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In Asia herbal plants are commonly used for alternative and traditional medicine wherein most Chinese introduced Traditional Chinese Medicine, and not only plants are in use, but also animals and insect parts.
Dried deer penis is popular in traditional Chinese medicine, and sold in Chinese pharmacies, believing it has important therapeutic properties and effective for athletic injuries, and remedy for impotency or male virility. Deer antlers are believed to build up physical and spiritual powers, if antlers are mixed in tonic or tea drinks and consumed and best remedy for colds and flu.As they cut the antlers, they squeezed the blood in it and mixed on herbal preparations.
In South Korea, the deer antlers are produced as tonic drinks and other parts are being consumed as energy food and drinks. The feces of the flying squirrels are believed to invigorate the blood vessels if consumed raw, and if dried and fried, it can help stop bleeding. Rhinoceros horns are believed used for fever remedy and believed they are agents to cool the blood.
The baculum or penis bone of the Tiger are one of the most famous Chinese medicine and the tiger eyes, believed to improve virility and cure impotency. Bear Bile are believed to cure liver diseases, blood disorders, digestive disorder, fever, cancers, sore eyes and other ailments or diseases.
Bear paw soup is served in Thailand and known for its high value and expensive cuisine, believed as an energy booster and aphrodisiac.
Bear parts are believed an affective remedy for different kinds of ailments and expensive parts sold in the market likewise in restaurants, like in Thailand, before serving the bear parts cuisine, they torture the bear before killing them in front of the diners, and cooked the bear, because of their beliefs that the meat taste better. The most controversial food served among Chinese, but now being served in many parts of Asia, and believed can cure impotency and other diseases. The meat of Macaque monkey can cure Malaria disease and low energy or depression, according to Chinese beliefs. Bull pizzles are best known for health and energy medicine like lowering of cholesterol level, high in protein, hormones, minerals and vitamins, calcium and magnesium (beneficial for bones) and boost stamina. In China bull or Ox penis are soaked in herbal wine before eating and believed it best treatment for impotency and an aphrodisiac. Thailand was known to export dog penises in China and Taiwan, where the demand is big and served in Chinese restaurants in China known for impotency and energy boosters. Urechis unicinctus  is a species of marine Echiura, or spoon worms, are a small group of marine animals, best known as referred to as the fat innkeeper worm or the penis fish. Spoon worm is usually prepared and eaten raw with salt and sesame oil in Korea, while in Chinese cuisine, the spoon worm or Echiura is stir fried with vegetables,or dried and powdered to be used as an umami or pleasant savory taste enhancer.
The Pangolin’s scales and fetus have a very big demand in China used for medicinal purposes. The skin of Malayan tapir are believed to cure boils and infectious diseases of the skins, if cooked and consumed.
Corn snake’s gallbladder are one of the famous remedies for treatment of bronchitis and cough. Snake blood are usually prepared by slicing the belly, and allow the blood to pour and drink it fresh from the cobra’s wound. Snake venom is dissolved in wines and change the nature of protein Vethanol, and spread out when mixed in rice or grain alcohol, that makes the venom inactive, then mixed with medicinal herbs and steep for several months until it is ready to drink. A medicinal wine produced by infusing whole snake, Seahorse, Gecko inside a glass jar mixed and soaked with alcohol grains or rice wine, and medicinal herbs such as ginseng roots, jujube (Chinese or Korean dates), and termites. Geckos and Seahorses are alternative for snake wines, having the same properties when produced as wines.
Seahorses are best remedy and recommended as treatment for asthma, arteosderosis, nausea or dizziness, joint pains or arthritis, rheumatism, impotency and involuntary urination especially among women. Ingesting turtle parts are widely believed by Chinese to cure many ailments, and make them live longer, as turtles are known for their longevity. Bee Venom , honey, are used in Ancient Chinese best remedy for cough, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory ailments.
Black centipedes with yellow legs, are known for their toxins, but it is valued by Oriental medicinal mixture in Korea and many parts in China.
Chong Cao or Yartsa gompo, are dried caterpillars in Chinese, and believed to cure variant illness, rejuvenate health tissues, and believed as an anti-aging remedy, and treat infections, inflammations and phlegm in the lungs, over fatigue and stress and even the deadly cancer cells. Duck gizzard cooked wit almond kernels and watercress, is widely known By Cantonese as cough remedy or expectorants. Duck in Chinese don’t serve only as an especial cuisine but as Chinese medicine and tonic food and health booster. Sikie black meat is a good therapy food and believe to be a curative meat, and prepared and cooked with wolfberry (a medicinal plant for anti-fungi and and anti-bacterial properties), and white yam (cleansing kidney) , orange peel and ginger.
Herring spawn wrapped in kelp when dried and burned, produced soda ash or sodium bicarbonate. Chinese beliefs that sea cucumber is a curative food and nourish the vital and blood vessels, cleanse the kidney and can cure kidney disorders, cleanse intestines and constipation, impotency and fatigue and slow aging process. Los rinones no son solo responsables de filtrar la sangre y producir orina, sino que forman parte de un sistema energetico que aloja la fuerza cosmica en el cuerpo y la transmite, a traves de los genes, de generacion en generacion. Los rinones guardan la esencia genetica a partir de la cual se produce la medula y los liquidos del cerebro. Un problema grave en el meridiano del rinon puede desenbocar en diversas patologias mentales, que pueden ser tan graves como una paralisis cerebral, retraso, neuropatias y desordenes mentales. Fobias Suelen ser generales y no necesariamente especificas, como fobia a las aranas o al agua.

Depresion Quien padece de desequilibrios de este tipo es altamente propenso a la depresion.
Episodios psicoticos Formas simples o complejas de paranoia, segun las condiciones estructurales, las vivencias y otros atributos de la persona, suelen ocurrir en quienes tienen problemas en el meridiano del rinon. Otros factores psicologicos caracteristicos en las personas con problemas del meridiano del rinon son: falta de fe, rigidez, estado ansioso constante, y estado animico triste o melancolico.
Los tratamientos de acupuntura y moxibustion ayudan a restablecer el equilibrio de los meridianos y de cualquier problema relacionado con el flujo de las energias en el cuerpo. Approved in Germany for treatment of memory loss, poor concentration, peripheral arterial occlusive disease, and vertigo. He is deeply convinced that the fungus Candida albicans cause of cancer, and that the cure for cancer is in baking soda. Despite claims that it is only with the help of sodium bicarbonate managed to cure a large number of cancer patients, it has not gained the support of his colleagues. The highlight of misunderstanding suffered in 2006, subtracting doctoral licenses and condemnation of the Italian Court of deception.
Many spectacular and in the present point of view simple discoveries were doomed and were waiting for the moment when it will be officially recognized.
The fungus Candida albicans is located in the body of a healthy man, and it does not represent any particular danger for us.
He claims that cancer is nothing but Candida albicans infection and that cancer cells are immune cells of the body. With that way of understanding cancer, he decides to find the most effective cure for Candida albicans spreading, deeply convinced that when you beat Candida albicans, he will win and cancer. Since it is well known that the Candida albicans quickly adapts to the classical drugs against fungi, during an investigation of this issue he came to the discovery that the baking soda is a solution for that. Traditional Indian medicine and medicine of the ancient Egyptians to treat fungal diseases have used the natural resources with a strong base effect, just like the baking soda. If this discovery was confirmed by the scientific point of view, humanity would have taken another victory over evil disease, defeating cancer.
The final judgment on this should bring modern medicine with the help of top experts in this field. Even if baking soda one day become officially confirmed like a cure for cancer, this therapy could, of course, like any other form of serious treatment of deadly diseases that are classified as malignant diseases, conducted under the strict supervision of a specialist.
Something that you can do is to check if you have high levels of Candida in the body with Candida test. In China and other part of Asia like Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Japan and others where Chinese dominated countries with their healing beliefs, you could see animal parts, dried, but some are freshly sold in the market. It is believed to be a remedy for amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea or menstrual pains among women, epigastric (stomach) pain, and chest pains, postpartum and abdominal pain.
But hunting for Rhino horns are banned, but still these horns are found sold in black markets, because Rhinoceros are considered as an endangered animals.
The tiger whiskers are consumed for toothache remedy and strength, the tiger eyes can cure epilepsy, seizures and convulsions, malaria, nervous breakdown and eye cataracts.
It is also believe that bear bile can restore vigor and brain dead cells and brain disorders. Some eat the monkey brain while the monkey is still alive, and scope the brain out of the skull, a cruel practice that is now being banned by the authorities. The pizzles are cooked with Chinese yam and fertilized duck eggs and snake bile, with the belief it could enhance their sex life.
The dog penises are served and eaten dipped in hot sauce or soy sauce, to cover up the bitterness taste and consistency. In Shandong cuisine, the spoon worm is considered an important ingredient and is used in many Chinese recipes.
It is widely believed to ward off all kinds of illness and boost energy and an aphrodisiac. The wine is produced by infusing the snake inside the jar, mixed with rice wine or alcohol grain which became famous in Vietnam, Thailand, China and southern Asia. The wine is widely known as medicinal health drink, usually taken in shots before mealtime, and treat many kind of diseases not caused by bacteria or viruses and sex enhancement especially for matured women. Geckos are now famous for medicinal purposes for AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and other terminal diseases. The dried seahorses are pound and powdered and usually mixed with herbal plants and drink as tea. But hunting for these species are still done and cooked for soup, believing it can correct eyesight. It is also known for health benefits and medicinal for asthma, digestive system, aphrodisiac, improve the immune system and vocal cords.
According to Chinese beliefs, the watercress removed the excess yang in the human body, the almond kernels heals any lung diseases, while the dried duck gizzards will balanced the yin and yang energy of the soup.
Las horas de luz disminuyen y es posible que estados de tristeza o incluso similares a la depresion vayan haciendose presentes. Para la Medicina Tradicional China, que tambien trata estados mentales y emocionales, la depresion esta relacionada con el meridiano de rinon. Asi, no solo guardamos la energia que acumulamos en la vida, haciendo ejercicio por ejemplo.

De esta forma, las condiciones geneticas son desarrolladas en el meridiano de rinon, que incluyen a los organos que le prestan su nombre. La depresion tiene fuertes vinculos con problemas en las primeras etapas de desarrollo, como prueban distintas teorias medicas.
Esto puede tratarse de celos, envidia, odio o deseos de venganza, normalmente irracionales o listos a aparecer ante una minima provocacion. Highly concentrated ginkgo leaf extract ingested to improve circulation to the brain and as an antioxidant.
When Candida albicans persistently attacks the internal organs, the body is forced to build a defensive barrier to stop her, and that is doing with their own cells.
Therefore, the ultimate goal of this site in any case is not recommended for the treatment of cancer, but that the essence of the whole story encourages readers to think about. Until then, and then, for all cancer patients is recommended mandatory adherence to prescribed therapy.
They also believed if the slices are closer to the antler’s roots it is more effective for health than the antler’s tip. If ingested mixed the feces with other herbs, dry and fry if used for stopping uterine bleeding with blood clots due to stasis .
The tiger nose are also remedies for epilepsy and convulsions, the tail is for skin diseases treatment. The gallbladder is also known for diabetes, stomach and bowel problem, liver diseases, and heart problems. But according to medical studies, eating monkey brain is hazardous to human health, and there is a risk of contamination from transmissible spongiform encephalopathies diseases and infectious agents diseases like the Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease. Some of the snake species used for snake wine production belongs to endangered species, and one reason why snake wines are not allowed for export businesses. Snakes are believed to possess medicinal properties and cure various kinds of aliments such as baldness or hair loss, farsighted or nearsighted, impotency, and many more. Ashes of seahorses mixed with soda and pig’s stomach was believed to treat baldness or loss of hair, in ancient Roman.
While the Imperial eagles are hunted because of their feathers, and believed that when the feathers are rubbed on the skin, it can cure variant skin disease. Tambien tendremos mayor cantidad de energia si nuestros padres o abuelos han vivido muchos anos de forma sana y con salud. Cualquier problema en la gestacion y en los primeros meses de vida, afecta la energia de este meridiano y puede resultar en problemas mentales diversos. Debido a que la principal fobia es el miedo a lo desconocido, se le suelen atribuir cualidades extraordinarias a lo que no se conoce. Si el meridiano es debil, es posible que la persona defienda esta debilidad y se proponga metas bajas, tenga poca autoestima y reaccione exageradamente cuando un obstaculo se interponga entre ella y sus deseos. Suelen tener problemas de empatia y su comprension del mundo gira en torno a ellos mismos, por lo que tiende a creerse que las cosas y las personas son hostiles y peligrosas. De tal forma que problemas en la energia del meridiano del rinon suele derivar en problemas en el higado, que tambien tiene comportamientos emocionales particulares.
Fruits and seeds may cause dermatitis, and rarely, leaf extracts may cause gastrointestinal pain. According to his observations fungus Candida albicans, cancer and Baking soda are closely related concepts.
But the New Zealand Game and Industry research said the tip of antlers are more effective than of the lower part and stimulates the immune system and production of white blood cells.
The crashed and powdered tiger bones and mixed with wine or soup, can treat rheumatism, arthritis, muscle strength and prolong life. In a recent studies of Toxinologist Zoltan Takacs, the snake venom can slow the cancer cell growths and can prevent growing tumors and be a curative agents.
Geckos are now smuggled out in the Philippine country and sold internationally and illegally.
Tambien se suele dar atributos humanos a lo que no podemos controlar, y por lo tanto, los propios miedos se materializan en las personas que rodean a quienes tienen problemas en la constitucion del meridiano del rinon. Muchas veces, estas personas son debiles y temerosas, pero proyectan seguridad y gran seduccion para protegerse. The tiger brain, is believed to cure pimples and laziness, while the tiger skin, can cure mental diseases, the blood if consumed for strengthen will power and stamina, the flesh or meat can cure malaria, nausea and energy. But some animal elements are prepared as medicine with combined herbal plant mixture served in as tea or mixed in foods. The testes is believed to cure tuberculosis and upset stomach, the tiger bile is best for child’s convulsion, the gallstones is a treatment for weak and watery eyes.
Traditional Chinese medicine in early times include human parts and was called Ben ao Gangmu or classic Materia medica includes human bones, fingernails, hairs, earwax, dandruff, impurities on the teeth, urine and feces, sweat and some human organs, but most are no longer in used today. And Tiger feces or poops are used to treat boils, hemorrhoids, epilepsy, ulcers and malaria.

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