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Very interesting are Chinese antiquesA mostly quality items to be found in the Chinatown shops. Asking yourself where to shop in Penang,A the answer is easy, Penang shopping malls are plenty and little India and part of Chinatown is real exotic, relative to the size of Penang Island, shopping streets are virtually everywhere. Countless stallsA selling all kind of copy items such as Penang copy watches, handbags, sport shoes and dozens of other discount store items plus handicraft from Malaysia and Thailand.
As everywhere with this cheapA copy stuff if you are lucky the goods you purchase are ok and work for a while, if you are not so lucky the are broken tomorrow but this also can happen with the original stuff, the difference is, with the original things you bought there comes some warranty attached, with the items you purchase at the hawker stalls there is no warranty.

There are also plenty of imported luxury goods to purchase, but that gets expensive, its no use for you can buy this stuff everywhere, anyway they offer fine shopping opportunities for designer luxury goods, apparel, jewelry and Malaysian native goods. All the Georgetown Chinatown antiques shops also have a vast array of arts and crafts plus jewelry items including jade, pearls and furniture. It is also quite common that some of the stalls at the Batu Ferringhi Penang Night Market are there today, but gone tomorrow, the whole is very flimsy, all together there are crafts, gifts, copy items and real discount stores. If you search for some exquisite Chinese antiques or Indian curios there is no need to look further than the two aforementioned parts of Penang.

Anything you buy needs some bargaining, if you ever been at Bangkok Patpong Night Market or Kuala Lumpur Night Market at Petaling Street in Chinatown you know whata€™s going on. There are Chinese antique, collectable, souvenir and other items you probably have never dreamed about.

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