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The first kind of tea recommended by practictioners of traditional Chinese medicine is black tea -- known in Chinese as "red tea." Since the "red tea" is moderate and rich in protein and sugar, it is believed to be good for resisting frost.
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How would you answer the inevitable questions your son or daughter would ask?  Would you be able to justify some of the extreme behavior of the movie parents portrayed in this or similar movies? For that matter, what is the last movie you saw in which a dad character, such as George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” was portrayed in a heroic and loving manner rather than the boob-dads we more often see in contemporary film and television?  The only somewhat recent movie that comes to this dad’s mind is “Mrs.
It’s sort of ironic that it is open season on making caricatures of dads while most maternal characters still possess some degree of competency and parenting know-how!  I don’t know which film started the trend of misfit dads, but I do remember “Three Men and a Baby” as an early example.  “Kramer Vs.
But, they dare not touch the moms as that would just be too un-PC in these confused times of gender roles and models.  Moms are invariably portrayed now, and in the past, with loving care though “Bridesmaids” may be an example in which a mom was at least a bit blemished, given the quirky mom portrayed by Jill Clayburgh. Just the title of “Meet the Fockers” reveals a choice to shock and titillate that, frankly, I find obnoxious and not the least bit clever.  Judd Apatow has made a full career out of going for the best gross-outs he can create, with “The Forty-Year Old Virgin” ushering in yet another round of breaking-the-limits in movies and another round of trying to explain these things to my at-the-time 10 and 13-year-old boys. As a dad, and parenting writer, I do tend to moralize, judge, and wonder about the effects popular culture has on our families and lives.  I don’t think kids have the positive role models I had growing up in either real life or film and television. Looking at what I’ve written in this article, I do feel I’m sounding like a priggish prude.  But, parenting today means often becoming the proverbial “helicopter parent,” not just due to the over-controlling nature of boomer parents but due to the harsh reality that our kids face more assaults on their innocence than our parents faced when we were growing up. This entry was posted in Families & Generations and tagged aDadsPOV, Bruce Sallan, Dad Blog, family films, family movies, kid movies, movie parents by Bruce Sallan.
I hate to admit it after all the discrimination against women and moms, but you got it right.  Dads get the short end these days and rarely get credit for when they do do a good job! Having grown up in the era of the Cosby Show and The Wonder Years, I can attest to the sea change of content now being passed off as family entertainment.

Bruce’s BookBruce's first book takes the best of his A Dad's Point-of-View columns and other writings, plus brand new material, and puts it all together.
Traditional Chinese medicine observes winter weather is very cold, many things on earth are in hibernation, and the physiological function of people's bodies often declines. To make the most of red tea's enjoyment and health benfits, Chinese people start with boilng water and always use a cup cover. Some people may be unfamiliar with the term "black tea," of which Pu'er Tea is the most famous.
However, Chinese use a number of different rules of thumb when it comes to drinking teas like the black and red described above. She can’t “hold it” any longer and sits down, in the middle of the street, and craps her pants. Yep.  Was it the worst the movie had to offer in the way of graphic language, sexual situations, and bathroom humor? Would you explain all about sexual positions, define every four-letter word used in this movie, and carefully describe what the “mile-high club” and numerous other double entendre used in this movie are to your pre-teens? Doubtfire.” I’m sure there are other examples, though no one would dispute that the vast majority of contemporary film and television tends to portray the dads in the Homer Simpson mold.
Kramer” was a movie in which the dad was actually shown as a victim and good guy.  When is the last time you saw anything like that in a movie?
Therefore, traditional Chinese medicin contends the way to keep in good health is keeping out the cold and keeping warm. It is not unusual for people in China to drink red tea with milk and sugar -- similar to English tea-drinking habits -- while in some parts of China, people drink red tea with sesame as well as milk and sugar.

Moreover, Oolong Tea can also be regarded as a kind of "black tea," although some tea experts may consider it to be separate.
It is reasoned that since the two teas spend lots of time on the shelf, one should quickly wash the leaves before drinking. Besides wearing thick winter clothes and eating proper foods, drinking tea is considered a great way to stay in good health during the cold winter months. Traditional Chinese thought reasons that "black tea" is suitable to drink during the cold winter because it rids the body fatness included in all kinds of meat people like to eat in the winter. It is also generally accepted that the teas are best consumed before 4pm every one or two hours. What's more, black tea is known to have less caffeine than green tea, which means that even if you drink it at night, there is no need to worry about losing sleep. Lastly, Chinese will tell you not to drink tea immediately after a meal on account that it supposedly interferes with digestion -- therefore one is encouraged to enjoy a hot cup of tea at least one hour after eating.
Is our kids’ innocence being taken away from them ever sooner with contemporary movies?  At least, those not released by Disney or Pixar?
Would you as a dad or mom really want to sit with your 11-year-old son or daughter during this movie’s opening sequence in which the lead character was humping a guy in every conceivable position and with every conceivable vocal utterance associated with sex? 4-10th World Food Day - 16th October National Heroes Day - 21st Oct.

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