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The use of herbal medicine formulas has been an important part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Herbal formulas are safe, effective and affordable alternatives to prescription medications that, though approved by the FDA, are wrought with dangerous side effects, deadly interactions and eventual lawsuits for damages suffered by patients.
Blue Pearl Institute incorporates herbal formulas into its patients’ care plans along with acupuncture and other modalities.
Nutrition goes hand-in-hand with herbal medicine and together are powerful complements to disease management protocols.
Zhejiang University School of Medicine First Affiliated Hospital Yuhang and Medical Research Center < HDR, Inc. Zhejiang University is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in China known for its leadership in healthcare, research and education. The design concept brings the research, hospital, administration, housing, and support facilities together on one campus. The architecture of the buildings reflects two styles: the first four stories are brick to complement the century-old nearby campus buildings, and the floors above are white, rectangular structures expressive of contemporary architecture.
In Hawaiian, Hydrocotyle verticillata is called pohe, Tropaeolum majus is called pohe haole, and Centella asiatica is called pohe kula, or sometimes pohe for short. CAUTIONS AND CONTRAINDICATIONS: Some sources state that Centella may reduce fertility in animal studies, thins the blood, and may be hypoglycemic. Fever [China (high fever), India, Philippines, South Pacific]; chills and fever that come and go each season [China]. CONSTITUENTS: 3 glucosylkaempferol, 3 glucosylquercetin, 7 glucosylkaempferol, alpha alanine, aluminum, aminobutyrate,ascorbic acid, asiatic acid, asiaticoside, aspartic acid, beta carotene, beta caryophyllene, beta elemene, beta farnesene, beta sitosterol, betulic acid, betulinic acid, bicycloelemene, brahmic acid, brahminoside, brahmoside, calcium, campesterol, camphor, carbohydrates, centellic acid, centellinic acid, centellose, centelloside, centoic acid, chromium, cineole, cobalt, elaidic acid, essential oils, fat, fiber, germacrene, germacrene-d, glucose, glutamic acid, glycine, histidine, hydrocotyline, indocentelloside, indocentoic acid, inositol, iron, isobrahmic acid, isothankunic acid, isothankuniside, kaempferol, lignoceric acid, linoleic acid, lysine, madasiatic acid, madecassic acid, madecassoside, magnesium, manganese, medicassic acid, mesoinosital, methanol, myo inositol, n-dodecane, niacin, oleic acid, oxyasiaticoside, palmitic acid, p-cymol, pectin, pyridoxin (B6), phosphorus, potassium, protein, raffinose, rhamnose, riboflavin (B2), saponin, selenium, serine, silicon, sodium, stearic acid, stigmasterol, thankunic acid, thankuniside, thiamine (B1), threonine, tin, trans beta farnesene, vellarine, zinc.
Vomiting blood or blood in urine: With Eclipta prostrata (han lian cao) and Biota orientalis leaves [China].
Constituents reduce atherosclerotic plaques in humans [Incandela, Belcaro & Nicolaides 2001(b)]. Cow Parsnip (Heracleum lanatum) a well known plant from Western North America, being the only Heracleum native to the Americas.
One species, Heracleum scabridum is called Dian Bai Zhi (???) as is considered acrid, sweet, and warm, enters the lung channel, treats yang ming headaches from cold evil, heat effusion, expels wandering wind from the skin. Heracleum candicans, known as Bai Du Huo (???) and is native to Southwestern China and Tibet at elevations from 2000-4200 meters is considered warm, acrid, and bitter. Heracleum moellenderffii and Heracleum hemsleyanum are collectively known as Niu Wei Du Huo (????). I used a topical application of the tincture in a case of bells palsy with excellent results. Herbal formulas are an important part of traditional Chinese medicine which is still practiced today in modern clinics and hospitals in China. Chinese herbal formulas have been used for thousands of years by physicians who kept copious records of plant species, preparations, dosages, clinical results, indications and contraindications. We choose trustworthy sources that sell products that have been tested for safety, purity and herbal concentrations.

Patients who are needle-shy can experience the effectiveness of adding Oriental medicine to their health regimen by scheduling an Herbal Medicine consult through our online scheduling. With bold plans to expand its current capacity, the university invited the top health and research design firms in the world to develop design solutions for a new 1,200-bed School of Medicine First Affiliated Hospital Yuhang and a Medical Research Center. The facilities integrate translational medicine, nature, public spaces and function, and reflect modern healthcare design that pays tribute to the university's collection of historic buildings. The medical planning component of the project focuses on integrated spaces for translational collaboration and multidisciplinary care, clinical specialty clusters for an enhanced patient experience and outcomes, and efficient and flexible shared infrastructure to easily adapt to future needs. I could not verify any of this with research studies, but I would not use it in pregnancy or with blood thinners. Certain asiatic acid derivatives are neuroprotective in rats, as well as being anti-oxidant and neuroprotective [Lee 2000(c), Veerendra 2003].
Microcirculatory effects of total triterpenic fraction of Centella asiatica in chronic venous hypertension: measurement by laser Doppler, TcPO2-CO2, and leg volumetry. The seeds and root are known to be medicinal, but the root is very acrid and must be used with care and small doses. It is also used to stop cold pains in the stomach and other parts of the body, as well as wind-damp impediment.
The former is native throughout much of China (excluding the far northern areas), while the latter is primarily found in Hunan and Sichuan provinces. After the extensive design competition, HDR and our local partner, the Zhejiang Province Institute of Architectural Design & Research, was named the design architect for both projects. Effects of Centella asiatica extract on mucopolysaccharide metabolism in subjects with varicose veins. Cytotoxic and anti-tumour properties of certain taxa of Umbelliferae with special reference to Centella asiatica (L.) Urban.
Capillary filtration and ankle edema in patients with venous hypertension treated with TTFCA.
Influence of asiatic acid, madecassic acid, and asiaticoside on human collagen I synthesis. Comparative activity of asiaticoside and madecassoside on type I and III collagen synthesis by cultured human fibroblasts. Chemical, pharmacological and clinical profile of the East Asian medicial plant Centella asiatica. Evaluation of treatment of diabetic microangiopathy with total triterpenic fraction of Centella asiatica: a clinical prospective randomized trial with a microcirculatory model. Flight microangiopathy in medium- to long-distance flights: prevention of edema and microcirculation alterations with total triterpenic fraction of Centella asiatica.
The healing effects of Centella extract and asiaticoside on acetic acid induced gastric ulcers in rats. Effect of Centella asiatica on pentylenetetrazole-induced kindling, cognition and oxidative stress in rats. Total triterpenic fraction of Centella asiatica in the treatment of venous hypertension: a clinical, prospective, randomized trial using a combined microcirculatory model.

Modification of the echogenicity of femoral plaques after treatment with total triterpenic fraction of Centella asiatica: a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. Total triterpenic fraction of Centella asiatica in chronic venous insufficiency and in high-perfusion microangiopathy. Asiatic acid derivatives protect cultured cortical neurons from glutamate-induced excitotoxicity. Stimulation of collagen synthesis in fibroblast cultures by a triterpene extracted from Centella asiatica. Glycoside-bearing liposomal delivery systems against macrophage-associated disorders involving Mycobacterium leprae and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Effect of Centella asiatica Linn on physical and chemical factors induced gastric ulceration and secretion in rats.
In vitro and in vivo wound healing activity of asiaticoside isolated from Centella asiatica. Evaluation of topical formulations of aqueous extract of Centella asiatica on open wounds in rats.
Effect of Centella asiatica on cognition and oxidative stress in an intracerebroventricular streptozotocin model of Alzheimer’s disease in rats. The seeds are more forgiving relating to their dosage and have been found by many herbalists to be excellent in the treatment of digestive pains due to spasm.
It is also used in gynecology in the treatment of prolapse uterus, white vaginal discharge, and painful menstruation due to cold. The root is used and is considered acrid, bitter, and slightly warm.  The Commonly Used Chinese Medicinals of Sichuan says that it enters the liver and kidney channels. Combined, the projects total more than five million square-feet of healthcare and research space.
This genus also has many Chinese species, the center of distribution of this genus in in China.
Some are used as a substitute of Angelica Duhuo, and interestingly the genus name is Duhuo.
It is used for common cold, headache, toothache, abdominal pain, wind-dampness impediment pain, lower back and knee pain, and slow healing ulcers. It is also used externally as a liniment (tincture).  One formula for an internal tincture is given as this herb along with du zhong, sang zhi (15g each) and song jie (9g) ground and combined with 500g alcohol.
15g are to be taken daily for wind-cold impediment pain or sourness, cold, and pain in the lower back and knees.

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