Chinese national costume culture

A model shows a Han Chinese costum during a show of Han Chinese clothing, the national costume of Han people in China, in Fuzhou, southeast China's Fujian Province, Jan. Before photographer Ami Vitale ventured up to the Wolong Nature Reserve in China, local panda caretakers warned her not to get her hopes up.
But Vitale persevered with a lot of patience a€” and by wearing a crude panda costume spritzedA in panda urine.
Here's how Vitale, working for threeA years on the project, captured some of the wildestA panda photos we've ever seen.

The Traditional Heian Japanese clothing's worn then were kimonos, which consisted if many layers, and different materials like silks, etc, and many colours were used for their clothing considering the fact that they were very creative and loving for the different colours they could put into their cloths. She went home that day with a shot that ended up as a full page spread published in the August issue of National Geographic magazine. Up until the 20th century, peopleA spotted them so infrequently that Chinese artists almost never incorporated them into their artwork.
Even in the fenced-in Wolong Nature Reserve the bears rarely showed themselves to human beings.

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