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The Chinese New Year traditions are many and serve as strong links to China’s history and culture.
The Chinese Festival of Lanterns, or the Lantern Festival, is held on the last night of the China New Year period.
The Eve of the Chinese New Year is one of the most strictly observed periods of the grand holiday season.
Shou Sui means after the New Year's Eve dinner, family member will normally stay awake during the night. Red packet is a red envelope with money in it, range from one to a few thousand Chinese Yuan.
At the New Years days, a temporarily market will be setup mainly selling New Year goods, such as clothing, fireworks, decoration, foods, small arts, etc. Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016, New Year Images, New Year Wishes, Quotes, Messages, HD Wallpapers, Greetings, Pictures, Sayings And Much More. Take the Chinese Dragon Dance, for example, which dates back to the Han Dynasty (180-230 AD) and has long been performed during major Chinese celebrations. This means that it also takes place on the night of the first full moon of the lunar New Year. Kicking it off is a late night feast where family members gather and dine on traditional foods. In China, it is also known as the Spring Festival, the literal translation of the modern Chinese name. Normally this is the family reunion dinner, especially for those with family member away from home. Usually the red racket is given by adults, especially married couple, and elderly to young children in the New Year days. It is said that this is the day the food god will leave the family to go to the heaven to report the activity of family to the Emperor of the heaven. Knowing more about this and other associated traditions and Chinese New Year symbols can go a long way when it comes to understanding China and its people. There are many different stories relating to the origins of these Chinese New Year traditions, though one thing is for sure – that is the use of illuminated lanterns. These envelopes are given to children by their family and friends, and the money is often used by youngsters to purchase candy and other treats.

Among the things that it symbolizes are strength, supernatural forces, goodness, and good fortune. Dishes of meat and fish are among the main features, with pork and chicken figuring among the meats of preference. Some people also believe that the one who will launch the fireworks earlier will become happier.
Chinese New Year celebrations traditionally run from Chinese New Year's Eve, the last day of the last month of the Chinese calendar, to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month, making the festival the longest in the Chinese calendar.
It is believed that the person who launched the first Fireworks in the Chinese New Year 2016 will get good luck.
It was believed that the money in the red packet will suppress the evil from the children, keep the children healthy, and long living.
People will have some religious ceremony to farewell the food god, including take down and burn the paint of the food god.
The most popular New Year decorations are upside down fu, dui lian, lantern, year paint, paper cutting, door god, etc..
It can also prepare you for any festivities that you might have the privilege of taking part in. At the night of New Year's Eve, the "Year" will come out to harm people, animals, and proprieties. Often depicted wearing a dragon robe and sitting on a tiger, Tsai Shen Yeh helps to bring great prosperity during good times and serves as a protector from poverty when times are bad.
They can also display riddles or depict many other things, such as the animals of the Chinese Zodiac or scenes from stories that relate to traditional Chinese values. This same color also helps to ward off the mythological beast Nian, so it is used for many different Chinese New Year symbols and decorations. Noodles, clams, and spring rolls are other traditional Chinese foods that often make it to the New Year table. Traditionally, the festival was a time to honor deities as well as ancestors.Chinese New Year is celebrated in countries and territories with significant Chinese populations. In old days when bath is not often, people will normally take a throughout bath to welcome the Chinese New Year 2016. Lending depth to the Chinese Festival of Lanterns is the aesthetic pleasure that the illuminated lanterns bring.

Either way, it has established itself as an icon of Chinese culture and is widely exhibited through costumes and dress, especially during Chinese New Year celebrations and other festive occasions. Therefore, at the Chinese New Year's Eve 2016 night, people will launch fireworks, put on some fires, and stay awakes the whole night to fend of the "Year". Kuan Kung ensures peace and harmony for all residents of the home, and Maitreya, or the Laughing Buddha, takes people’s troubles and problems away, replacing them with abundant happiness. It is interesting to note that similar festivals are celebrated in other Asian countries, with examples of such countries including Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. The Chinese New Year Dragon Dance is a great example of the high reverence that the Chinese have for the Dragon. One of the more interesting things about the kinds of food that are consumed during the Chinese New Year is the way that their applicable names sound. Several other Chinese deities can also bring good fortune and happiness, and while many come in the form of a male god, there is at least one female goddess to consider. You will see this dragon in Chinese New Year parades not only in Asia, but in Chinatowns across the world, from San Francisco to New York City. The Cantonese word for lettuce, for example, sounds like the word for rising fortune, and "Yu," which is the word for fish, sounds similar to the words for wish and abundance. Known as Xi Wang Mu (Queen of the West), she symbolizes all life aspirations and encourages harmonious relationships.
No discussion about traditional Chinese New Year foods would be complete without mentioning dessert. The Chinese favorite dishes like sweetmeats, groundnuts and many others are easily available. The sweetness symbolizes a rich, sweet life, while the layers reflect the hope that the coming year will rise in abundance.

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