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To create all the world’s Coke takes 79 billion gallons of water every year, added to a secret syrup of sugar (or high-fructose corn syrup), caffeine, coca leaf extract and flavourings. Pemberton’s inspiration was a popular concoction called Vin Mariani, created by Angelo Mariani, a chemist from Corsica in 1863.

Anti-drug campaigners attacked America’s growing dependence on caffeine, and called for a national ban on caffeinated beverages. Caffeine prices shot up due to shortages in World War I, and in 1918 Coca-Cola halved the quotient to today’s levels – a can contains about half the caffeine of a shot of espresso. After Prohibition in the early Thirties, when breweries were struggling to keep up with demand for beer, the first steel cans were developed. Her hands unconsciously moved and undid yet another button on her shirt, letting more of herself become on display for his pleasure. As he sipped the milkshake he saw the restaurant’s manager stop his server and make her button her shirt back up. A look of confusion played across her features and just as she was going to protest he sent another flash into her eyes, interrupting her thoughts. She flipped over to the news and began watching whatever depressing story was hot that day. Her eyes were rolled to the back of her head, her entire body spasming, saliva trickling down her cheek.
On the side of the bed was a tiny white stick, bite marks where the bright-green lollipop used to be. In 2012, more than 1.8 billion people in more than 200 countries drank a Coke every day — that’s about one can or bottle for every four human beings on the planet. And an estimated eight thousand billion gallons of water is used to make the bottles and cans each year. It consisted of Bordeaux red wine infused with a sizeable pinch of cocaine, which was legal in most countries in the 19th century, and was said to give a galvanic energy boost. He died in 1888, shortly after selling the formula for Coca-Cola and all his shares in the business to another Atlanta pharmacist, a workaholic Methodist named Asa Candler.
North Carolina businessman Caleb Bradham launched a copycat product in 1893, without the coca leaf extract. Their franchise outlets don’t sell ready-mixed Coke in bottles or cans — they purchase the syrup and dilute it with soda dispensers, just as it was first sold in the 1880s. Demand soared, and the company discovered huge savings in recycling costs: tins could be thrown away, but bottles had to be collected and returned to the depot, which meant paying for transport.

In fact, it was an artificial by-product from maize or sweetcorn, grown in the Midwest with U.S.
This caused a frown and when his waitress returned to collect the empty milkshake glass he demanded to speak to the manager. When we first got to the beach house, she was just like she has been all year - getting all on my case about dropping out of school, and being super boring about stuff, and complaining about how I dress, and saying nasty stuff about you. He promised he would make this the most enjoyable week of my life after all of my damn projects, and all he gives me is a little sucker? Her heart pounded as she felt her damp panties, her pussy practically leaking through the cotton. The first advertisements promised that it ‘Cures Morphine and Opium Habits and Desire for Intoxicants’. Pemberton’s version was alcohol-free, a soft soda drink made from sugar syrup spiced with citric acid, nutmeg, vanilla, Chinese cinnamon oil and the two ingredients which gave Coca-Cola its name – kola nut powder to deliver a caffeine kick, and coca leaf extract which contained trace quantities of cocaine. By 1925, it had doubled to ‘Six Million A Day’ — a mere third of a single percent of today’s demand. She wouldn’t admit it but I think she was having fun noticing guys noticing her in her bikini. I just know by then she’ll be up for that two-girl bimbo-sister blowjob you’ve been wanting! In her ass was a large vibrating dildo, one that I bought for her as a joke because I never thought it would fit.
But the most famous was never an official slogan — the pop song, I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke, was from a 1971 television ad.
I talked about your cock, and how good it feels inside me, and how sometimes I just like to blow you nice and slow, and stop and take it out and just stroke it and look at it for a while. The whole time I talked about it, she was just kinda staring, and her eyes got all vacant, and her mouth was open.

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