Chinese therapy balls sizes

Based on Chinese suction cupping massage, these oblong-shaped silicone cups are specially designed for the face or small, curved areas on the body, providing revitalization and skin-cleansing. This vacuum massage brings blood to the surface, firms skin, smoothes the fat around jawline, provides a cellulite massage, and helps remove dirt and oil build-up in pores when used with water or a cleanser. Anyone who tries silicone facial cupping quickly finds out that a lot of areas of the face require something very nimble indeed; only the mini facial cup (or eye massage cup) is precise enough for difficult, curved areas like around the nose, eyes, above lips, and parts of the forehead.
Choose either large cup, facial cup, or facial mini cup depending on the size & shape of area to be treated.

Moving method (suggested): apply cleanser, cream, nourishing oil, or simply soap and water to skin and drag cup around in lines or circles. Gwyneth Paltrow used cupping therapy, as could be seen by the circular marks on her back, normal after cupping. Upon loosening your grip on the cup, a powerful vacuum is created as the cup tries to draw the missing air back in. Rub an area of the body with a traditional Gua Sha tool and cream or oil for a thorough massage.

When placed against the skin, the suction draws the flesh upwards, resulting in a negative pressure massage as the cup moves across the face.

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