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Acupuncture therapy for stroke-caused conditions such as paralysis, speech and swallowing problems, and depression is commonly used in the Orient. Many studies involving thousands of patients have been published in China and Japan, and also studies from Scandinavia, Sweden and United States all demonstrated significant help. The evidence to date suggests that acupuncture has a valuable role to play in helping stoke recovery. Among those receiving acupuncture significant improvement was observed in walking, balancing and activities of daily living, quality of life, mobility and emotional state. Massage significantly reduces the anxiety, pain, blood pressure and heart rate of elderly stroke patients. Dr China is one of the largest Chinese herbal medicine companies in the UK, providing acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, massage and cupping therapy. Elise graduated from Ontario's Sir Sandford Fleming College's Registered Massage Therapy program in 2009.
In 2013, she had the opportunity to move out to British Columbia, and has been working in North Vancouver ever since. Her training, in addition to massage therapy, includes; Sports Taping (Dynamic, Kinesio, and Mobility) and Soft Tissue Release.
Elise is also familiar with the other side of treatments, as she herself has been involved in two motor vehicle accidents (MVAs), and thoroughly enjoys working with clients that are going through claims themselves. Please call the office Monday-Friday 9-6 for specific practitioners and times, or check the practitioner's schedule online at the "Book Now" tab to your left or click here.
Parking: Look for the designated "Health Sciences Lab" parking stalls close to the entrance to the building. In China and Japan, an acupuncturist is likely to start therapy as soon as possible after a stroke. Some proponents suggest treating every day, seven days a week, during the first month or so, with a week break after several weeks.

These studies indicate that patients get well faster, perform better in self-care, and require less nursing and rehabilitation therapy. Effects of acupuncture treatment on poststroke motor recovery and physical function: a pilot study. The change in mood produced by the acupuncture stimulation might be the most important aspect of the treatment.
Smoking damages your cardiovascular system by constricting your blood vessels and other damages.
Foods such as fried foods, chips and other foods of little or no nutritional value (typically any food high in fat or salt) can cause hypertension and eventually lead to stroke. Being overweight in itself can set you up for at least three times as many health problems compared to a thin person. It will help them to experience a significantly higher quality of life, show an improvement in general hygiene and mobility, and use less medication, in particular for pain and depression.
To treat stroke, TCM practitioners prescribe herbs that open the blood vessels and promote the flow of Blood. This causes tissue to release toxins, clears blockages, activates the lymphatic system and helps to clear the veins and arteries. She worked in multiple private clinics, sports medicine clinics and spas throughout the Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes regions. She is still taking time to explore new areas herself, walking through new trails, visiting new neighbourhoods, and continually trying new activities and sports. In 2014, Elise started her education and training in Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute, and has completed three of the four core components. A lot of her treatments focus on the hands on aspect, but also largely into the preventative aspect of home care and maintenance regime so that clients can build their own tool boxes to better themselves. Studies show that acupuncture opens blood vessels for better flow and decreases clotting and inflammation.

If one compares the possible positive help to be obtained with the risks associated with acupuncture, our contention is that acupuncture is worthy to attempt for stroke therapy. Improvement in speech, regain of control over bladder and bowel functions, reduction of spasm and increased mobility in the limbs, are the great gains available through acupuncture. With damaged blood vessels your heart has to pump faster to get your blood to all areas of the body including the brain. We also recommend acupuncture and massage as well as exercise such as Tai Chi and Qigong. Throughout her career in Ontario Elise had the pleasure of working with a multitude of clients, from the weekend althetes to professional, and from the young to the elderly. Acupuncture seeks to redress and rebalance this energetic condition through three levels of intervention. Initially acupuncture can be applied at the level of first aid reducing spasms, blood pressure, and assisting resuscitation.
A combination of normal acupuncture needling (referred to as dry needling by medics), low frequency electrical stimulation - just enough to produce sensation on the points and in the surrounding muscles, and the newly developed scalp acupuncture is used. Subsequent treatment can clear blockages and work with the individuals’ dominant energetic to improve well being. On a longer term basis acupuncture can be used to help prevent reoccurrence by regulating the underlying imbalances that are the root cause of stroke attack.

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