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Xuzhou Medical College, was founded in the year 1958, is an institution of high education under the direct administration of Jiangsu Provincial Government. Xuzhou Medical College started its five-year undergraduate program in 1958 and adult continuing education programs in 1960. Xuzhou Medical College offers 22 undergraduate programs, such as Clinical Medicine, Anesthesiology, Medical Imageology, Pharmacology, Stomatology, Nursing, Biomedical Engineering, Public Administration, etc., 2 first-level discipline doctoral programs, namely Clinical Medicine and Biology, and 5 first-level discipline master’s programs, namely Clinical Medicine, preclinical medicine, Biology, Pharmacology, public health and preventive medicine.
In recent years, the college has extensively carried out exchange activities and has actively developed multi-model relationships and cooperation with other colleges and universities at home and abroad. Xuzhou Medical College has established friendly relationships with dozens of colleges, universities and institutes from around the world through years of initiatives to promote international cooperation.
Xuzhou Medical College’s motto is “to practice medicine with morality, to study extensively and innovate actively.” Henceforth, the college will follow this spirit to go on committing itself to medical education and research and making great efforts to foster more professionals who will dedicate themselves to health services. Xuzhou, otherwise known as Pengcheng in ancient times, is a major city in and the fourth largest prefecture-level city of Jiangsu province, People’s Republic of China.
Another one of Xuzhou’s famous dishes is di guo style cooking which places ingredients with a spicy sauce in a deep black skillet and cooks little pieces of flatbread on the side or top. Xuzhou Guanyin Airport serves the area with scheduled passenger flights to major airports in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hong Kong and many other cities.
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After Prohibition in the early Thirties, when breweries were struggling to keep up with demand for beer, the first steel cans were developed. After more than fifty years of development, Xuzhou Medical College has now become the center of medical research, medical education, medical service and in the north of Jiangsu Province as well as Huaihai Economic Zone which consists of the combined parts of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhwei.

The college is also the authorization center of master’s degree in Clinical Medicine and was entitled to recommend fresh graduates to pursue for master’s degree without taking national examination. It consists of 19 departments and 14 affiliated hospitals, and has a student body of more than 11,000, including students from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the overseas.
It has established cooperation and academic exchange with medical colleges and universities in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Various forms of cooperative programs have been effectively carried out, including the faculty and students exchange programs, visiting scholar programs. Its population was 8,577,225 at the 2010 census whom 2,623,066 lived in the built-up (or metro) area made of Quanshan, Gulou, Yunlong and Tongshan districts. Xuzhou’s most well known foods include bazi rou (pork belly, and other items stewed in a thick broth), sha tang, and various dog meat dishes.
Common staples of di guo style cooking include: chicken, fish, lamb, pork rib and eggplant. This will ensure a fast, strong, and healthy bone fracture recovery in a shorter amount of time. In 2012, more than 1.8 billion people in more than 200 countries drank a Coke every day — that’s about one can or bottle for every four human beings on the planet. And an estimated eight thousand billion gallons of water is used to make the bottles and cans each year. It consisted of Bordeaux red wine infused with a sizeable pinch of cocaine, which was legal in most countries in the 19th century, and was said to give a galvanic energy boost. He died in 1888, shortly after selling the formula for Coca-Cola and all his shares in the business to another Atlanta pharmacist, a workaholic Methodist named Asa Candler. North Carolina businessman Caleb Bradham launched a copycat product in 1893, without the coca leaf extract. Their franchise outlets don’t sell ready-mixed Coke in bottles or cans — they purchase the syrup and dilute it with soda dispensers, just as it was first sold in the 1880s. Demand soared, and the company discovered huge savings in recycling costs: tins could be thrown away, but bottles had to be collected and returned to the depot, which meant paying for transport. In fact, it was an artificial by-product from maize or sweetcorn, grown in the Midwest with U.S. In 1993, the college began its joint PhD training programs with many famous medical universities in the nation.

The college has now formed a comprehensive and multi-level educational system that covers a full range of programs from bachelor’s to master’s, from doctoral to post-doctoral study, from full-time to continuing education, not only for students from China mainland, but also for students from abroad and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well. In 2013, the college was authorized by the Ministry of Education to recruit students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It is known for its role as a transportation hub in northwestern Jiangsu, as it has expressways and railway links connecting directly to the provinces of Henan and Shandong, the neighboring port city of Lianyungang, as well as the economic hub Shanghai.
The striking architecture and lakeside location have helped the theater gain landmark status locally.
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The first advertisements promised that it ‘Cures Morphine and Opium Habits and Desire for Intoxicants’. Pemberton’s version was alcohol-free, a soft soda drink made from sugar syrup spiced with citric acid, nutmeg, vanilla, Chinese cinnamon oil and the two ingredients which gave Coca-Cola its name – kola nut powder to deliver a caffeine kick, and coca leaf extract which contained trace quantities of cocaine. By 1925, it had doubled to ‘Six Million A Day’ — a mere third of a single percent of today’s demand. It became the first medical college in Huaihai Economic Zone to recruit undergraduates from those areas. There is also a hub of express railway in the eastern suburb of Xuzhou, which will be the hub of Jinghu Express Railway and Xulan Express Railway. But the most famous was never an official slogan — the pop song, I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke, was from a 1971 television ad. All the international graduates of the first batch have passed the examination of medical practitioners.
In 2005, the college was marked as “Excellence” in the assessment of teaching level for undergraduates, which is supervised by the Ministry of Education..

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