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People swear by the process of online dating because it serves as the middle man, and essentially does the work for you.
AgeAge tops the list as the most common personal detail that online daters lie about, and this goes for both women and men. When creating their online dating profiles, women will often shave off a couple years in order to seem younger. The only problem is that once you meet someone in person, it will be pretty obvious that you lied about your body type. So, the best way to start out on the right (honest) foot is to just tell the truth about your appearance rather than trying to make yourself into something you're not!4.

ProfessionIn this day and age, lots of women have high-powered, high-paying jobs, and it's not uncommon for a woman to bring in more money than her male sweetie. The only problem is that these details are false, and lying is the complete opposite of attractive.5. So, many women who have been married before choose to omit this information when they create their online dating profiles.
This is never a good idea, because as with all the other items on this list, the truth is going to come out.
You may be able to keep the lie going for a short time, but nothing can stay covered up forever, and if your sweetie finds out that you lied about something this big, it's likely that their trust in you will be shattered for good.Are there any other details YOU think female online daters lie about?

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