Chinese medicine insomnia liver cirrhosis

Auricular therapy (ear acupuncture)based on the idea that the ear is a microsystem, meaning that the entire body is represented on the auricle (or auricula, or pinna Рthe outer portion of the ear) in a similar fashion to reflexology (zone therapy)and iridology (iridodiagnosis), and that the entire body can be treated by stimulation of the surface of the ear exclusively. Ear acupuncture is a relatively non-invasive technique which incurs no negative side effects when it is used appropriately by acupuncturists. Ear acupuncture obtains quick and effective results which have stood the test of time over a 2500-year history. Ear Acupuncture  can be used for the treatment of diseases such as those concerning: internal organs, musculo-skeletal system, emotional problems.
Auricular acupuncture can be used as a primary treatment method as well as a complementary therapy to treat patient illnesses, acute or chronic problems.
Choosing the right method of auricular therapy is based on the treatment plan selected, although many ear modalities are interchangeable. In the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), emotions are thought to cause much of the internal disease and illness that humans suffer from. Joy – In TCM, joy is not described in the way that most people know and understand it. Anger – According to TCM, anger is described by multiple different emotions, including resentment, irritability and frustration.
Pensiveness – TCM says that being too pensive or concentrated is the result of excessive mental stimulation.

Fright – This emotion is not associated with any one organ of the body, but it primarily affects the heart.
Confidence votes 92.5KPersonal use and study of herbal and alternative treatments of various conditions. Serpentina, or Indian Snakeroot, has been used in India for centuries for a variety of medical issues that include venomous snake bites, insect bites, and mental disorders.
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Acupuncturists can help people suffering from headaches, asthma, insomnia, and so forth, by activating the the ear points. Auricular therapy is particularly effective for the treatment of pain, inflamation, skin disorders, in a either acute or chronic conditions. Acupuncture needles and herb seed acupressure are most commonly used in Auricular therapy in China as well as in Chisense Clinic.
You are destined to grow in the process of this unfolding and we are here to give homage along your way. Today, it is used for mild high blood pressure, nervousness, trouble sleeping(insomnia), and mental disorders such as agitated psychosis and insanity, snake and reptile bites, fever, constipation, feverish intestinal diseases, liver ailments, achy joints (rheumatism), fluid retention (edema),epilepsy, and as a tonic for general debilities.The bioactive chemicals it contains are yohimbine, reserpine, ajmaline, deserpidine, rescinnamine, serpentinine. Here on Expanded Consciousness you'll find inspiring stories, insightful information, and a forum to contribute to the advancement of other visitors.

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