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Long before the invention of the telescope, our ancestors observed the nightly motions of the Two Lights and Five Wanderers: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Our days of the week are named after these seven "Gods" of the ancients: Monday for the Moon, Sunday for the Sun, Friday for Freya (Venus), etc.
The ancient Pythagoreans denoted the five elements via the symbols H Y G E A - from which we get our English word hygiene. Only a passing distinction is made, in these traditional systems, between body and mind, Inner and Outer. If we limit ourselves to the five planets (and not the Sun and Moon) the middle chakra is the third one: Mars, the "Fire Star" in Chinese.
From Agni, we get our English words "ignition" and "igneous" - and the names Ignatius, Ignacio, etc. When too much Fire appears in the chart, the native can suffer from fevers, inflammation, accidents and problems relating to the blood and liver.
Once upon a Yogi time, a sage named Durvasa gave a flower garland to Indra, the king of the Devas ("the shining ones", angels). According to the story, a€?fourteen precious thingsa€? came out of the ocean, culminating with Dhanvantari, the physician of the gods. Lord Vishnu again came to the rescue, taking the form of a beautiful damsel named Mohini ("the entrancing one"). While Vishnu was handing out the potion to the assembled Gods, a demon named Rahu sat down between the Sun and the Moon.
According to the tale, the Nodes extract periodic revenge on the Sun and Moon, because it is near the Nodes where eclipses occur.
This story appears in three different Indian texts and shows the integration of Yoga and Astrology.
Just as churning brought up all kinds of impurities and noxious substances, the journey of the soul is not without trials and troubles. From a psychological perspective, we move up the ladder of evolution as our subconscious emotional imbalances are brought out into the light of day, where they can be discerned, understood and corrected.
Lord Shiva the Transformer, represents that aspect of consciousness which is able to drink the "poisons" - the imbalanced forces within - and purify them, making them symbolically blue. Lord Vishnu the Sustainer represents balanced Consciousness, which promotes the process of Self Realization.
The Churning of the Ocean is an allegorical symbol of Yoga, a process by which we harmonize the forces within, to restore our own wellness and discover our own divinity.

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The Greeks postulated a universe of Five Elements or essences: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Kosmos, the Fifth Essence, or "Quintessence". Fire is the energy which drives the transformation of Earth, Water and Air into one another - much as the process of digestion transforms the materials within the body.
The Pentagram was considered sacred to their Goddess Hygeia, patroness of health, cleanliness and sanitation. As in the Greek and Indian systems, these phases or elements correspond to the heavenly bodies. Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of healing, is nothing more than the Pancha Maha Tattwas (Five Great Elements) applied to Medicine. They are arranged in the same order as they appear in the Solar System: Mercury in the throat, Venus at the Heart, Mars in the abdomen. Fire is the principle which transforms the other elements into one another: solids, liquids and gases. In the body, Fire is the digestive process, which takes the products of nutrition to the mind and organs.
The personality can be overly enthusiastic, aggressive and impatient and one can have problems with anger management. Vishnu told them that the only way to regain their lost glory was to drink the Nectar of Immortality, which was hidden at the bottom of the Ocean of Milk.
The Sudarshan Chakra is a horoscope technique where we use 3 charts at the same time: from the perspective of the Ascendant, the Moon and the Sun. Life consists of alternating pleasant and unpleasant events, day and night, winter and summer.
The Asuras and Devas represent the malefic and benefic planets, which circle the astrological chart, symbolized by the great central mountain.
From a religious perspective, the story suggests that Divine Grace comes to the rescue at critical times, swallowing the "poisons" which emerge along the way.
By directing the Devas and Asuras to work together, he reveals that the path of balance leads to the discovery of our immortality - which has been there all along.
The Five Elements relate not only to the world outside our skin (the Solar System), but to design principles at work inside our bodies and even within our psyche - the Solar System Within. The Chinese names for the planets are, to this day, Earth Star (Saturn), Wood Star (Jupiter), Fire Star (Mars) and so on.

The manifest world is experienced when the pranas move predominantly through Pingala Nadi, the Solar Channel which moves towards the right. After declaring a truce with their foes the Asuras ("the powerful ones"), Indra and his Devas - together with the Asuras - churned the Ocean of Milk, using the giant serpent Vasuki as a churning rope and Mount Mandara as the churning staff. The churning continued and various objects were thrown out including the deadly poison Halahala, whose fumes threatened to destroy the Devas and the Asuras. The Asuras immediately rushed in and grabbed the nectar, while quarreling among themselves. Though the Asuras realized Vishnua€™s tricks, it was too late, as the Devas had already regained their immortality. Vishnu, alert to the ruse, severed Rahu's head with his divine discus called Sudarshan ("the best view").
Hence the name "best view", which suggests that under such scrutiny, the horoscope can best be judged. These cycles of duality recur until the individual soul learns to rise above them and identify with an awareness which transcends the dvandvas, the pairs of opposites. The continual intermingling of astrological forces is the churning, which brings the experiences of life that ripen the soul. Adding the Two Lights - the Sun in the forehead and Moon at the rear of the head - the ancients had a complete visible Solar System. In the mind, Fire manifests as Tejas ("luster") - our ability to grasp and digest concepts and experience.
The nectar of immortality is the enlightened state of the mystic, who realizes the Self, which was never born and never dies.
The demons and angels who tug on them, represent the masculine and feminine forces within us all.
Fire promotes vitality and governs the world of athletics, ambition and worldly success - which are the traditional concerns of Men.

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