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Hot weather can be a big concern for older people says Calvin Hirsch, a geriatrics specialist with UC Davis Health System.
Hirsch noted there are many factors involved in why seniors are so vulnerable in hot weather. In addition, many seniors who live on their own will not or cannot venture far from their homes or apartments. Preventing heat-related illness depends mostly on making efforts to stay comfortable: drinking fluids when thirsty, sponging off with a cool towel, and escaping unrelenting heat in a location with more comfortable and safer temperatures. Reflect light and heat away from the house by covering pieces of cardboard with aluminum foil on one side and placing it in the windows (preferably on the outside) facing out during hot days. Hirsch says that if chilled liquids and other cooling-off measures don't seem to be working, a trip to the emergency room could be in order. Preventive medicine focuses on ways to prevent disease and illness before they develop in the patient’s body. Primary prevention includes measures that all patients can take to avoid some diseases from manifesting, such as immunization, birth control and condom usage, regular dental cleanings and care, and hand-washing. Secondary steps include the detection of disease and screening tests, including routine blood work, mammograms and pap smears. Tertiary prevention decreases complications of disease and restores the patient’s function after diagnosis. Quaternary prevention includes a collective of health actions that lessen or avoid unneeded interventions of medical care. Let’s say a patient in a family-focused practice learns he is at risk for the development of type two, adult-onset diabetes. The physician outlines a series of steps to help the patient prevent or avoid diabetes complications (or development of the disease). Tertiary prevention is necessary to limit or prevent complications of diabetes in patients with established disease. Johns Creek Dermatology and Family Medicine offers family-based primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary preventive care for the entire family unit.
Primary and secondary preventive measures strategically avoid or slow the onset of disease. Primary prevention helps the physician prevent the development of chronic disease, injury, or infection by managing risk factors know to lead to the development of these diseases or conditions. Primary prevention uses data collected from a large universe of patients, such as all men or all adults. Primary prevention can help all people to cut their risks of serious health problems and is considered the wisest use of health dollars by the medical community.
According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), studies show that preventive care, including hand-washing, healthy diet, exercise, and vaccinations against disease work collectively to extend the patient’s life span.

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Some individuals have health problems, such as heart disease, that make it more difficult for the body to circulate blood properly and dissipate heat. For security reasons, they also are less inclined to keep windows open to help with the cooling power of air circulation. For a quicker cool-down, wrap ice cubes in a washcloth or use packs of frozen vegetables or blue cooler packs.
Researchers separate preventive measures into four quadrants: primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary preventive health care. For instance, a patient diagnosed with depression may take an antidepressant medicine to control symptoms of this disease.
Since the patient has a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, the attending physician recommends healthy lifestyle suggestions, including avoidance of high carbohydrate and sugar-rich foods and weight loss if overweight.
The physician recommends that the patient monitor his blood sugar levels to reduce the need for more aggressive treatment later on. Secondary prevention, however, can mean the difference between recovering good health or managing a lifelong chronic illness. These considerations of preventive measures extend from the home into schools, communities, and employer workplaces.
A focus on preventive care and wellness helps the patient avoid serious illnesses and resulting expensive medical treatments.
Johns Creek Dermatology and Family Medicine uses this proven model to maintain and improve each member of the family’s health.
This particular type of fungus, cordyceps, is known for attacking and killing caterpillars and can be found in the mountains of Tibet. Inflammation is very common in elderly people as we might all either from experience or knowing someone who suffers from let’s rheumatoid arthritis. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. Others are on medications, like diuretics (water pills), that cause water loss and worsen the dehydrating effects of high temperatures.
If the power goes out and air conditioning or fans don't work, elderly residents are much more vulnerable to rising indoor temperatures and may be unable to easily leave for a cooler environment. If there is no air conditioner or the power has gone out, seniors should try to spend at least a few hours in an air-conditioned public place, such as a library, shopping mall, movie theater or restaurant. Johns Creek Dermatology and Family Medicine offers in demand preventive health care strategies to assist patients in the use of tools and strategies that promote health and wellness.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic report that a reduction of five percent of body weight can greatly reduce the patient’s risk of developing diabetes.
For instance, the doctor recommends that the patient check blood sugar levels after consuming a meal. The physician will monitor blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels in the patient to help avoid more serious health risks. For these reasons, most health insurance companies recognize the importance of patients’ desire to maintain and enjoy good health by avoiding disease.
The need for more health education and nutrition information is demanded by patients because most people are aware that lost personal productivity, treatment costs, and death are the end result of disease and illness. Most insurance companies agree that preventive medicine is likely to decrease the patient’s medical care costs over the long-term. Patients in North Atlanta, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Duluth, Dawsonville, Johnscreek, Gwinett County, South Forsyth County, and North Fulton County should contact Dr. The success if this fungus in pharmaceuticals would change the level of medicine which would help many people. The doctor explains that, if left untreated, the individual is likely to develop diabetes in a period of time.
It’s likely that the attending doctor will recommend eye and foot exams and A1C testing (to measure blood glucose levels at three-month levels). Since patients are also empowered to take control of their own health care in this model, most people benefit from a family-focused practice that prioritizes health education and screening tools. For this reason, many health insurance companies pay for breast pumps for nursing mothers, pay for men and women’s gym memberships, or other recommended preventive care strategies for the patient. Zack Charwaki about patient-focused preventive care at 770-771-6591 to arrange an appointment today.
But then again as we may know many people are allergic to anything with fungus like penicillin this would bring up the same medical concern. The researchers isolated the chemical cordycepin from the fungus and found that it actually does have anti-inflammatory properties and works by halting polyadenylation, which shuts off genes that induce inflammation. The physician may recommend that the patient meet with a dietitian to learn more about portion control and the number of daily calories required for maintain a healthy weight.
The hope is to develop new anti-inflammatory treatments for asthma, cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and other inflammation-associated diseases.
Cordycepin is not currently available as a medication as more tests are needed and doctors caution about self-medicating with the fungus.

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