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Some useful words and sentences people usually to use in their trip, that can be pronounced by the phonetic English.
Chinese medicine practitioners like to utilize all the tools we possibly can in helping us to diagnose your health conditions, even your face!
Each section of the skin on your face represents a different organ, and can give clues as to what may be out of balance. I have put together this face map image so you can get a visual idea of where each organ is represented, and what it means for your health.
If you have dark circles under your eyes, it could indicate inhalant allergies such as allergies to pollen, dust, grasses etc.  You might notice a correlation between these dark circles and when you get strong hayfever symptoms.
HEART – The tip of your nose, which is represented by your Heart, may be prone to redness and broken capillaries.  If you see this on your own face, make sure you check in with your doctor and do a general health check that includes your blood pressure and cholesterol.
Let me know in the comments section below if you have noticed any issues on your face that relate to these organ patterns. The human Nervous System is an amazing network of organs, nerve cells (neurons) and and neurotransmitters, connecting the brain and spinal cord to the entire body.

It runs on electricity, sending and receiving signals at lightning speed to keep every part of the body functioning effectively.
The nervous truly helps regulate everything happening in your body, whether it’s occurring consciously or unconsciously.
Neurotransmitters control or regulate all kinds of things, including depression, addictions, mood, appetite, sleep, certain diseases of the brain and nervous system, and ADHD. As you can see, the vast network of the human nervous system affects or controls EVERYTHING in the body.
Many health issues are the result of an-nourished Nervous System, in my practice I have encounter even teens with suicide tendencies that have been help. It increases mental activity, heart rate and blood pressure, dilates the bronchials, slows or halts digestion, stimulates the release of stress hormones, makes goose bumps on the skin and more.
It relaxes mental activity, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, increases the flow of blood to the extremities, constricts bronchials and stimulates digestion. At the end of the cell, this electricity triggers the nerve to squirt neurotransmitters (specialized chemicals) into the gap between this cell and the next one.

It pays to take great care of your nervous system with a healthful diet, the right supplements and plenty of rest. Take our FREE Health Assessment  to learn which of your body systems needs the most attention. When we’re excited, stressed or scared, the sympathetic nervous system gears us up for action (fight or flight) but shuts down digestion and elimination. As we relax and unwind, the parasympathetic nervous system moves blood to the digestive organs, relaxes muscles and allows elimination. These chemicals fill the space and either stimulate the next cell or prevent it from firing another electrical impulse, depending on what is needed.

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