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They say a twinkle in the eye is a sign of a lively personality and that the eyes are the windows to the soul.
Iridologists look at the patterns, colours and other characteristics of the iris (the coloured part of the eye) to determine information about a patient's health.
Rather than a treatment, iridology is a way of detecting signs of developing illness or disease.
Your iridologist will look into your eyes using a small flashlight and magnifying glass, and may also take a photograph of your eyes.
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Bangalow's Naturopath Sue Daly has many years experience in natural holistic approaches to healing. There is a dizzying array of massage therapies out there and it can be hard to know which type to choose and which is going to be of benefit to you. All massage will promote circulation and blood flow through the body and bring about physical and psychological healing by manipulating the body’s connective and soft tissues. For relaxation, try Swedish, connective tissue, deep tissue, hot stone, pregnancy massage, or the forms of Hawaiian or Thai massage. For emotional healing and release, try Hawaiian, lomi lomi or kahuna massage - these can help connect mind, body and spirit.
As you can see there is some cross over, with no one style of massage having a monopoly on what it will be good for.
All in all, getting any form of massage is a fantastic way of acknowledging and honouring your body, and you are sure to benefit from whatever type you choose. Massage therapists are used to easing out the aches, pains, tensions and stiffness from their clients’ bodies. Rather than solely using your arms, shoulder, hands, fingers and thumbs, try leaning into the client and using our own body weight. While the hands may be your primary tool, don’t forget about your elbows and forearms.

The work is physically, emotionally and mentally demanding, and so a good form of relaxation is essential. Don’t forget to take breaks, and give your legs a break too as you are on them all day.
An iridologist would frame these sayings in a slightly different way, perhaps saying that the eyes tell a narrative of your past and future health.
They will note markings and colours of the iris and compare these to charts which divide the iris into zones that correspond to specific organs in the body. An iridologist will let you know about your overall health as well as whether you are moving towards illness. This allows you to take action early and make lifestyle changes to ensure you stay healthy. You could be in need of a little bit of relaxation and pampering; alternatively, you could have a tight neck, shoulder or back and need the muscles released. Deep tissue massage can also access deeply held tensions and emotional issues that are stored in the body. Sports massage can in fact be quite vigorous and can be used to speed up recovery time after an injury. But with all that kneading, pressure and stroking, it’s often the massage therapists themselves who need treatment.
Add to that standing for most of the day, putting yourself into slightly awkward positions, and your own general health and previous injuries can all add up to the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Keep the joints stacked, which will help reduce wear-and-tear on the joints in the hands and arms. Many therapists are cautious about using the elbows as they are not as sensitive as fingertips, and can be quite painful for the client, but there are techniques you can learn to safely and effectively use both the elbows and forearms along with your body weight.
You could try yoga or qi gong which not only stretch out the body and calm the mind but also help you learn how to tune into your own body, so that you can conserve energy and learn when you are overdoing it – before actually overdoing it. Stretch out the lower back by using some of the techniques you learnt in the yoga class, or simply sit in a chair and bend forward between your knees.

Your iridologist will most likely not diagnose a specific disease, rather will let you know about any risk factors, allowing you to look at the health of your body with a clear eye. Some massage therapies even provide emotional release so you may need to consider if this is what you are after.
These can include stroking and gliding movements, kneading, and percussive or tapping motions.
Sometimes simply the placing of hands on a person’s body will have a deeply nurturing and healing effect.
All these massage therapies will increase circulation, relieve tension, ease muscle imbalances and promote flexibility.
Pregnant women will have specific tensions and pains caused by carrying extra weight and the shift in the centre of gravity.
Make sure you regularly stretch out the wrists which can help reduce the risk of carpel tunnel syndrome.
It’s wise to learn these techniques as they can be very effective and could also save your body from wear and tear. A regular massage (not every once in while) is vital to maintaining your health as a massage therapist and you can’t afford to leave them out of your weekly schedule. The therapist may also ask you to coordinate your breath with some of the strokes to encourage the release of tensions, physical or emotional.
Alternatively you could ask for these types of massages to have to opposite effect – to invigorate and revitalise. Massage techniques may activate and regulate qi and blood as well as to promote relaxation. The woman will need to lie on her side, or on a table specifically designed for pregnant women so they can lie on their belly.

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