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Thank you for supporting Isthmus Acupuncture over the last 10 years and making us the largest acupuncture clinic in the Midwest. The office will remain open and provide services and retail products through Thursday, January 28th.
Providing quality holistic care for you has been our top priority over the last ten years and we plan to continue this going forward. Under the umbrella of Body-Feedback, LLC, the owner of Isthmus Acupuncture, Michelle Buchanan will continue to provide acupuncture treatments and custom herbs, essential oils, and nutritional supplements on Madison’s east side. Isthmus Wellness, LLC will include the remaining staff of Lisa, Liz, Chandon, Lola, Heidi, Linda, Sarah, and Danielle and will continue to offer the services you are accustomed to on Madison’s west side. The popular Infrared sauna will be available at Isthmus Wellness and services will include ATMAT, massage, acupuncture, herbs, essential oils, and nutritional support. A heartfelt thank you goes out to each and every person’s life we touched at Isthmus Acupuncture.
Acupuncture, which operates at the muscular, organ and cellular levels, often can lighten or even eliminate the cause of poor eyesight. 108 patients diagnosed by an ophthalmologist with macular degeneration received acupuncture treatments.  Patients with both wet and dry forms of AMD benefited equally. Acupuncture can provide real improvements for poor eyesight even where Western medicine has no solution at all. Receive our e-book – PLUS stay informed of news, events and special offers with our monthly newsletter. Traditional Chinese Medicine respects the internal rhythms of the body, re-establish the correct circulation of the energy (called Qi) and returns the natural equilibrium to the body.
Traditional Chinese Medicine uses different sort of therapies to return the body to its natural health.
For centuries Chinese herbs have been used to naturally correct health imbalances, support the immune system and allow patients’ health to flourish. The Peach Seed tea is specifically designed to rebalance the Slow Blood Body Constitution, as per the Oriental Balance online diagnosis. Breeding season can mean a growth in acupuncture needle inventory for many horse reproduction specialists. Rathgeber also noted that in the aforementioned study, researchers found that those women receiving acupuncture treatment 30 minutes before in vitro fertilization had a 51% pregnancy rate and an 8% miscarriage rate.

Researchers on one study she discussed found that 24 of 30 men (80%) receiving acupuncture treatment had an increased libido and an easier time sleeping. In another study she mentioned, investigators revealed that men receiving acupuncture had a significant increase in total sperm function as compared to a control group with no increase. Finally, she noted, a recent study demonstrated increased sperm motility and quantity, along with better morphology (structure) in men that were treated with acupuncture for five weeks. While there are few studies on the effects of acupuncture on horse fertility, studies in human medicine are yielding promising results to support its application in equine reproductive practice. Erica Larson, news editor, holds a degree in journalism with an external specialty in equine science from Michigan State University in East Lansing.
Three team horses--one each from Germany, New Zealand, and Sweden--have been withdrawn; reserve horses will compete. Horses that plow, heal, and protect have distinctly different lifestyles than the average riding horse. Seek the advice of a qualified veterinarian before proceeding with any diagnosis, treatment, or therapy.
As excited as we are to start our new business ventures, we are sad to announce the closing of Isthmus Acupuncture. Clients with prepaid package services or account balances will receive an email detailing the amounts owed or remaining prepaid services in February. Beginning in February we will resume our treatments under two new businesses, both located in Madison – Isthmus Wellness, LLC and Body-Feedback, LLC.
She is also expanding her teaching and online education while embarking on the new adventure of publishing books. The most known of the therapies is Acupuncture, but there are other therapies, all of them natural and harmless and with no secondary effects. The Slow Blood Body Constitution essentially originates from a weak flow and distribution of Qi, the vital energy seen in the form of oxygen, blood, etc in our body. Such veterinarians combine strategic insertion of tiny needles with Western veterinary techniques to address subfertility issues in mares--and even stallions.
Those that did not receive acupuncture treatment had a 36% pregnancy rate and a 20% miscarriage rate.
A Massachusetts native, she grew up in the saddle and has dabbled in a variety of disciplines including foxhunting, saddle seat, and mounted games.

If you currently have appointments scheduled with Isthmus, you will be contacted directly with new appointment times and locations. By incorporating our specially blended herbal teas into your daily diet, you can open up and invigorate your blood flow. A weak Qi has a direct negative impact on blood circulation and can thereby cause the Chinese Medicine syndrome of blood stasis.
During a presentation at the 2011 American Association of Equine Practitioners convention, held Nov. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without written permission of The Horse Media Group LLC is prohibited. In the interim, please contact Michelle directly to schedule appointments or to ask questions.
If you have an appointment scheduled in February, we will contact you directly this week to confirm the new appointment time and location.
You’ll not only feel better on the inside, you’ll look better on the outside; increased blood flow can help to brighten up those tired eyes, and clear out your digestive system. In a general sense, Blood Stasis often leads to dull and dry skin; sometimes bruises will appear on the skin even without any wounds or injuries.
18-22 in San Antonio, Texas, Rhonda Rathgeber, DVM, PhD, a partner at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, in Lexington, Ky., discussed using acupuncture to improve mare and stallion fertility. Telling signs of a Slow Blood Body Constitution are hair loss, poor memory, migraines or black eye lids – not because of insufficient sleep, but rather because of blood stasis in the whole body which is most visible under the eye since the thickness of the skin under the eyes is only one third of the normal skin.
It’s easy because it’s natural, and utilizes the same ingredients used in China for thousands of years.
A Slow Blood Body Constitution needs to be observed regularly and carefully since it can often lead to more serious diseases such as diabetes or cancer. The Peach Seed tea not only employs herbs to eliminate blood accumulations and blockages, it also invigorates the flow of blood. A prolonged treatment with the Peach Seed tea will gradually remove Blood Stasis and improve your health and appearance.

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