything they're attached to. With this craze for social life, people with the Libra sun sign frequently hang out with their friends and can be seen enjoying the party.
It's considered to be one of the most desirable zodiac symbols to have as it's associated with harvest time, the climax of the year's productivity. However their weak points lie in their tendencies to be jealous, resentful, obsessive, stubborn and compulsive. There are two sides to the goat personality, a high achiever and one that has to be pushed with no ambition. Capricorns can have a good sense of humor paired with practicality, discipline and ambition while at the same time they're also cautious, patient and reserved.
However, when leaning toward their dark side, they can be impulsive, impatient, selfish, quickly angered and reckless.
The self-supporting and responsible nature makes them independent, and they are capable of taking their own decisions without relying on anybody for help.
However, they can also be bossy, have a tendency to put on airs or be intolerant and dogmatic.

Their friends and family members mean everything to them and they will always help them out when there is trouble. Most of the people love to have friendship with the Libras due to their pleasing personality and nature. Sagittarius must have the last word in arguments and they will not be happy if this is not the case. You give a hundred and one per cent of your blood, sweat, and tears, not stopping until it is perfect in your eyes. They want things done the way they prefer and like to do the activities and jobs that interest them.
Cancer people don’t like to see others suffering and hurt and will do everything they can to make it better.
They might even want to sacrifice their comfort and possessions in order to go ahead and help the other person.
When it comes to relationships, they prefer to make the decisions and have a controlling aspect to it.
On the other side, they are extremely optimistic people who always see the better side of the matters.
If there is one thing that you cannot stand, it is being betrayed, cheated on, or let down. In fact if they are given to do something, then they will put in all of their energy in it.
They may very well be the first ones to step out and say hi when meeting people for the first time. This trait can be very useful when dealing with negative people, as they have ability to somehow find positivity even in the worst situations. You will never find a Pisces bored simply because they have so many interests that keep them busy. As they are inquisitive in nature, they find great pleasure in getting to know about others. However, this can end up being too much and Leos can interfere in the lives of others, without actually realizing they are doing this.

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