Chinese medicine for healing bones

Health and wellness are the two of the best assets a human being can achieve during his life time and this can be approached in six different dimensions.
So, it is worthwhile to examine each one of them on a continuous basis to improve our quality of life. This is the mental state of recognizing emotional state of others while being aware of one’s own personal feelings. This aspect of the health and  wellness is the result of his ability to stimulate the creative part of his mind for the right expansion of his knowledge, leading to improvement of skills for sharing his working and living environments with others. This depends on the health of the planet itself and the factors that may affect this are the most primary factors of human life like food security, violence in the society etc. This refers to the level of health you maintain in your body and is the direct result of various factors like flexibility, cardiovascular capacity, regular physical activity, strength, medical self-care, knowledge about food and nutrition, and appropriate use of the medical system. This is a result of your principles, guiding beliefs, or values that give the real meaning and purpose of your existence as a human being. This is the type of wellness that comes from the actions of the individuals that lead to the common wellness of the entire society.

For reaching the higher level of health and wellness one has to take various ways to develop the above factors that is sure to elevate your  physical, mental and spiritual health so that you can lead a life to its full potential. The wellness springs from the knowledge of the things that are needed to make ones life healthy and the choices he makes in making it remain at a higher degree of healthy existence. A good emotional health comes from his ability in feeling positive and remains in an enthusiastic state of mind with respect to his own life, with good assessment of his limitations leading to the development of autonomy. In addition to this you can find many other factors that contribute to the environmental health like air and water pollution, lead in old house paint, ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, and second-hand tobacco smoke in indoor air.
To have good physical health you must have a firm refusal of drugs, and excessive alcohol consumption, tobacco etc.
When you have achieved the required level of spiritual wellness you will be able to appreciate the various natural forces that are acting on you and the expanse of the universe. This is the way to learn inter-dependability, development of harmony within ones family and have good relations with others. Please  'LIKE'  Daily Health and Wellness Tips  on FACEBOOK to stay up to date with new posts and gain the INSIDES on Self-Improvement, Wisdom, Holistic Health  and a HAPPIER YOU!

This requires the active involvement of the individual in finding ways of enhancing ones wellness to lead disease free life. With these the individual cultivates the right state of mind to successfully cope with day to day stress and with this he is said to have acquired the right emotional wellness.
This calls for immediate steps to assess their impact on personal health and wellness and taking steps to eliminate or minimize their impact before they become irreversible. This will give you the right state of mind in understanding the feelings of joy, love, peace, and fulfillment. This can be achieved by getting the right type of communication skills, capacity for intimacy, and creating a support network of good friendships and high understanding between members of the family. This will be manifested in his mental qualities like trust, optimism, self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-control, self-confidence, satisfying relationships, and an ability to share feelings with others.

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