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The five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) and the Yin and Yang form the physical universe. If you look at the diagram of five elements, the internal links between the Elements are referred to as the Controlling Cycle.Controlling Cycle balances the Generating Cycle, and connects the elements. It is also known as "Wu Xing" in Chinese.To maintain balance among them, these elements supports one another (the generating cycle), and oppose one another (the controlling cycle).

Let's look at some examples:Water generates Wood, for without moisture there cannot be growth.
Wood is the fuel to create Fire, and it is the action of heat on organic matter that produces Earth (think of a compost heap).Metal and minerals are generated from the Earth, and these filter and purify the Water that returns to feed the trees.
Water is without shape and will always sink to the lowest level: it is Earth that defines its outline.

In terms of bodily functions, this is expressed through the organ relationships between each of the Five Elements.

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