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Typically, moxibustion is used for health issues due to cold and for patients with cold constitutions.
The biggest thing you will notice about moxibustion therapy is the smell from burning the mugwort. In my practice, I use two different kinds of moxibustion: traditional moxa sticks and smokeless moxa sticks.
Moxa can deepen the effect of the acupuncture treatment to strengthen the body and move stuck energy.
With proper instructions, moxibustion can also be done at home to support the healing effects between treatments.
I am always happy to answer your questions to see if moxibustion is appropriate for you. If you are a current patient, ask me about this. Get my free newsletter for health inspiration, Chinese Medicine wisdom, and nourishing recipes lovingly made in my kitchen. Thoughts and information about the latest news in the world of migraine, cluster headache and other headache treatment around the world. Last year’s research included such cutting edge science as the investigation of calcium channels, especially relevant for those with hemiplegic migraine.
This year five more grants were given, thanks to people like you who have donated to the MRF.
You can help with research like this, which is making a practical difference to migraine patients around the world! By the way, the Migraine Research Foundation’s operating costs are already covered, which means 100% of your donation actually goes to migraine research. Promote your product Find out how here - Want to Promote your Product?For advertising information, see Do You Want to Advertise with Us?
The first appearance of Kudzu was in 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition, United States. The traditional Chinese medicine uses the Kudzu root.  The root is very long since it can reach the size of human being. The amount of isoflavone inside kudzu plant is determined based on the growing condition of the plant. Kudzu has been used by the traditional herbal medicine to cure some diseases such as headaches, migraine, thirst, allergies, angina, hypertension, neck pain and many more.
Fungi facts give the interesting information about the familiar mushroom, moulds and years. A migraine is a vascular headache that occurs when blood vessels on the surface of the brain are irritated and swollen. Although scientists have not identified a single cause of migraines, they continue to make key discoveries.
While stress may be a trigger, a study in the journal Neurology suggests it’s the moments of relaxation following a particularly stressful time that increases onset. Since migraine pain can be felt in the sinus area, it’s often misdiagnosed as a sinus or tension headache. For example, the American Heart Association found that older migraine sufferers may also experience silent brain injury.
Excedrin, Advil, and Motrin—each available over-the-counter (OTC)—are recommended by the Food and Drug Administration to treat migraine pain. Flex your green thumb.Feverfew is one of the oldest herbal remedies thought to mitigate migraines.
Say om. A study published in the International Journal of Preventative Medicine found yoga can improve vascular function in migraine sufferers. Stop and smell the essential oil. Lavender, peppermint, and basil oil can help to relieve migraine pain, says Everyday Health. Schedule acupuncture. During the Chinese technique of acupuncture, small needles are inserted at nerve points in a person’s in an effort to better their qi, or energy. Chronic migraine sufferers are defined as having as many as 15 headaches a month; eight of those are full-on migraines. Some scientists are skeptical of the use of OTC drugs for chronic conditions, meaning natural pain relief methods may be even more important. Interestingly, BMJ also found that when patients take a passive role in their disorder, they don’t feel in control.
The bottom line: There are options for migraine sufferers that may include natural pain relievers. It’s not appropriate for every person, but it can be an effective supportive treatment for specific conditions.

Moxibustion is the burning of the herb mugwort over specific acupuncture points for therapeutic purposes. The moxa deeply warms the acupuncture points to strengthen the body, so it can also be used for patients with general deficiencies.
The biggest difference between the two is that the traditional variety smokes a lot and the smokeless variety produces much less smoke. Some people with cold constitutions might feel their body temperature becomes warmer with the moxibustion therapy (which feels really great for those who are constantly cold). If you are interested in becoming a new patient, give my office a call or send me an email. I had heard about acupuncture and how it could help with infertility. I’m happy to say after several accupunture treatments with Daniela I’m now 38 weeks pregnant with my first child. Every year, new research is funded through the MRF, and every year new discoveries are made which help migraine sufferers all over the world. Using melatonin as a preventative, genetic studies, unique intranasal medications, and much more. Research includes further investigation into biomarkers that will help develop new treatments, unique abortive treatments and even the relationship of traditional Chinese medicine with migraine treatment. If you’re in the USA, you can give to the MRF here, and get a tax-deductible receipt.
The Industry leadingEXIGE GuaranteeWe are so confident that you will love your treatment that If within the first half hour of your treatment you are not enjoying yourself, simply notify your therapist. Charts can vary pending on their source, and many may look different than this one just so you know.
Probably most of you have not heard about kudzu plant.  This plant has been used by Chinese people for traditional cure for some diseases. But some people call it with different names such as foot a night vine, mile a minute vine, Kudzu vine or even ge-gen.  The plant is included in the family of Fabaceae legume. The plant gains its name since it has a rapid growth property on its body.  If you grow Kudzu on the tree poles or even fence, the vines will spread or climb on them. The Chinese medicine history states that the root contains puerarin, isoflavone and isoflavone glycosides.
When these blood vessels are impaired and unable to pulsate properly, they send pain signals to the brain, says the National Headache Foundation (NHF). In the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Survey, migraines were listed as the seventh biggest disabler. In 2013, researchers from King’s College London discovered 12 genetic regions in or near the parts of the brain responsible for maintaining healthy brain tissue. Unfortunately, a misdiagnosis can steer attention away from other underlying health problems. The injury involves a blood clot disrupting blood flow to the brain, which could lead to a future stroke.
Per the NFH, these pills are most effective when taken as early as possible while pain is still mild. Aspartame, artificial sweeteners, and caffeine have also been problematic for migraine sufferers.
According to the New York Headache Center, it contains an anti-inflammatory called parthenolide that helps to protect the blood vessels on the brain’s surface. According to a small study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, migraine sufferers had fewer attacks following weekly massages. A whiff of peppermint oil can help control blood flow, and a whiff of basil oil can work to relax muscles.
Acupuncture has been found as an effective way to prevent tension headaches and migraines, in addition to relieving back pain and indigestion.
It’s a common neurological disorder, says the NHF, and affects two percent of the population. Additional factors that may contribute to chronic migraines include major life changes, such as divorce and employment status, snoring, sleep disorders, psychiatric disease, frequent use of OTC migraine drugs, lower socioeconomic status, comorbid pain disorders, and history of head or neck injury, according to a study review published in the journal BMJ.
But the brain is difficult to study, and information from one study may not be universally applicable to all migraine sufferers.
Since there are no special tests for migraines, a nerve and brain specialist may be able to help if routine examinations are inconclusive. Moxibustion also moves stuck energy and blood, so it is used to increase blood and energy flow. In this case, we would recommend to use the moxa in the morning so that patients can fall asleep easily at night.

I have found that doing moxa on oneself can be a little trickier and small burns can happen, especially if distracted. If you’re outside the USA, encourage others to give by giving at our MRF community page at FirstGiving. The purpose of this plant changed during the great depression era.  Kudzu was imported by USDA or United States Department of Agriculture to control the erosion.
Migraines may be hereditary, too: 70 to 80 percent of sufferers say migraines run in their families. If it’s a migraine with aura, the sufferer may temporarily see spots or lose vision altogether, experience numbness, and have difficulty with speech before the actual pain kicks in.
According to lead study author Richard Lipton, MD, the first six hours after a stress decline translated into a nearly five-fold increased risk of migraine onset.
A small study in Neurology finds if a person is exposed to a trigger for months at a time without any effect, they may not have to avoid it. Similarly, researchers from Washington University’s School of Medicine found female migraine sufferers are nearly two times more likely to have cardiovascular disease. Tyramine is found in alcohol and aged foods such and meats and cheeses, like brie, may be a trigger, as is  phenylethylamine, which shows up in soy foods, nuts, citrus fruits, and vinegar. There are also at-home massage techniques that you can practice; try these from Women’s Health’s book for an awesome, DIY massage. I will sometimes send my patients home with the traditional variety if they are up to it, since it can be a little more effective. The moxa never touches the skin, instead it is the smoke from the moxa that warms the skin. Since I am holding the moxa stick over the patient, I can simply lift the moxa away and the sensation returns to normal. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED !Your treatment is on us !Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology ACUPUNCTUREMASSAGE THERAPYTHAI MASSAGEREFLEXOLOGYAcupuncture is literally a spa experience at EXIGE!
This backs up previous research that associates reduced physical activity with an increase in migraines. That may be related to the levels of the hormone cortisol: It increases during stress in order to combat pain levels.
News & World Report, alcohol—including red wine, beer, whiskey, and champagne—increases blood flow to the brain, and that in turn can cause a migraine. And, at the American Academy of Neurology’s 64th Annual Meeting in 2012, researchers presented a study that found female migraine sufferers were also at an increased risk for depression. Your acupuncturist starts your treatment with hot stones to relax any muscle tension and tightness.
The total treatment can be anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on the number of points indicated, the patient’s diagnosis, and if we are using any specific protocols that require a specific amount of time (like in supporting pregnant mothers whose babies are in breech position). I have two tiny scars from doing moxa for the wrist pain I had from taking a lot of notes during acupuncture school. Depending on the treatment, it is often followed by acupressure massage to activate your body’s natural healing process. Along with aromatherapy, coconut oil, and finally acupuncture to induce your body into natural healing.
Experience a spa like acupuncture treatment like none other!During your treatment, your massage therapist will address a plethora of issues that might be causing discomfort, pain and tight muscles. To maximize the efficacy of your session we utilize Hot Stones, Mineral Heating Lamp, Acupressure and Bamboo stick. Our treatments are so effective that we effectively address postural distortions resulting from tight muscles. We offer some of the best Deep tissue, Sport, Relaxation, Swedish massage Calgary has to offer!Thai Massage is different from many Western forms of massage in that there is no oil used, the therapist uses a mattress on the floor, you remain completely clothed throughout the session (we provide loose fitting Thai wear). It is such a unique and different approach from what we typically think of as “massage” that it is best described as having someone “do yoga onto you”. Your therapist will stimulate various pressure sensors in the foot, triggering a relaxation response throughout your body. Reflexology encourages good health, promotes relaxation, ease of pain and discomfort, it is an effective way in detoxing the body and is conducive to an overall state of well being.

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