Chinese zodiac animals' powers

In Japan, turning 60 is a major life event, somewhat more important than many other birthdays.
The Japanese characters in the word kanreki literally mean “return” and “calendar.” The traditional calendar, which was based on the Chinese calendar, was organized on 60-year cycles.
Sometimes minature symbols of the zodiac constellations themselves are used to represent each western astrological sign.
Chinese astrology uses its own set of animal symbols to represent each astrological year in the 12-year cycle. Kanji symbols are also used to represent Chinese stars much like glyphs are used for Western signs.
If you enjoyed this slideshow, visit the Chinese Horoscopes Gallery to learn more about the individual Chinese zodiac signs.

It’s when your life has come full circle, when the clock resets and you start a new cycle of life. The cycle of life returns to its starting point in 60 years, and as such, kanreki celebrates that point in life. Ishiguro at Tusk Engineering in Japan proudly shared this photo with us showing his wife and their family on her birthday party at BISHAMON, the steak house in Kamakura.
Whether you are a trader, a rally team or a performance car enthusiast, we have the technical knowledge and parts to meet your needs.
Each year is symbolized by an animal and the 12 animals are mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.
In a Jia-Zi cycle, those years with the same earthly branch are symbolized by the same animal.

Tusk-san has been a supplier, customer and technical partner of Co-ordSport for more than 25years. For example, the earthly branch "Shen" is symbolized by monkey so Ren-Shen, Jia-Shen, Bing-Shen, Wu-Shen and Geng-Shen are all years of the monkey.
In fact the relationship goes back to the early 1980s, when Peter Collinson helped the Advan-PIAA Rally Team, run by Tusk, and entered in the RAC Rally (Rally GB, a round of the WRC).
Tusk have since run many Mitsubishi rally cars on events around the world, working closely with Mitsubishi Ralliart, the former motorsports division of Mitsubishi Motors Corpn.

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