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I received quite a number of emails requesting help on how to activate Chinese text input on Samsung Galaxy S. CedIME supports Traditional Chinese Input Method (IME): Changjie (cangjie), Quick, Stroke, Zhuyin. About This BlogThis blog is owned by Kee Man and he shares reviews and tips on various gadgets in a different manner. Chinese iPhone apps to hail taxis, stream music, movies, and TV shows for free, and find your way around town. Some Chinese iPhone apps can make your life in Shanghai and China much easier, even if you're not a native Chinese speaker. Now, these all require some basic Chinese language knowledge, like street names and vocab like "music." If you're living here for a while, you'd do well to learn about 300–500 characters for street names and menus. Let's start with this free music app, because it doesn't require any Chinese, and if you get frustrated with the other apps, at least you have some jams. Ease Of Use: You'll need to read basic Chinese for this one — street names, metro station names, etc. What It Is: This is how people find cabs when there are no cabs, and why some cabs won't stop for you - they're going to pick up people using this app.
Didi Dache keeps a record of recent cabs you've taken, with times, license plate numbers, and your drivers' phone numbers. What It Is: Baidu Translate can translate full sentences, give you the pinyin for Chinese characters, and speak Chinese sentences out loud.
Baidu Translate also has a camera function, where supposedly you can take a picture of something, circle it, and get a translation. What It Is: PPTV let's you stream movies and TV shows on your iPhone or iPad, which you also watch on your TV by using an adapter. Ease Of Use: There's a ton of movies and TV shows on here, but sometimes you have to search by using their Chinese name.
Also, PPTV has pretty much every episode of ??? (Doraemon), that ubiquitous blue cat with no ears. The most obvious missing one is TaoBao, although you need to master some minimal level of Chinese, and "Yes, we deliver" (????), the best app to get chinese food Delivered to your place. Zhuyin Fuhao uses symbols which are based on Chinese characters to represent the sounds of spoken Mandarin. While it depends on your Galaxy S version (some Asian versions come with built-in Chinese IME), there are some apps that you can download and install.
Some problem faced with Google Pinyin is that sometimes it won’t appear accurately on SMS that is sent out from its input. Now you can switch to Chinese input mode by pressing the little globe next to the space bar. If you like a song, just click that little heart button to save it to your favorites list, which you can access from the "???" ("I Like") list on the "????" ("My Music") screen that's accessible by clicking the headphone icon on the bottom left.
If you want to download a song to your phone, just hit the button with an arrow facing down. Even if Google works, Baidu Maps will run faster, with better access to public transit data. There's more than one location, so in the search results, swipe left to right at the bottom of the screen to find the one you're after, then click the arrow that says "???" (dao zhe qu). On the next screen, you'll get a bunch of icons for categories like restaurants, KTVs, and banks.
This will bring you to a map with icons showing all bus stations in the vicinity, as shown in the top right screen shot. Click on that station below the map and you'll get to a page with all the buses at that station.

For example, "Shifu wo yao qu Pudong Jichang" ("Driver, I want to go to Pudong Airport") is enough.
Before you can call cabs, you'll need to enter your phone number then receive and input a confirmation code. The home screen looks a lot like Baidu Maps, except you can see a bunch of car icons; those are the taxis in your area.
If no one responds to your requests, you can adjust the tip slider at the bottom of the screen. You can also schedule a cab to pick you up at a certain time, as shown in the bottom right screen shot. If you need to translate what someone is saying, you can have them speak into the microphone and a silicon voice will spit out the translation in your language almost instantly. You can also save your favorite translations, so if there's something you need to say often, like "I'm allergic to seafood," just translate that and hit the star button.
This one is simple, just go to the app store and search for "PPTV." It's the first thing that comes up.
Above the line that starts with "??," in the top right, you can also narrow your selections by "????" (highest rated), "????" (most popular), and "????" (newest). Once you find something you like, click the picture, then click the orange button that says "??" (play).
There are thousands of characters and the only way to learn their meaning and pronunciation is by rote.Fortunately, there are phonetic systems that aid in the study of Chinese characters. Wide symbols and emoticons coverage, safety dictionary backup process and popular vocabulary can be update at any times. You can find the extended discographies of pop acts like Lady Gaga and Kanye, rock bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden, and even some low-key offerings like DJ Rashad and the Hyperdub compilation albums. Here's what all this means: top left = songs, middle = albums, and right = related artists. To do that, click the headphone icon on the bottom left, scroll all the way down, and hit the "+" button. Plus, Baidu Maps is integrated with Dianping, so you can see restaurants and other venues around you with reviews, menu offerings, food pictures, and more. There's tons you can do from here, but in this tutorial we'll show you how to get directions to a restaurant and how to find info about the bus stations around you. You'll get a map view, just like on Google Maps, that shows you where you're at and what to do. To access this, click the "??" ("Nearby") icon in the bottom left corner of the app's home screen. You can swipe left to right at the bottom to get more details about the buses at that station.
Click on a bus to see the whole route, including subway stations near any of the bus stops. Once you confirm a taxi, the app will send you the driver's phone number so you can just give them a call if there's any problem. To do that, click the lines in the top left and a keypad window will appear, as shown in the top left screen shot. Just hold down the orange button at the bottom of the screen and say where you want to go, for example "Shifu ni hao, wo yao qu Zhongshan Gongyuan", which basically means "Hello, Driver. Then you'll get a screen with the name of the driver, a phone icon that you can click to call the driver, and the license plate number of the cab. Five kuai might not do much, but if it's an emergency and you don't mind adding 20rmb, that should do the trick.
Go outside if you're not outside yet – the driver will get pissed and start calling if they have to wait.

You may need to add a tip for this, but maybe not if you're going to the airport because a lot of drivers like to hang out and rest there. This one is simple, and works almost exactly like Google Translate, albeit with far fewer language choices, arguably poorer translation results, and no pinyin output.
If it's not on there, try going to the Baidu website, search for the movie title in English, then copy and paste the name next to the movie poster.
By default this is set to "??" (everything), but the icons next to that let you pick genres by scrolling left and right. The phonetics are used in textbooks and dictionaries, so that students can begin associating sounds and meanings with specific characters.PinyinThe most common phonetic system is Pinyin.
It is also used in dictionaries.Advantages of BopomofoZhuyin Fuhao symbols are based on Chinese characters, and in some cases they are identical. You can play individual songs or the whole album by hitting the play button on the top right. Inside the playlist, hit the "+" button in the middle to add songs from your favorites or songs you've previously streamed.
You do not have to tip, but you can offer tips in increments of 5rmb if no one is responding to your taxi requests.
After you get a text message with your confirmation code, input that in the space just below where you entered your phone number then hit "??" ("Begin"). It is used to teach Mainland Chinese school children, and it is also widely used by foreigners learning Mandarin as a second language.Pinyin is a Romanization system. Learning Bopomofo, therefore, gives Mandarin students a head start to reading and writing Chinese.Another important advantage to Zhuyin Fuhao is its status as an independent phonetic system. They don't have everything, but you'll be surprised at what they do have, like David Lynch's Wild At Heart. Unlike Pinyin or other Romanization systems, Bopomofo symbols cannot be confused with other pronunciations.The main disadvantage to Romanization is that students often have preconceived ideas about the pronunciation of the Roman alphabet.
Occasionally just searching for the English name, like The Terminator, will work, but 95% of the time you'll need the Chinese name. The familiar letters make Pinyin look easy.However, many of the Pinyin pronunciations are quite different from the English alphabet.
For example, the Pinyin letter “q” has a “ch” sound, and it can take some effort to make this association. For example, the Pinyin c is pronounced with a ts sound.BopomofoPinyin is certainly not the only phonetic system for Mandarin.
There are other Romanization systems, and then there is Zhuyin Fuhao, otherwise known as Bopomofo. This makes it fast and efficient to input Chinese characters using a Chinese Character IME (Input Method Editor) like the one included with Windows XP.The Zhuyin input method can be used with or without tone marks.
Characters are input by spelling the sound, followed by either the tone mark or the space bar. Once a character is selected from this list another list of commonly used characters may pop up.Only In TaiwanZhuyin Fuhao was developed in the early 20th century. In the 1950s, Mainland China switched over to Pinyin as its official phonetic system, although some dictionaries from the Mainland still include Zhuyin symbols.Taiwan continues to use Bopomofo for teaching school children. Taiwanese teaching material aimed at foreigners usually uses Pinyin, but there are a few publications for adults which use Zhuyin.

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