Chinese tea set symbols

The former residence of a famous northern army general, Wujia Garden is known for its tasteful decor, relaxing atmosphere, free wifi, and upstairs open-air seating, perfect for stargazing.
Bashan Yeyu Teahouse is divided into five floors each with a theme revolving around a different aspect of traditional Chinese culture. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Tea has always been a major export commodity for China, due to it’s domestic abundance and availability.
Wujia is one of the fanciest teahouses in Wuhan, so there is a spending minimum of 35 RMB per person in the main seating area and 48 RMB per person in the private rooms. Second, for the privilege of sitting at one of them, you’ve got to choose one of the teas worth 300 RMB or more per unit (?).

And finally, the fifth floor is scholar-themed with traditional Chinese music, chess and landscape paintings.
The roots of this ancient culture are still present in the modern era, and that can be evidently seen in the number of tea shops that are present in any given Chinese city. At around 380 RMB a can, Mingyue is on the pricey side, but you’ll get what you pay for, and brace yourself for the exotic flavors that they have. These places serve as locations for nurturing relations and the beginning of new friendships and businesses. It features a stunning pansy chintz design perfectly set against the white fine bone china background. In an intense urban environment like Wuhan, knowing how to relax with a good cup of tea is the power move.

I mean, sipping up a cup of tea inside a traditional tea house can be considered as a luxury, when you get to see and taste the immensely large varieties of the flavors that they serve . Generously sized, she stands 7" tall and measures 10" across inclusive of handle and spout.

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