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It is a fact that in any good machine , provision is made whereby it automatically stops when there is a danger and restarts when you push its switch e.g. The word ‘ Acupressure ‘ is related with ‘ Acupuncture’ one is just with fingers and the other is with needles. The five elements are controlled by the electricity of the body known as Bio- Electricity in the West.
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We've all got one, that friend or work colleague who waxes lyrical about the benefits of alternative treatments every time someone presents with a physical ailment or concern. While it can be easy to discount these suggestions as fanciful a€“ or downright disgusting a€“ Dr Brent Bauer, director of the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, says they shouldn't be instantly dismissed."We in conventional medicine have done a great job in many regards a€“ wiping out polio, developing antibiotics for infections that once killed millions, et cetera," he said. But, outside of a hospital setting how do you differentiate between those that work and those that are little more than unfounded and potentially harmful opinions whose prolonged existence have given them false credence?This is especially important when it comes to the more radical forms of alternative medicine and beauty treatments.
Yunnan Baiyao (also spelled Yunnan Paiyao and meaning, literally, white herbal medicine from the province of Yunnan) is probably the most famous of all the Chinese patent remedies.
The main active ingredient is Panax notoginseng or pseudoginseng root (tien qi or san qi in Chinese) Of all seven major ginseng types, notoginseng offers the highest concentration of hemostatic constituents. The powder can be sprinkled on a cut, mixed with water and rubbed into a wound or mixed with alcohol and rubbed directly on a bruise. Yunnan Baiyao is successfully prescribed to help patients recover quickly after surgery because it mends injured blood vessels.
Our mission at Austin Longevity Center is to help people of all ages have a healthy balance in living so that they may extend and improve their quality of life. Unfortunately it was not preserved and taken to Sri Lanka , this therapy was then taken to China and Japan by Buddhist monks or nomadic Aryans took it there and at present China is teaching Acupuncture to the world .
These lines are known as ‘ Meridians ‘ start from the tip of each finger of the right hand , go all over the body , and end in the toes of the right foot and so also on the left side .
From olive leaf extract and Echinacea when you've got the sniffles to bathing arthritic joints in diluted kerosene or vinegar, they prefer home remedies to a pharmaceutical solution.And it's not just illness that can be prevented or cured with natural therapies. Its nearly instant ability to stop bleeding, whether from injury or internal disease, is renowned. The Yunnan province is known as “the Kingdom of Fauna and Flora” for the abundant varieties and vast supply of plants and animals used in Chinese medicinals. Other identified ingredients in Yunnan Baiyao include geranium, borneol and musk (although today only the active ingredient muscone in musk – the secretion of the musk deer – is used in its preparation).
Apply it topically as an emergency or first aid medicine to stop bleeding and to prevent infection. And, because it does not interfere with Western sedative drugs, it can be used on the same day as surgery.
The white dazzling light generated can be seen in the middle of one’s forehead with eyes closed through certain Yogic methods.

Now so long as this current of electricity flows properly in the body , the body remains fit and healthy .
These are usually the same people who recommend lemon and egg facials and replacing your conditioner with olive oil in a bid to circumnavigate the costs and empty promises offered by cosmetic companies. Danforn Lim, associate lecturer of medicine at the University of New South Wales, remains unconvinced and warns against home use on the grounds that they can cause infection and inflammation."Currently there is nil evidence to suggest that live leeches have any health benefits to treat any disease," he said. It comes in powder form to sprinkle on an open wound or cut, or to be taken internally in a capsule. Prisoners from North Vietnam were often found carrying a tiny bottle of this powder inside their uniforms. It is likely that the original formulation was altered somewhat during the Cultural Revolution when factory owners were forced to yield proprietary control and reveal the secret ingredients. It is a remedy of choice also for menorrhagia (to stop excessive menstrual bleeding) nosebleeds, blood in the urine or in the stool, for bleeding ulcers and postpartum hemorrhage.
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And the greatest thing about it is unbelievable co-ordination of all these machines so that this body can easily work over for a hundred years or more. Acupressure means the art of treating diseases by applying pressure on specific points with the help of one’s thumb or unpointed things .
If for any reason this current does not reach any part of the body, there is malfunctioning of that part accompained by pain in some cases , if not attented to them in time it may invite illness . And inside the lid of the tiny bottles, there was a little red “hit pill” which was taken only if a soldier was seriously wounded. By 1956, larger-scale manufacturing of the medicine began at the Yunnan Paiyao Factory. Legend says that the formula is still so closely guarded that only one copy of it exists and is locked in the safe of the Commanding General of the Chinese Armed Forces.
In TCM terms, it reduces bleeding but also disperses “congealed blood” (a condition which refers to bruising, swelling, some menstrual problems, some kinds of arthritic pain and some internal organ pains where clotting, stagnation and poor circulation are responsible for pain). It will resolve the bleeding, pain and swelling, heal oozing wounds and damaged blood vessels, expel the pus and counteract toxins. Follow the application of the powder with pressure on the cut or wound.
Because it promotes good blood circulation in the muscle layers, it is even used for conditions of arthritis and rheumatism. Aeromonas species cause a wide spectrum of disease syndromes among warm- and cold-blooded animals, including fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and humans."ReikiFounded in Japan in 1922, the practice of Reiki relies upon the belief of an invisible energy that is transmitted from healer to patient through intention. The little red pill would staunch bleeding, restore the senses from shock and, hopefully, save the life. Because pseudoginseng both reduces bleeding (including internal bleeding) and breaks up congealed blood, it is very effective and very widely used in Chinese medicine.
Nature has provided in our body an ‘ in-built mechanism’ to maintain these machines and repair them if need be .
Thus, Acupressure is the science of nature which teaches us to cure disease through the in-built mechanism of the body – the technique of how to send the current to al the desired part of the body .

Positive energy is transferred by placing the hands on particular parts of the patient's body with the aim of restoring imbalances and promoting healing."Reiki practitioners purport to be able to affect health of another individual by moving that person's energy field. Yunnan Baiyao powder, with pressure and a butterfly bandage, can seal small wounds that otherwise would send you to the Emergency Room for stitches.
Instead, it facilitates and promotes strong blood circulation bringing oxygen to the injury and restoring equilibrium. This science of health which makes use of this in-built mechanism popularly known as Acupressure . Now , the World Health Organization, too , has paid attention to this simple and easy therapy . Because these fields cannot be measured by scientific instruments, that premise has always been difficult for most scientists and doctors to accept," said Bauer.
But what does tend to come through in most of the studies is the fact that patients report stress reduction. Given the fact that reducing stress is probably helpful regardless of the condition or disease, the final word on Reiki's role in health promotion remains to be determined."CuppingAnother mainstay of Eastern medicine, albeit one with a far richer history, is cupping. An ancient form of alternative medicine usually associated with China a€“ though records indicate it was first practised by Egyptians as far back as 3000 B.C.
Cupping may have potential therapeutic effect on pain syndrome management but it is beyond doubt that we need a larger scale of population research study to elicit its true effects."PlacentaThe placenta plays an important role in many cultures. The MA?ori and Navajo traditionally buried it to highlight the human connection to the earth, and it is eaten throughout many parts of the world. But the extract of animal placenta a€“ usually sheep a€“ is also used in hair and skin treatments and there are unverified reports of it being injected directly into the body to heal damaged muscle or connective tissue."Sheep's placenta have been used in many cosmetic products and is claimed to reduce facial winkles," said Lim.
It may have a potential role in skin repair but once again this needs to be shown in larger scale studies."Bird droppingsReferred to as a "Geisha facial" and reportedly used by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, the faeces of a nightingale called the Japanese bush warbler has been used as a cosmetic treatment in Japan for centuries after being introduced by Koreans as a fabric stain remover.
With a slightly musky odour, it's primarily used as an exfoliant that is left on the skin for several minutes before being rinsed off a€“ with reports that its enzymes give you a warm glow."We know that a nutritious diet, daily exercise and stress management can improve telomerase a€“ the enzyme that creates telomeres, the caps on our chromosomes," said Bauer, who remains unconvinced about the special properties of bird poo.
I'm going to stick with these three approaches and pass on bird droppings."Urine therapyPerhaps one of the most hotly contested forms of alternative medicine, urine therapy refers to the consumption and topical application of human urine.
Proponents claim it's beneficial because it contains a chemical compound called urea a€“ which, by itself, can be used to promote skin rehydration and treat psoriasis and eczema.
Some say it's an anti-cancer agent, and that drinking your own urine can help promote meditation. However, research shows that it can spread bacteria and lead to high levels of sodium if ingested.
With Bauer adding that any purported benefits attributed to urine therapy are scientifically baseless."Absolutely not a€“ and some potentially serious risks if you do," he said when asked if there were any benefits to be gained.

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