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Cannon are a predominant feature of the wreck site with two clusters of cannon at each end of the hull, and with more cannon scattered around the margins of the site. A high-resolution survey of the site and surrounding area conducted using side-scan sonar in 2005 and 2009 identified an additional six cannon to the north and a further six to the south of site 35F.
At least three piles of concreted iron cannonballs were identified on the site, presumably reflecting the contents of the shot locker.
When discovered, seven cannon towards the northeast were aligned parallel to the keel line, still in the position where they were stowed in the hull, resembling a commercial consignment of ordnance simultaneously functioning as profitable ballast, rather than the ship’s weaponry.

In some cases these are associated with trawl scars reflecting the cause of this scattered pattern. This configuration may be supported by the fact that these guns rest directly on ballast and hull structure, indicative of placement in the hold. If the bows are correctly identified as lying to the southwest, then this implies that the ship was sailing from the northeast when she was lost. The overall ordnance orientation thus again suggests that the ship struck the sea bottom to portside, forcing the starboard cannon to break their restraints and roll over to portside, either when the vessel foundered or after deposition as the ship’s wooden superstructure broke apart.

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