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The Kidney Meridian begins under each big toe near the ball of the foot and goes up the legs to the kidneys where it splits into two branches. Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, massage and gentle exercise are all considered vital elements to leading a balanced and healthy life. Traditional Chinese Medicineworks with nature to restore the body’s organs to optimal function.
Diagnosis is likened to an artform using the patient’s tongue and pulse to ascertain which parts of the body are in excessive or deficient states. This holistic approach includes physical as well as mental and emotional injuries and relies on harmonising all of your body. The effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in many chronic conditions is increasingly recognised worldwide, especially when it comes to diseases where few effective treatments have emerged from modern pharmaceutical research.

Chronic Diseases are diseases that can effect patients for a long time and often cannot be cured, only controlled. It invades a particular organ, but also breaks down your immune system causing cancer cells to spread through your body. Many beneficial chemical compounds have been recently identified in Chinese Herbs which suppress cancer cell growth. Today a great variety of formulas are available for the effective treatment of different types of cancer. They can be of benefit at all stages of the disease and positively effect all types of cancer. Chinese Herbs can boost patients healing properties and improve the well-being of patients who suffer from different cancers at every stage.

Even after operations and during chemo- and radiotherapy, the results of our treatments will make a big difference to your life. He has years of experience in treating cancer of the lung, liver, lymphatic system, skin and bone with his special formulae. Here are a few tongue characteristics that you can look for and a some food tips to incorporate into your regular eating based on what you see.

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