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Much of the world views dogs as trusted companions or protectors, but in some parts of Asia, they suffer terribly as victims of the trade in dog meat for human consumption. WSPA - the World Society for the Protection of Animals states: Every year, an estimated 25 million dogs are killed for people to eat. Dog meat is being sold to people who are told, and many believe, that certain "exotic" foods like dog meat are therapeutic and hold special nutritional value.
In February of this year (2014) HSI reported that the Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam governments agreed to end the inhumane dog meat trade. Change for Animals Foundation - CFAF, along with Humane Society International, Soi Dog Foundation, Animals Asia have formed the Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA).
The World Animal Awareness Society launched a campaign to observe the Asian dog meat trade closer and share the stories of the non profits and world animal welfare organizations that are fighting to end it. Receiving its world premiere on the theater festival’s Nikos Stage under the direction of James MacDonald, the impressively produced but overlong and only modestly successful “The Chinese Room” is by Irish playwright Michael West. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Though there are many theories on how this holiday originated, the most popular one is that of patriotic poet Qu Yuan (??) and his suicide in 278 BCE during the Warring States Period in China. Qu Yuan was from the State of Chu (one of seven states) who was exiled by the King. In exile, he wrote many famous poems, including Li Sao, reflecting the love and passion he had for his country. The people who admired and respected him from the village paddled out in their boats to look for his body in the river.
Later, the people kept throwing in the ?? on the fifth day of the fifth month as a way of paying their respects to the poet. Besides the obvious, dragon boat racing from the name of the festival, during this holiday there are also other popular activities.
Other activities include: hanging mugwort leaves and calamus to discourage disease, taking long walks as well as trying to stand an egg up at exactly noon. One interesting household legend that many know about this festival is the romantic tale of the white snake turing into a maiden, going to West Lake in Hangzhou and falling in love with Xu Xian (??). The official governing organization over this sport is the International Dragon Boat Federation. Typically, the boats are shaped like dragons since the Chinese believed that dragons ruled over the rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. The race is usually a kind of sprint, ranging only a few hundred meters (typically 500 meters long).
The contemporary boat has 22 people, 20 paddlers, one drummer and one steerer at the rear of the boat; however, traditionally, there could be an upwards of 50 or more people in a boat. If you liked this post, something tells me that you’ll love FluentU, the best way to learn Chinese with real-world videos. Learning Chinese becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Because of its huge ultimate size and mass, the Bismarck palm is not recommended for small yards as it dominates its space, dwarfing and obscuring adjacent structures.
The Staple palm of nearly every Florida landscape.These dainty palms grow fronds containing a profusion of shiny, thin green leaf strips and provide a decidedly tropical appearance to a landscape. European Fan Palm Trees grow well in the full sun or either partial shade, and the leaves often look silver in the full sun. Washington palm has many fine attributes including salt resistance and fast rate of growth. For the mean time, we have provided a link to the product on Amazon so you may still purchase it by clicking the "Buy From Amazon" button below. Deluxe Escrima Stick Features: Measures 26-inch Made of sturdy rattan wood that offers the utmost strength and durability. Author Alevtina Gall discussed the use of traditional medicine by Ethiopian patients with Dr. The first recorded epidemic that occurred in Ethiopia dates back to 849 following the expulsion of Abba Yohannes, the head of the Ethiopian church, from the land.
It is impossible to pinpoint the birth of medicine in Ethiopia, but certainly the evolution of curative practices closely follows the path of a disease. Under the rule of Menelik (1865-1913) Western medicine became significantly more incorporated into the Ethiopian medical system. Despite Western medicine becoming more widespread in Ethiopia, Ethiopians tend to rely more on traditional medicine. Most immigrants who come from countries that rely on traditional medicine continue to use that form of medicine in conjunction with the use of conventional medical facilities. In North America the Ethiopian immigrant population is more diffuse, thus, traditional medical practitioners (TMPs) may be inaccessible and cultural misunderstandings may compound frustration with the conventional medical system (Hodes, 1997).

Ethiopian patients who use traditional medicine and do not inform their health care providers may do this for several reasons. As national borders become more porous and the movement of people more widespread it is increasingly more important for health care providers to be aware of the cultural background of their patients. It is imperative that health care providers are aware of traditional medicines that their patients may be using.
Many herbal substances that are used in Ethiopian traditional medicine are also used as ingredients and spices in Ethiopian food. This table is best used when interviewing patients about laboratory findings or side effects when an interaction may be suspected. From a naturopathic or Western herbal perspective, ita€™s hard to imagine people consuming spices in large enough quantities to be pharmacologically active. Humane Society International is one of many NGO's around the world that are looking for ways to end the dog meat trade. The animals suffer at every stage, from farming (or capture) through to transport, sale and slaughter. A coalition committed to improving the welfare of dogs across Asia by ending the inhumane trade in dogs for human consumption. We’ve seen so many actors play robots, androids and cyborgs in the movies that the performances by Carson Elrod and Sue Jean Kim in “The Chinese Room” at the Williamstown Theatre Festival shouldn’t seem as impressive as they do. It’s just a day where you have bunch of boats that look like dragons and you race them, right? There’s actually so much more history and tradition behind this holiday, especially now that was officially recognized as a public holiday in 2008. It falls on the fifth day of the fifth month on the lunar calendar, therefore, it changes every year.
It was when another state, the State of Qin, captured the capital of of Chu that Qu Yuan drown himself in the Miluo River on the fifth day of the fifth month. He was protesting the corruption of that era, refusing to see his country occupied and conquered by the State of Qin. This is where and how the Dragon Boat Festival, sometimes called Poet’s Day (since Qu Yuan was a poet) started. This delicious food is basically glutinous rice stuffed with a variety of different fillings (red beans, pork, peanuts, dates, etc.) and wrapped in bamboo. These pouches are made from colorful silk cloth and tied as decoration to children’s clothes.
If one is successful in having the egg stand up on its tip, they will have good luck in the coming year. However, there are also long distance endurance races, the Guinness World record being 227 kilometers (relay race) held by the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Association.
I was writing this for not only Chinese learners but those that have an interest in understanding more about Chinese culture and this specific holiday (and may not be able to read Chinese yet). The adult plant looks like a large bush that can reach 20 feet or more in height with a spread of 5-10 feet. The Chinese Fan Palm is tolerant of poor soils, but does the best when regularly fertilized. Their size and elegant look with year-round lush green foliage makes Roebelenii palm trees popular choices for residential and commercial gardens alike.
The pale green arching fronds have leaflets that radiate out at all angles from the leaf stem, thus appearing like a bottlebrush or the tail of a fox. Traditional medical practitioners mostly implement herbs, spiritual healing, bone-setting and minor surgical procedures in treating disease. Numerous medical envoys from abroad, starting with the Italians and Russians, were influential in building hospitals, providing medical training and participating in vaccination campaigns. Conventional medical services remain concentrated in urban areas and have failed to keep pace with the growing population, keeping health care access out of reach for most Ethiopians living in Ethiopia.
Despite the prevalence of self-medication in immigrant populations and the potential for adverse herb-drug interactions, relatively few studies have assessed these risk factors in various groups.
Despite the lack of TMPs, herbal remedies are easily obtained and widely used by the immigrant population.
Unusual changes in a patienta€™s state of health or reaction to a prescribed medication may be explained by the concurrent use of traditional medicine. Consumption of these herbs and spices as part of a normal diet is not likely to cause adverse herb-drug interactions because they are consumed in relatively small quantities. Conversely, it can be used to help caution patients about potential interactions, if particular herbs or spices are consumed in large volumes.
In other words, under normal uses, an interaction is unlikely, but given known medicinal use by East African patients, it is possible.
However, in many countries, notably Ethiopia, spices are used specifically for their medicinal value and are consumed in quantities far exceeding how they would be used as a normal food additive, not just in terms of volume, but in frequency of dosing.

ACPA’s initial focus is to end the illegal trade of dogs from Thailand, Laos and Cambodia into Vietnam, where an estimated 5 million dogs are slaughtered every year. In the drama, first produced in 1921, humanlike robots rebel and threaten mankind’s existence. But they’re genuinely artful, nuanced and at times compelling portrayals of androids that illustrate the moral, ethical and practical challenges of creating, and living with, intelligent machines that seem like people. This is why drinking realgar wine would be the most effective way to drive away evil spirits. Many gardeners love to grow these palms for their trademark red berries, which bloom annually. The content (including but not limited to text, photo, multimedia information, etc) published in this site belongs to China Daily Information Co (CDIC). Ethiopian traditional medicine is vastly complex and diverse and varies greatly among different ethnic groups. However, most medical establishments primarily served the urban elites and foreign missionaries and were concentrated in the major cities (Pankhurst, 1990). Because traditional medicine is culturally entrenched, accessible, and affordable, up to 80% of the Ethiopian population relies on traditional remedies as a primary source of health care (Kassaye et al., 2006).
In many cases Ethiopian patients use traditional remedies in combination with prescribed conventional medications for related or unrelated health conditions without informing their physician.
For instance, a widespread Ethiopian remedy for the common cold involves the consumption of large quantities of garlic and ginger, which has the potential to interact with anti-coagulant, hypoglycemic, and cholesterol-lowering medications (refer to following table). On the one hand, the concern is practical because so many commonly used traditional remedies have the potential to adversely interact with conventional medicines.
Health care providers should closely observe their patients and be conscious of adverse herb-drug interactions.
However, when these herbs and spices are utilized for medicinal purposes there may be an increased likelihood of adverse interactions with conventional medicines. For example, with garlic, many cloves may be crushed and consumed many times a day for medicinal purposes. Promoting traditional medicine in Ethiopia: a brief historical review of government policy. 8, 2008) Personal interview with Medical Director of International Medicine Clinic (HMC) on topic of Ethiopian traditional medicine use in immigrant patients (Haborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA). Without written authorization from CDIC, such content shall not be republished or used in any form. Information was also obtained through a literature review that included studies of patient-health care provider relationships and current scientific data regarding chemical interactions of herbs and conventional drugs.
Most traditional medical practices in Ethiopia rely on an explanation of disease that draws on both the a€?mysticala€? and a€?naturala€? causes of an illness and employ a holistic approach to treatment (Bishaw, 1991). Moreover, Western medicine has become more focused on preventative measures and people seeking curative practices still rely on indigenous medicine as the primary source for health care (Pankhurst, 1990).
Another study found that only 5% of Chinese immigrants surveyed reported that their physician had ever asked about their use of traditional medicine (Wu et al., 2007). Patients may feel that they will be judged by their physicians if they disclose their use of traditional medicine (Shenkute, 2008). On the other hand, the use of traditional medicine brings up the issue of culturally constructed notions of health and illness and demands a place in health care provision discourse. Talking to patients about traditional therapies is crucial and should be done in a nonjudgmental manner to encourage the patient to feel comfortable in sharing this information with their health care provider. There are several classes of medications that are at a higher risk for adverse herb-drug interactions, including anti-arrhythmic, anti-seizure, anti-diabetic, and anti-coagulant medication. Pharmacists with extensive experience managing Ethiopian patients for diabetes, anticoagulation, and hypertension will see complications of herb-spice drug interactions not routinely encountered in naturopathic medicine. Cultural differences in understanding and treating symptoms of illnesses may contribute to patients feeling misunderstood by their health care providers and being more likely to seek satisfactory treatment in the form of traditional medicine (Hodes, 1997). In countries with substantial Ethiopian immigrant populations, traditional herbs, medical devices, and practitioners are readily available (Papadopoulos, 2002). The following table summarizes the most commonly used herbs and spices in Ethiopia and their potential drug interactions (Fullas, 2003).

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