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Kimchi is astonishingly easy to make, and you can vary the ingredients to suit both your own personal tastes and the vegetables that happen to be in season or available at the time.
Put the garlic, chillies and ginger into a blender, with a little water and blend until smooth. Place the kimchi in a crockpot, jar or other suitable container – preferably glass or ceramic.
If you feel like a little bit to change the flavor of chicken and always the same method of preparation, it’s time to try this simple recipe chicken Chinese style. Traditional Chinese Medicine, commonly referred to by its acronym TCM, is a two thousand year old system of medicine that utilizes herbs, acupuncture and diet to correct imbalances in the body. First you need to identify the Chinese diagnosis of your eczema as the treatment is individualized to both the presentation of the eczema and the constitution of the person. Follow the instruction below to discover your TCM eczema diagnosis and select the appropriate acupuncture points, herbs and foods for natural healing. The answers, in combination with the appearance of the patient’s tongue and the type of wrist pulse are used to determine a diagnosis and then the subsequent treatments.
Jot down your answers to the following questions to help yourself identify your TCM diagnosis.
Are you a person who is generally warm or do you have a tendency to feel cooler than most people in the same environment?
For ladies, this question asks about the appearance of the menstrual period as well as the flow. In TCM, hearing tells the practitioner much about the ears but also refers to kidney health as the kidney opens to the ears according to Chinese medicine principals. Using the answers from the previous questions will help you discover which Chinese diagnosis most fits your eczema and lead to the proper selection of foods, herbal medicines and acupuncture points to treat your condition. It’s important to note that a person can have a combination of more than one Chinese diagnosis at a time.
If a person has signs of both wind and heat then they should look for an herbal formula and acupuncture points that address both of those conditions. Contains the following herbs: sophora , gypsum, rehmannia, articum lappa, sesame, angelica and licorice root. Herbs in this formula include dioscorea, phellodendron, plantago, paeonia and gardenia fruit. Herbs commonly in Jia Wei Xiao Yao San are paeonia, poria, atractylodes, gardenia, bupleurum, ginger, mint and licorice. None of these formulas should be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers without the advice of an acupuncturist or physician trained in traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is a medical treatment that involves penetrating specific points on the skin with very thin needles.
The points correspond with different organs of the body as well as different body functions. Depending on how the needles are inserted, the acupuncturist is working to either tonify (build up) or release energy to improve health and treat diseases.
If you do not have access to an acupuncturist then an alternative is to stimulate those points by either rubbing, applying pressure or by using acupressure beads that stick to the points. All of these points are bilateral, meaning that they are found on the same place on both the right and left side of the body.
Location: Located on the little finger, just below the nail, in the cuticle on the side closest to your ring finger. Look for the section of skin which transitions from whiter (or darker depending on ethnicity) skin to pinker skin as Spleen 2 is located on this transition point. An essential point for women’s health and digestion, Spleen 6 is also a major acupuncture point for skin conditions. Also abbreviated as UB 54, urinary bladder 54 is a point that helps with lower back pain, urinary problems, hemorrhoids and constipation.
Location: UB 54 is located in the lower part of your sacrum, which is the boney structure connecting your spine to your hips.
UB 54 is on the hiatus of the sacrum, therefore, it’s located in the last indentation (the lowest, closest to your tailbone). This point is used to regulate the blood and is used in menstrual difficulties in addition to eczema. Liver 11 is often stimulated in eczema conditions aggravated by hormonal fluctuations such as puberty, pregnancy, the menstrual cycle or menopause. It is also useful for eczema secondary to a sluggish liver function and environmental toxicity.
Liver 11 is two thumb widths below the pubic tubercle, on the edge of a muscle called the abductor longus. Location: Find your belly button and then go four thumb widths down towards your feet and ? of a thumb width to the right and left.

Location: LI 4 is found on the hand in the fleshy mound of tissue between the thumb and pointer finger when you are holding the thumb firmly against the hand.
It is used with many skin conditions but is particularly good at clearing up eczema with any signs of damp heat.
This point is also used to clear redness, help reduce hypertension and improve symptoms of arthritis in the upper body.
Location: Flex your elbow with your palm pointed upward and LI11 is located at the very outer edge of the crease (lateral). The ebook Eczema Free is a great resource to find additional natural strategies to eradicate eczema.
Having your own little herb garden in your backyard or indoors is an excellent idea and one that will bear numerous gains for you over many years to come.
Remember that you must set up the soil of your intended herb seed planting region in order to ensure that the seeds are getting all the necessary factors for growing into a full-fledged herb plant.
This point goes without needing to mention, but you will have to water your plants and herbs regularly in order to ensure that the herb seeds end up flourishing as full-fledged herbs. Like any other form of gardening, you will need to fertilize the herb seeds during their infant stage and later during their full bloom state in order to derive the best results from them.
Remember that you will need to keep your herb planting area clean and free from external debris in order to ensure that the herbs are growing freely and without interruption.
Fenugreek seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals which provide vital nourishment to the hair follicle and the hair shaft and enable them to produce stronger hair strands. Make your own shampoo and conditioner by mixing homemade yogurt and gram flour to form a thick paste. The exposed tissues and nerve endings become inflamed and as the bacteria further corrode the tissues, an abscess is formed which presently fills with pus and causes endless pain. This salt is full of valuable minerals and has potent antiseptic properties which destroy the infection quickly and efficiently and bring relief in the unbearable pain.
Alum is a great cleansing agent and has powerful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. This workshop will guide you through steps in how to recognize and avoid products containing gluten and learn the best substitutions for them.
Most commonly it will include Chinese cabbage, radish and onions, together with lavish amounts of garlic, ginger and chilli. Press the kimchi down with a plate, weighting it if necessary, and you’ll see more brine appear. Continue to fry in oil for 3-4 minutes, or until chicken is fully cooked (baked) in a sauce.
TCM methods take into consideration not only the appearance of the rash but also the constitution and overall health of the person. XIAO FENG WAN – eczema sufferers with signs of wind and damp would benefit from this formula.
JIA WEI XIAO YAO SAN – the herbs in this formula are indicated for those with qi stagnation and heat signs. Lung 4 is located 5 thumbwidths (use your own thumb for best accuracy) above the crease your arm makes when your elbow is flexed. It is directly 3 thumb widths above the medial malleolus, which is the boney bump of your inner ankle. Trace along your pubic bone and find the point where it bulges up a little (called the pubic tubercle). Fresh young coconut, including the firm meat and shell: Brings moistures, improves dry eczema.
While having your herb garden can be a noble idea you will need to remember that you need to take good care of the herbs and ensure that the herb seeds actually end up growing into full-fledged herbs. Remember that your intended region for planting the herbs needs must be free of any weed or other similar shrubs as they will hinder the growth of the herb seeds into herb plants.
You will need to keep in mind when you have planted the herb seeds and when these herbs are in their infant stage, you will be better off watering them too little rather than watering them too much.
While many herb experts will suggest you to resort to chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other forms of manure, it is better if you stick to natural fertilizers and pesticides for this purpose.
This ubiquitous problem has its roots in stress, unhealthy lifestyle and chemicals found in shampoos and other hair products.
These seeds are also rich in antioxidants, antifungal and antibacterial properties which disallow infections and keep the scalp free from dandruff. It is rich in vitamin C and other powerful nutrients which stimulate growth and enrich the tone and texture of the hair.
Apply the paste to your hair and scalp and with the help of your fingertips massage it into the roots of the hair.
The tooth becomes sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks and there is pain while chewing.

She will give you a good understanding and the strategies needed to eliminate gluten from your diet due to medical or lifestyle reasons. Mix up some brine – about 4 tablespoons of sea salt to each litre of water and add enough brine to the bowl to just cover the vegetables. Add the spice mix into the vegetables and mix thoroughly so it’s distributed evenly throughout. Kidney 12 is used to treat eczema but it’s also recommended for impotence and uterine prolapse. This way you will not only ensure productivity and gains, you will also be having guaranteed satisfaction from being able to start and maintain an herb garden. In case you end up watering them too much at one go, you run the risk of clogging their root pores which they use for breathing. You can easily make natural manure, pesticide and fertilizers from various bio degradable entities. You will not only be promoting natural growth of the herb plants via this measure, you will also be able to ensure that the herbs are free from pesticides and other parasites which might hinder their flourishment. They can also arise from various other reasons such as lack of proper nutrition, anemia, long term illness, clogged pores in the scalp and vitamin B6 and folic acid deficiency. The bacteria gain an entry inside the tooth through chipped enamel or any opening caused by injury to the tooth. It also drives away the pain within moments of application and reduces the swelling in the gums. If you like you can add some fish sauce into the mix at this point, perhaps ? cup or more, as you prefer. Here is a guide to take you through the stages of maintaining and caring for an herb garden in a proper fashion. It is suggested that you water your herb seeds in small quantities and in regular intervals. While these 4 pointers happen to be the most important aspects that you must keep in mind win order to ensure healthy growth of the herb plants, you mustn’t ignore the aspects of planting and basic tree care in order to ensure that your herb seeds and herbs are receiving the best available care and nutrition.
Using your own homemade hair masks and shampoos can arrest hair fall, improve the quality, volume and luster of your hair and keep your scalp free from dandruff and other skin conditions.
In the morning, grind the seeds along with the water in which they have been soaked to a fine paste.
Its potent antioxidants prevent dandruff and other infections of the scalp and keep the roots of the hair strong. The short-chain fatty acids found in yogurt easily penetrate the skin and nourish the cells and tissues and strengthen the roots of the hair.
Apply the milk on your scalp and keep rubbing it for several minutes to allow the scalp to absorb as much as possible.
In order to prevent irreversible damage to the bones and tissues, the abscess should not be neglected and should be attended to immediately. You will be saving on some money as the chemical fertilizers are extremely expensive in nature. The bacteria begin eroding the gums and expose the root of the tooth and the supporting bones. Alum and mustard oil will both draw out the infection, clear the pus and heal the damaged tissues and nerves. Secondly, you will be doing your bit in order to prevent the natural decay of various entities and prevent in spreading of soil pollution. Massage the scalp for five minutes and keep the paste for half an hour after which rinse off with warm water. In the morning, mix fuller’s earth with the soaked Indian gooseberry to form a thick paste. Gram flour scours the dirt and dead skin cells from the pores and also gets rid of dandruff.
Lastly, it has been scientifically proven that natural fertilizers, pesticides and manures are better capable of handling the nutrient needs of the herbs and their seeds than the chemical ones. Massage this paste all over the scalp and keep for half an hour then wash it off with warm water. Its various nutrients like proteins, minerals and essential fats will nourish the hair follicle and prevent brittle hair. This way you can rest assured that your herb seeds will be blooming into full-fledged her plants in no time and bear amazing fruit!
Regular use of coconut milk will give you a head full of glimmering, lustrous and glossy hair.

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